RT3 does ToES

After last week’s poor advancement through Terrace of Endless Spring we managed to get a full raid group together. From the people committed to RT3 we had Chizal, Lightning, Sanndo, Jollyjane and myself. We had an off tank and four dps. It was coming up to raid time and a sixth member wasn’t logged in and we needed to find people. Luckily for us, RT2 had been forced to call a raid for tonight and while they were making their own fun in the new PvP based raid ‘Shrine of the Two moons’ they decided to come and help us out.

I did try and convince a friend of mine to join in the ‘new raid’ fun. He was sat on his Rogue, slacking when I suggested he log his Hordie.
“You should log your horde, Jesters are rampaging at the shrine”
“How many of them are there?”
“Oh about ten, and one of them is Marvv…”
“I think I’ll stay here then!”

Shamanessa, Raidana, Wilfwolf, Alrdruid and Raymus completed the line up. (Thanks guys!)

Raidana was leading on ts, even though it’s a pretty easy raid to do as we must have done it no end in lfr it was good to have someone explaining the process and reminding us where to focus. It was pretty uneventful, no screw ups (well, not many) and it was all very relaxed we knew we were there for fun add it were, wanting to tick boxes of on our armory stats!

The Protectors of the Endless were first up. We briefly discussed going ‘hard mode’ by keeping Protector Kaolan up until last. We decided not to. I’ve done this before and it was a pain in the ass. Granted, no one had gear like we do now but it was traumatic and expensive enough for me to have ‘done it once, never again’. The unfortunate thing about not being able to see who is typing can lead to unintentional dismissal of ideas…

Raidana: (on ts) so are we going for elite?
[Raid chat][Chizal]: Regail, Asani, Kaolan
[Raid chat][Raidana]: can someone give Alr assist?
[Raid chat][Zionxi]: noooooooo
Zionxi: (on ts) Oh, Raidana that wasn’t meant for you!

We went for the easiest option as we weren’t going for glory, just to get it done.

Kaolan didn’t actually do much protecting (he’s getting sacked in the morning) and bit the dust without much complaining. We moved him all of five steps before he dropped.
We were calling out to get our lightning prisons removed on ts
“I have lightning!”
“No you don’t”
“I thank you”

Onwards to Regail. With Raidana calling out the add and also when to move for the lightning storm.

“Add… good job”
“Lightning, everybody out, and in”

“Lighting storm, out, in… Nessa!”
“Bahhh! I was running!”

“Lightning, out, in…”
“In-out, shake it all about…”
“I was just thinking that!”


Tsulong was next, as there were alts and some who hadn’t completed the green fingered achievement, Alrdruid took it upon himself to keep the plant alive. I got this achievement last time I was here, seemingly by accident. It was only when it popped up I actualky looked around and spotted it. Not sure what the benefits are to keeping the plant alive apart from the achievement! This also went quicker than it did last time, hardly any adds spawned (or so my untrained eye lead me to believe) most of us only got feared once. We were aiming to dip into the sunbeam once we were on ten stacks, the amount of times DBM screamed at me that I had twelve stacks was frightning. I’d be running over to it while trying to dodge the shit on the floor only to be a gnats whisker away from getting in and then it moved. At one point I was standing in the other side to the group and as usual, I was nearly dead. “I’m gonna die!” I squealed over ts trying to find a healer. “There you go” Alrdruid soothed, my health bar slowly going back to green. Once we had Tsulong under control, several people got the plant achievement. Good little tree!

Lei-shi was our sticking point last time. And this time was no different! Raidana went through the tactics and we accidentally pulled. Seeing as weer were slightly against the timer we went for it, probably not the smoothest of boss kills and didn’t set out tanks up for the best start! Somehow we lost a tank and a healer near the end, just before the last spawn of Animated Protectors. We got the healer back up just before they spawned and had to go for broke, if wet didn’t make it through this it would be game over. The tank courageously held them off until weer got them down and then faceplanted. Lei-Shi then started chasing everyone while we frantically tried to get away. Somehow I managed to get aggro without realising until Raidana said over TS “Zionxi is tanking” heals poured in like they were going out of fashion. I started running away like she had cooties without thinking about it. “three percent!” Blam. She decided to stop harassing us and go hang out with the Sha of Fear.

The last boss, you could see how far we had come, literally. A few skeletons littering the floor on the way up. This was where it got serious. Kill this and we had done it!

A marker was put down so we could see the protected cone area to stand in when breath of fear was active. And it began. We popped cooldowns and went for gold, ominous cackle took half the team away and all of a sudden we were left with lots of cloudy stuff being chucked at us. It seemed from nowhere there were six adds all at the side who needed dealing with. I ventured out to deal with one of them, the group hadn’t returned yet and the breath was coming. I ran back and almost had one foot in the cone when it activated. I went running off like a loon, health rapidly decreasing. It wasn’t long after that we wiped. Too much focus on the boss and not enough focus on the adds. Second try, we concentrated on the adds and only the boss during breath of fear. The ominous cackle was infuriating Raidana “what! I’ve been picked again!” I think there was only one time that he wasn’t carted off to the ‘bandstand’. While he was over there, the rest of us for the adds down. It made everything so much easier. It seemed to be taking longer but upon hitting 5% we had enough time to host a party before he went beserk. Triumphantly we got it down and ran around his neon corpse with our glowy speed up buffs. “Ooh shiny” “look at my golden stripes” (secretly, I think we had more fun running around like idiots than killing things…)



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