And what have we been up to?

Time has flown by! Although raid documentation has now been taken over by the means of Twitter and the selfie camera.
Rather than having a note pad next to me, furiously scribbling down all the funny bits, I can take a screen shot and a few words and *poof* it’s out there for all to see!

Having the Twitter thing is fun but it doesn’t allow for all the in depth explaining of why we wiped, or how come we managed to kill someone, whose great idea was it to go outside to repair when there’s a Horde raid team waiting outside…

While all the tweets have been going on we have killed Kromog on our own (last time we killed it we needed to borrow a healer from RT1 as we were short) and also finally killed Iron Maidens. I say finally but it was only about 14 wipes, it’s just that the fight is so long it seems like we were poking them for days at a time.

So from my Twitter account, here are some of the screen shots and the stories behind them.

Ha! Suckers!


Oh Hans and Franz. How we can’t help but run around like headless chickens while laughing like lunatics. With the occasional gagging noise thrown in for good measure.
I play on a potato, so that often paves the way for jokes about my lag (doing this with 2fps ain’t easy!), jokes about my loading screen and jokes about how I will die first.
On this particlar run the bets were off on me hitting the floor first, I’d managed to survive once with all the lag in the world (good job healers!) So that meant there was a slim chance that I might survive again. This time they were betting on me getting hit by the stampers. Which is probably the safest bet in the world. While the fight went on I was doing really well. Then near the end I had four tiles light up around me and ‘damn it!’ There were cheers as Rawls confirmed “she’s been hit! She has been hit!”
A few thousand slipped through my fingers.
I can’t even remember why we wiped but I took great pleasure in being the last one standing. Ella 1. Lag 0.

Touch of karma


Talking about touch of karma for longer than Yjelza thought we needed and he broke out into song.
Danue’s ‘Omg’ voiced what we were all thinking. Watching the chat box for the song to end up being typed out in its entirety.
With baited breath we watched and then just when we thought that it was all over Fenrir came up with the goods.
Karaoke needed at the next meet up!



After the infamous video of our first Bladefist HC kill, where Blunnerz squealed “my ring!” when it dropped. This has now been adopted as a slogan.
I’d missed out a roll to Frank on a warforged with socket version of this ring which he keeps reminding me about. Damn him.
So when two of these suckers showed up my first response was to yell “MY RING!” at everyone on ts and then turn into a loot whore. “One of those is mine!  Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine!”
Neither of them were as shiny as the one Frank got but it meant I wasn’t running around with a BM BiS ring anymore which was doing absolutely nothing for me.
Obviously it had to go straight on Twitter to back up the ‘my precious’ pictures I’d sent to everyone to back up my claim on this thing.

I’ve got the clap! Wait, what?


There was a challenge set up which was to take a selfie and time it perfectly that you got the ‘clap’ in the background. I may or may not have died trying to get this… However from my rather dead position on the floor I waited and waited to get the next set of hand doing their thing. Hoping that the rest of the team wouldn’t die before it happened.
I will not take responsibility for wiping the raid. No no no no.

All the cooldowns used!


I’d just got my camera so it was all rather exciting. Taking a quick selfie with the team someone spotted me and a snowball effect went on behind me. People were popping cooldowns to make the scene behind me a hot mess. We had to wait for five minutes for them to come off cd before we could actually pull or we would all die due to their being no raid wide healing available. Thankfully, no one popped hero.
Although accidental hero popping had happened before…
(Why anyone would give me drums is beyond me…)



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