Zidormi, she gets around…

Now I knew that we would be able to go back in time to the Blasted Lands before the invasion before the pre patch came out. It’s still a questing zone and people need to go there still.

Currently my top two chars are ‘in the past’ and refusing to leave. The one thing that I wasn’t sure about at the time was where the timey-wimey person was going to be. The Blasted Lands are pretty big to put an npc so a quick Google later and I knew exactly where she was! 


In fact, where is she not?
She’s by the bridge to Theramore, in Dalaran and now in the Blasted Lands. To be in those places all at once she’s certainly earning her wage as a ‘Keeper of Time’.

Dalaran Zidormi teleports you to the Caverns of Time. Pretty handy as a southern entry point for the Alliance to go running off and doing what they need to.  (Thanks to MMO Champion being the only image of Dalaran that didn’t have stuff all over it)


Theramore Zidormi let’s you see (and use!) Theramore before Garrosh dropped a warhead on it. Handy for those Glorious Legplate farmers on Alcraz!


Finally, Blasted Lands Zidormi. She’s on a rock to the left of the path going into the Swamp of Sorrows. Useful to get away from other 90’s if you want to run around skinning rugged leather and also to use Nethergarde Keep.


She’s a busy busy lady clearly… But still has time to reflect on the destruction going on around her. “Such a waste”

Indeed it is. Now send me into the past!


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