So I had a little help on Pazima to finally get me to level 75 so I could carry on with my professions. I’d scrambled from 68 to 71 pugging dungeons but could do with getting there a little quicker.

In stepped Farouche, who whisked me of to Dalaran for a date with the inmates of the Violet Hold. I couldn’t pick up the quest but I was getting xp from the bosses and with the extra 9% from the anniversary gift from Blizzard (when I got reminded to use it) my bar was slowly working is way across.

I had a moment of madness when I reminded him that I couldn’t fly yet in Northrend. I was being tight and hadn’t forked out for it yet. I needed to go to Exodar to pick it up, as being a Draenei, it would be cheaper. He logged his Mage so that he could portal me across and then back again. When we got there I couldn’t pick up anything… He mentioned that we could go to my next highest rep city, I looked at my reputation page…

[Faraouche] Whats your next highest one?

[Pazima] Oh wait! Revered is higher than honoured isn’t it?

[Farouche] Yeah, where do we need to go?


Because I’d ditched the space goats as quickly as I could, I hadn’t build up much rep for them. Stormwind was my highest rep by a mile. So, he escorted me to the Alliance capital and I picked up Cold Weather Flying for 425g.

We made our way over to Azjol-Nerub, Farouche steaming ahead on his mount and me slowly catching up the rear. I found his dot and he said to come down. Even going down was slow…

We got in to the entrance and set off. I had been here a few times on Emava and was able to pick up the quests this time. I followed behind, trying to not take too much damage, popping my shield whenever things might get a bit sticky. At the first boss I went round an collected up all the eggs I needed to. Farouche was collecting everything as he was low on gold due to buying mounts (lolz).

We got to a bridge that went down, with lots of spider webs under it. Farouche asked if I could do ‘that floaty thing’. I could indeed levitate him. ‘Follow me’ he said. he jumped off the bridge and floated down. I followed him, or so I thought. Veering wildly off course I ended crashing into a wall and grabbing the attention of some nearby ant-spiders. ‘Fuck’ I whispered to him. He came back to sort out the infestation problem I was having and ran back off. I got charged at again by more of them. ‘Still fuck’ I whispered. I was finding the whole thing highly amusing for some reason. I hadn’t died yet but by god I was probably close a few times. Farouche rescued me again and we went off. Another boss was dispatched and then we were onto the last one.

There is a huge stairway dropping down to the final boss. I was still levitating and could see that Farouche had gone halfway down. I breezed off after him. Completely forgetting that I wouldn’t actually follow the stairs, I took off on my little white cloud and drifted completely past Farouche. ‘Fuck’ I whispered again closely followed by ‘This is hilarious’. I landed right in front of the two guardians and after  that got over what could only assume was there initial shock at a space goat floating in front if them, they charged in to get me. I was left with some words of wisdom…

[Farouche] You walk in Zionxis footsteps 🙂

Im a huntard and a priestard… This is not good…


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