Instance chat rage

One of the things I love is the raging that goes on when you put a group of random players together.

I’d been on the receiving end a few times as a healer and it’s quite funny looking back how angry people get over a game. Yes people, it is only a game. Sorry for any bubbles burst (unless you’re a horde pally)


So first up we have this one. A fine example of tank rage. He pulled a whole room, got us all killed and then raged at the healer.


As you can see from the many, many skeletons; this little trip to the Isle of Giants wasn’t as fun as it was supposed to be. This was our fifth attempt at it and from what was said in GC we were starting to need a good reason to stay.


This is where the Horde love to ignore ready checks and just go for it. And then kick the people who are not ‘performing’ regardless if they were ready or not. This resulted in a ninja pull, thankfully we got it down. (I did die in the process…)


Durumu. My most hated boss while leveling through ToT. This boss was a complete nightmare. This lfr challenge was many wipes punctuated by many kicks for being noobs/idiots/poor dps etc…


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