Oh Shamans, how we hate thee…

We started off as me meant to go on. And by that I mean messing around trying to climb up things. When we teleported to the dock everyone was jumping up at the end pillars. These ones are quite easy to climb (yay) as you just need to jump into the ropes and then hop up. Nanutza put down the banquet on the top so we had to get there to eat it.
This one we did actually make!


We started on the trash to get going. We didn’t pull everything at once and even left a shaman out of the way so we didn’t wipe. All good so far. We got all the way along killed everything we needed to. At one point I was confused by a new green spiral that was circling around the group and asked what it was as I’d not seen it before.

(Blunnerz on TS) that’s the spirit link totem
[Raid Chat][Flinkan] omg you’ve never seen it and you play a shammy =)

We then made our way back. So clean and easy.
We did however forget to detonate a cannon so someone made the lonely trip back to find the last one.
Once it was done we were good to go. Ish…

Some last final prep was done. Cookies, food, flasks…
Ant had run out of flasks. Usually there are a few being carried around by other healers so he always manages to get hold of one. Although he wasn’t clear quite what he was after…


After Ant got his ‘Flaks’ we were good to go. Things went surprisingly well. We got the mobs down in time, the tower group (which failed hard last time) managed to get everything down very quickly. I cleared the drakes with the cannon so we only had Galakras to focus on and then I was down ready for the next tower.
The King was kept at a safe distance. He did get a few slaps to the face but nothing too bad for him. Although how he ever made it as a gladiator I don’t know. He is as useful as a chocolate teapot.
Galakras was shot down and we took our positions. All stacked up and nowhere to go. At one point I did have a horrible feeling we were going to wipe. But the green spiral of hope went out and we made it through the peril.
He went down quick and we checked our drops. Nobody needed them for main or off-spec. So we won two sha crystals! Hooray!

We ran on to Juggers and as I was the last one there I questioned why we hadn’t had a ninja pull.
Blunnerz protested that he had been very good and hadn’t done anything.
Nanutza tried to convince him that if you run into him you get a mount.
Tsff decided to be naughty.
“If you run through him and make it to the gate you get a mount”
Jollyjanes ears pricked up. “Really?’ He said with enough enthusiasm to make us question if he realised Tsff was pulling his leg.
“No! Tsff is joking with you” Nanutza said quickly to try and deter such a suicidal move.
Jolly went for it anyway. Charging into Juggers and running though as fast as he could. We watched his health bar as we stood there. (Out side of the gate for when Juggers had eaten Jolly and decided to go on a rampage)


“Awww I was 10 foot from the gate.”
Juggers despawned and we made our way around the fences to see just how close jolly had gotten. It was a sorry sight. He was so close but as his corpse told us, so far away.


We decided to press on after ressing him up. This beast needed to be killed so we could get to one of our most favorite bosses is the whole of WoW.
Seeing as we were this end of the area and the boss had been reset we decided to kill it facing the gates. It was interesting… Being the opposite end put us out of sync and we ended up wiping. We had been stacked up for it with Ants green circle and Flinkans blue circle. But with the bombs and the drills we seemed to spend more time out of the circles than in them, which as Flinkan so kindly kept reminding us, meant we deserved to die. The second attempt went much better. Getting our bearings and making use of the extra space we had down this end meant that we could move around more (now that the healers know this is what we were going to be doing) and ensure that eight of us were not hit by the borer drill in one go. Juggers went down very cleanly and we went on. Another two Sha crystals! Woo!

We finally made it to Shamans. Working through the trash Blunnerz pipped up about the boxes full of flasks.
“What?” I asked as I truly had no idea what he was going on about.
“There are supply boxes you can click on and they usually have loads of flasks in them.”
Right, that was it. The trash had been semi forgotten and we all started to sneakily rummage around the buildings without anyone noticing. I had just had a look through a building when Danue and Flinkan came running at me. There was nothing in there but I made my escape to have a nose around somewhere else.
As we killed off the mobs by the cages I spotted one. I made my way over just as Blunnerz did too. He got there just before me.
“Damn you Blunnerz!”
“I didn’t know one was there, I just saw you running and went for it! ”

The trash was down, we were ready. As the others grouped up in the middle I started to prepare to reset the bosses to only see Flinkans health bar go from blue to black and then for him to run out two seconds later. To be fair it is quicker for him to run in, aggro, die and then res than it is for me to put my pet away, move my auto shot and feign death onto my keybind slots, then run in and aggro, feign death, run back out…

We got to our markers eventually. And pulled the boss. Taking out the dogs we set off on the seemingly never ending circle of coloured markers as we slowly grinded the boss down. It didn’t quite go to plan. The silence over ts was broken by my laughing as a blob made its slow way up the hill. Followed by Blunnerz complaining that he was being eaten by the blob. We were losing tanks up the hill due to the dot or a misplaced wall. After the down group died via an unwanted party crasher we regrouped in the middle to eat up and buff up. We made or way back to the totem.
[Raid chat][Zionxi] what does this totem do?
[Raid chat][Flinkan] what totem?
You point at resistance totem
[Raid chat][Flinkan] swirly one?
[Raid chat][Zionxi] resistance one
[Raid chat][Flinkan] fire frost nature dmg reduced by 10%
[Raid chat][Zionxi] Ohhh
[Raid chat][Zionxi] so it’s not just pretty
[Raid chat][Flinkan] hahaha

The swirly one was discussed at Galakras. Got to love spirit link! And you have to love that my description of things have filtered down to the rest of them!

We tried again and again. Just as one group was going well the other would go badly. Jolly would end up out of range of the healers and we would have to move regardless or the dot at the top would kill someone.
One particular time we sent Blunnerz up to heal the tanks. After a while Nanutza made a mistake and they all died.

“Sorry that was me” she said as the bottom group nervously watched the health of the other two. A second or so later Tsff and Blunnerz were dead as well.
“How was my healing up there?” Blunnerz asked as everyone was being ressed.
“Apart from my boo boo” Nanutza asked.
“Yeah, apart from the fact you all died, how was the healing?”

Still we kept going and wipe after wipe we kept pressing on. 4%… 3%!…

In the end it was getting late and you could sense that people were getting tired. After the last attempt and my corpse had been rescued from between the bosses

We had a discussion about what we could do to help ourselves out. From swapping healers to calling out where Jolly should move to.
I asked Jolly if he was zoomed out, to which he said he was.
“Would it be helpful if I called out what colour you should go to so you’re in range as a couple of times you weren’t and we had to keep moving when we didn’t really need to?”
“Sure! That would be great” he replied
“You were running out of range of the healers?” Tsff asked
“It was when falling ash was going on and stuff” I explained as Tsff wouldn’t have been able to see what was going on.
“Me? Yeah I’m just concentraiting on staying alive” Jolly replied.
“Urgh. Now I have the Bee Gees in my head” I started laughing but everyone else was silent.
“Why?” Tsff asked, completely confused.
“Stayin’ Alive…”
Cue groaning on ts as everyone got it stuck in their heads as well. Haha!


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