Chests on the Timless Isle

So today I decided that I was going to get the chest achievement Extreme Treasure Hunter, which meant that I had to get to my chest nemesis on top of those bloody pillars.

The Gleaming Treasure Chest is the first one you have to get before you can see the rest of them. The pillars have a gap between them that requires you to have a mount (or something similar) to get from one to the other.

I like to ride around on my goat, because it looks stupid and makes an irritating noise (I’m so childish) and when the patch came out I caught a glimpse of the chest on my mini-map so I decided to go and investigate. I watched some others trying it and got the idea of what needed to be done. First attempt, sailed way over the first pillar and crashed, taking out 144k of my health. Second attempt, got onto the pillar and then got pushed off by an exploding trap set by a Horde hunter -.-
On my third attempt I got onto the second pillar and then fell off again trying for the third. By that point I gave up.

I’ve tried it since on my Celestial Steed and got no further. It may not have helped that I had the buff from the Windfeather Plume but I got to the second pillar and just couldn’t get to the third. Fast forwarding to today, I decided to have a look at the Comments on how to get this as I was struggling. It didn’t help that everyone was saying it was easy. After reading the comment saying that you need to jump from just behind the middle of each pillar I had a look and thought that I would never make it, Just a little jump from the very edge was getting me into the middle of the next pillar, using their me though would surely mean death? There was also someone who said they used a water strider I was inspired to use my Spectral Gryphon. I’m not sure why I thought that would help, maybe in my head I thought if it had a bigger surface area to land on via the massive paws/claws it would help…

Anyway, I went up, mounted my gryphon and got to the first one. Got to the second one, then fell off. it was more progress than I had made on one attempt before so I went for it again, and ended up on the third pillar. Holy shit, I could actually do this! The fourth pillar seemed to have a smaller surface area, so I lined myself up, with my heart racing as I knew I would be super pissed with myself if I cocked this up,  took aim for the chest and the tree that is behind it. I jumped and crashed into the chest, the loot was mine!

After all of that needless to say I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t anything amazing in there. On a side note, after I was trying to jump down without loosing too much health I landed next to the clue for Rolo’s Riddle,  which is under the tree next to the smallest pillar.

After that one I went for the Rope Bound Treasure Chest. I’d done the quest for Rolo’s Riddle and had seen the chest on my mini map. I was on the ledge near the pool where the waterfall goes into and had spotted all the ropes. I realised that I needed to get to where the broken bridge is, I’d panned my camera around to have a look and decided to see if I could stealth underneath the Cloud Serpent thing that was guarding the lake. Unfortunately I failed to remember that the way the camera is facing is not the way I was going to run and I fell off the cliff -.- Dead….

Second attempt, I didn’t bother with the Albatross taxi and just stealthed my way through the mobs until I got to the pillar with the rope tied on it. I stood above it and did a little jump. I landed in a gap between the pillar and the cliff, fuck. I kept jumping but I wasn’t going anywhere and the vision of ground many miles beneath my feet made me desperate to get back up. I thought about using my disengage to try and get back up but I didn’t want to over shoot the pillar either. I had my vision obscured by Narcissus’s (my bear pet) head and had to dismiss him (praying that I wouldn’t get attacked as a group of three rares were wandering around as well). I kept jumping up until I managed to get a little bit higher and then I was on the pillar with the rope. There was no one around me so I could take my time thankfully. I put my walk command on and edged out to the rope. I did panic a bit as it was a long way down and also a long way back if I fell off. I went into my interface and toggled on the mouse click to move option. with that I went out onto the rope, It was the longest trip ever. I was inching across, I had zoomed in to make the rope bigger to click on and was then only able to move small distances. When I got to the bit where I needed to get to the lower rope I hoped that just clicking on the rope below me would work. It did (hurrah) and I was down. Continuing this way I got across to the other side, I should have taken a screen shot but I was so preoccupied with not falling off that it completely slipped my mind (I will go back for funzies and get it later). The platform with the chest on was underneath me. I clicked on the pillar and dropped off the rope and next to the chest. Go me!

The last one Mist-Coverd Treasure Chest, involves running all the way back again -.- Stealthed all the way, over the broken bridge to see the Gleaming Crane Statue with a level 92 elite stood within firing range. I edged up until the crane was within clicking distance and got shot into the sky (I might add that after reading the comments for the statue, it pays to have your walk enabled). There were chests everywhere on little platforms, I circled around until I could line myself up with one and landed on it. I know there are people who say they looted loads of chests before the buff wore off but Im not one for trying my luck. I needed this chest and I wasn’t going to get greedy and have something go wrong. I clicked, got a few Timless Coins for my troubles and then plummeted to the ground for a bit (terrifying) before my slowfall buff activated and I landed, right in the middle of a bunch of tigers (gahhhhh).

But, I’d done it! I had my achievement, and gz from the guildies who were on. Satisfying but not something I would do again I’m that much of a hurry!

2 thoughts on “Chests on the Timless Isle

  1. That rope one, makes me hold my breath! Two steps-adjust walking angle – two steps adjust etc. Also -the pillar one – I since discovered is easily done by switching out my 90 talent to chi-torpedo. I can literally just torpedo from slightly behind the middle of each pillar – to land in the centre of the next one. Wish I'd known that at the start!


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