Raiding rules

Our number one raid rule is that we have fun.
If it stops being fun then it becomes a chore.
If it’s a chore then you don’t want to do it.
If you don’t want to do it then you don’t want to be there.
If you don’t want to be there then the whole raid suffers.

We may not be the fastest, but we make up for that with enthusiasm to poke things, our determination and our ability to make a joke out of things. Yesterday was no exception.

It all started with me logging in only two minutes late!

As I hadn’t checked my phone, I had no idea of the mutiny going on.

We were at Brakenspore and waiting for Ant to get over here. I had recently created my Swapblaster. Possibly the only reason I switched to engineering. So I had some fun with it, swapping with random people. Narlos was my first target. He was sat on his mount, minding his own buisness and BLAM! he was halfway across the room. A “what the hell?” was muttered over ts as I skipped off like nothing had happened.
I swapped a few more people but as most were just standing waiting it wasn’t as amusing. Unfortunately this meant that Narlos got the short straw as my victim.
“someone needs to pick up the other Flamethrower” Rawls said.
I had Narlos still in my sights and did one last swap before we got down the buisness.
“What the fuck! I was just about to get the Flamethrower! I hate you Ella!”
I couldnt help but laugh uncontrollably. I was suddenly engulfed in flames and had Narlos running around me.
“Grrrrr! I’m gonna burn you to death!”
As a Good dps, I knew when it was time to stop with the people who were actually at their keyboards and swapped myself with Jolly, so that he was stood at the front of the group and I was on the stairs.
Later on in the night, I found this photo had been shared on chat.

When this boss was down we went to Ko’ragh. We had the pleasure of Vinz joining us and were thinking that we were some sort of science experiment. Alas, we were not guinea pigs but the RT1 raid had been cancelled so Vinz offered to help us instead which was great as Jurojin had been unable to make it.
As we stood on the stairs, markers went up everywhere.
“What is this?” Blunnerz whispered
“It’s pretty…” was the only reply I had to give.
Obviously *cough* it was so we could keep tabs on where we were moving to.

We did get this killed as well. Along with Vinz. I don’t know what we were more surprised at, killing Vinz or killing the boss. We kinda kept quite about both.

After a brief decision about what we were doing, we carried in to boss number seven.

As we went through the portal there were many terrified screams of “DON’T RUN FORWARD!” “DON’T RUN!”
It turns out that the portal takes you to a new wing and places you right in front of some trash.
“Cc them please” Blunnerz said as we regained our cool.
The one I was stood in front of was hexed so I shuffled along trying to get to one to freeze. The main trash mob was pulled along with the last one.
“I can’t cc that now” I said as I started attacking it.
“What? I thought you could in combat”
“I can’t” I said. My responses getting shorter as I was trying to negotiate my key binds and my push to talk button
“Has it changed?” Rawls asked
“No. But I can’t cc that one now”
“It won’t last with the aoe going on”
I trapped it anyway and it broke almost instantly.
“Oooh. That’s my bad” Jolly said.

We took them out one by one and somewhere along the lines Fenrir died.
As we carried on, it didn’t register for ages that he was still dead.
“Is this trash?” Someone asked
“Yeah” Rawls replied
“Fenrir! Res your lazy ass!” I laughed, realising that he had been dead for a while and could have run in.
“Urgh… Ok. Oh! I ressed right here!”
Everyone started laughing as he moved two steps forward and started hiring the trash again.
“Lol you’re such knob”

We went further in and faced a trash mob who had a proper name, so we knew he was important. Unfortunately he started killing the raid team.

We kept running back to it though and got it down.
The inner room we were faced with the hideous mages who kept blinking and were immune to cc’s.
We just hit them all. And ran away. We were everywhere. After what seemed like an eternity we got them down and were just left with the boss himself.
Serous talk started.
“Has anyone actually watched the video?”
“To be fair, I didn’t think we would get this far” Jolly said finally.
“So we have no clue what we’re doing?”
“Let’s check if Nullflow is going to be ok” Blunnerz said as we started typing messages to him.
“He’s probably the only one of us who actually knows what to do!” I added

Once he confirmed he did know what he was doing. We just decided to have a quick debrief and then poke it.
Markers went up. Ranged stacked at orange and the boss was pulled.
We manage to take a huge amount of damage.
“Ranged… Please move out of the bombs” Blunnerz sighed.
“Oh, did you set one off?” Rawls asked.
“We set all of them off”

On the next go we avoided one but Ant stood in the second one.
“Oh Ant!” Rawls laughed.
The big wave thing came at us for the second time. I jumped over it and started running. Being pushed back I just couldn’t get moving forward and ended up dead.
“Why was I still being pushed back while I was running?” I asked.
“You have to run at it before it gets to you”
As I watched everyone else die. Jolly was the last one alive and doubled in size. I had no idea why and was slightly worried about what mechanic it would turn out to be.
“This is going to sound bad but… why did Jolly get big?”

Cue the sound of many filthy minds working out what the ‘bad’ version was.
Jolly composed himself and explained what it was.
“Ooh. Ok that’s good. Last time I saw that it was in Siege and mind controls!”


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