Protecting the BMAH

We got a call from in guild for everyone to help at the BMAH (Black Market Auction House) as a guildie was having some trouble with a Horde trying to out bid her on some boots. These were heroic Powder-Stained Totemic Treads

Valora was being camped by some Horde and as we had already dealt with Horde interference before, we all crashed the party and camped out at the BMAH to protect her bids.

There was a particular Horde who kept trying to bid, that we kept killing right in front of Madame Goya. There were two from the same guild who also kept having a go. One got death gripped out by Marvv and the other we slaughtered in the dusty wasteland outside. He then left his corpse there and got teabagged by Xenthos after Alrysia told him to ‘sit’ on the corpse so we can keep an eye on him if he ressed.

To make things more fun for the Hordies we had everyone stealthed by our Rogue to surprise them and there were four hunters who were putting traps everywhere. There was a lot going on and at points it looked very festive!

I would like to point out that being able to see everything on my minimap is a blessing and a curse. I announce ‘incoming’ on TS to be asked ‘where?’. I tracked the little red dot with the silver outline, looked in the direction it was and said ‘Horde, I think they’re flying’. Alrysia pointed out that it was James on his Horde alt. ‘Haha! You’re lucky!’ I replied as he was on TS so he could still talk to us. Alrysia had some words of advice for him ‘Don’t try and gank us James! If you do you’ll be guild kicked quicker than you can log your priest!’ (They are friends, so it’s all done in jest)

Needless to say they didn’t succeed and between them and angry goats we managed to pull, everything was peachy. They cost 44k g in the end, which wasnt to bad considering how much more they could have been if the Horde had got their way.

Considering that’s two Jester’s that they have tried and failed to screw over I think they should be learning a lesson now. After a Horde did manage to bump up the price to ridiculous gold (Angerfisty – Noob) we have a new strategy. If there’s something a guild member wants on the BMAH we will get it, and call in the cavalry to make sure.

This must be agonising if you’re on a ‘Normal’ realm. At least on a PvP realm we can do something about situations like this.

In other news –

BMAH Fail Award goes to: Angerfisty!

Spending over 50k g on a pair of plate boots… You’re a Monk, not a warrior… good luck equipping those!


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