Bosses I hate

There are lfr bosses I’ve been spamming to try and upgrade my two poorest gear items without needing to buy them (hello Shadow-Pan Assault) and one of them is Durumu for my waist item.

I hate that fucking boss with a passion. God only knows how many times I’ve run it and I’ve survived ONCE.

The fog is my nemesis and its one boss I will happily die in so I don’t have to panic and run around like a loon trying to find the maze. A completely shitty idea in my opinion is to put a dark swirling, moving maze in a dark room. Blizzard said that they improved it for colourblind players… How about improving it for those who can see!?

Half the raid gone by the second appearance of ‘The Shitstorm’ and anger from everyone involved.

There should be an achievement for surviving it…

Another boss who gets on my tits is Lei Shen… Two words… Lightning Whip. FML.

I’ve had more success with this boss than Durumu but bloody hell, I still have no idea how to tell which way he’s going to chuck that line of raid killer. To be fair I’ve managed to survive it a few times. Stood there in a puddle of wee as the two glowing lines appear each side of me and heals come in like their going out of fashion.

Tank: ‘You’re top of the healing chart! Gz!’
Healer: ‘yeah, only because the huntard wouldn’t get out if the glowing shit on the floor’
(Silver lining to every cloud)

Give me that bird who spits sick at you and then blows you around in it any day if the week. Or the snails… (May be the only person who bloody loves them…)


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