Paid for 90!


Game wrecker!
Death of wow!
Ruins leveling!
More idiots!

Some of the things found on the forums when this little sneak peak found it’s way onto the Internet.

I have a few posts about what I want to do with my free boost to 90. With the likelyhood of the paid boosts as well it had opened up the foodgates of possibilities.
I could have my DK and pay for a Mage!

It’s worrying that people think that the only way to know your class is by leveling. How many people got to 90 and stayed in the spec they were leveling in? Especially if it was their first char. I didn’t. The only way to test out my new spec was to practice at the training dummies before I moved on to bigger things that could kill me.
Considering that the people who use the boost will be in gear that’s slightly better than Timeless Isle stuff is not like they are going to be making up the numbers in end game raids.

Plus there is Proving Grounds. The whole point of that is to see how good you are. Go in, try it, tweak things if you want to, try again. Not to mention that the will have to go through another ten levels when WoD comes out.

People may use it to try out a class they haven’t played before. Or are after achievements. If I want to try a class, I roll a lvl1 and see if I like it. The ones that are off my list include Rogues, Paladins and Warriors. (I’m no tank, I don’t enjoy healing and not keen on melee)
I also don’t enjoy questing anymore. I’ve leveled three chars and the last two I preferred zerging through dungeons than repeating the same quests over and over. Although if you could buy a constant 500x xp bonus that could only be used on one char then I might be inclined to change my mind. Otherwise, paid for will always win over graft…

One thought on “Paid for 90!

  1. Ditto! I used my free boost to 90 last night on my druid. It was level 30. I could have leveled it to 60 to get the veterans bonus which boosts your professions to max as well -but after 6 90’s – I could not stomach the thought of leveling to 60 AGAIN. My paladin is 88 – and again, I’m sorely tempted to boost it to 90 (paid) simply for the profession boost (BS and mining).

    I freaking love the idea- and I think the price point is right. High enough to make you *think* before boosting, but also not a bank breaker.

    It even crossed my mind – to wonder – if the boost to 90 can be used on a 90 – simply to boost professions… I really want to get max engineering and tailoring on my monk – but grinding the mats (after leveling BS on my paladin) also leaves me feeling blah.

    I think the time for a WoW-flow-chart of efficiency has come. I need to focus on which profs/chars etc I’m going to focus on in WoD. Ultimately – having a gatherer might make sense for leveling – because you *know* you’re going to need those mats later…but then…garrisons…ugh – so much still unknown!!!

    But…SQUEEEE love the new mount!


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