WoW before football

We have a thread for ‘Slacking Off’ from raids due to holidays, buisness trips etc

There’s a lot of holiday dates in there currently which is good for being able to plan back up raiders.

Flinkan then added that he might not be able to raid due to a football match being broadcast… which prompted the reply of ‘WoW ho’s and bro’s before football!’

Consulting the officers online about this (reality: telling them that he was down as tentative as he might watch the match instead of raid) I was given some good advice.

[6.TRJOffice][Hunternessa] GUILD KICK



Everyone logged in!
There was much grousing going on in guild chat about it all though which had me mildly distracted.
Also on the forum there is a thread about downtime between wipes. On there I stupidly stated that I always forget to eat after a wipe, Flinkan took it upon himself to whisper me to remember. The first time worked! Add soon as it popped up I ate. The second time he didn’t whisper so I forgot and only realise after we wiped that I hadn’t eaten or used a flask. Bad Flinkan. I asked over ts if he had made a macro to spam me after a few more post-wipe whispers
[Raid chat ][Flinkan] Oh that’s a good idea =)

Oh dear…

2 thoughts on “WoW before football

  1. I can make you a weak aura to remind you to eat if you like? Verdie made me one that honks at me like an air raid siren if I don’t put my water shield back on after a wipe 😉

    1. Funny you should mention that! Currently I get spammed from all angles with EAT UP! It was so bad that I actually learnt to do it without needing to be reminded. To then discover that my spammers had forgotten XD

      Although I’d need about five to remind me to put everything back on/eat/res pet etc 😦


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