The Chat Box…

There have been many a funny thing end up in the chat box. Either in Guild Chat or while in LFR. It takes me a while to remember to gather them off my drive and to put them up and also to be paying attention to the chat box when they happen!

Here are a few that I have witnessed so far, I’m sure there will be many more…
the shits

While waiting for Spoils of Pandaria to actually be started. The tank was shit, and someone took a shit!


Talking about the stubborn weeds. Pitney had twelve of them on the farm and was just expressing that it would have been worse if it was the ‘tentical’ weeds as they take longer to pull up…

space goat

This was when I had a brain fart and asked a lvl 90 if they minded if i rolled need on a ring that had absolutely no use for.


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