More tales from Twitter!

I seriously have had a spam overload to the guild unofficial Twitter account.

One thing that would be nice is to be able to look through the last few screenshots/selfies taken and chose what one to post. The amount of times I’ve taken a few in quick succession to get that perfect shot and then have to go through the folder on my computer to find it… I digress but idea for you Blizz!

While scrolling through my time line I found a few more photos with little stories behind them. There’s a whole post going to be needed on the lfr we did in Highmaul not long after we got our cameras! However, here are some that are from the last couple of days.

Repair bill


I’d taken a moment to go afk after we got to our ‘call it’ point. People were using their hearthstones or a Mage portal to vacate the raid.
I was stood there minding my own buisness when I got back to my laptop to see the boss attacking me. As I died and expressed my confusion with a subtle exclamation of ‘what the fuck?’ over ts.
There were a few sharp intakes of breath as my health went from full to zero in seconds.
Fenrir then explained, trying to hold in the laughter, that he was trying to kill Marvv and I ended up being in the way and subsequently flattened.
Marvv essentially skipped away laughing as I took a fist to the face and Fenrir had behaved like a true paladin and hearthstoned out as well.
I think I did get ressed by someone, even though Jesse put his foot down at doing it.
(Fenrir did pay my repair for that later, bless him!)

We had the dubious joys of Nick Clegg joining us for a clear. He buckled under pressure a fair amount (as in real life).
Nick Clegg gets booed whenever he logs in. Despite it just being Rawls at the other end of the keyboard, when Nick Clegg logs in that’s it. The gloves are off!
“Oh look who just logged in…”
It did prove rather amusing when on Iron Maidens in lfr when one of the healers, after that long, suddenly realised who exactly they were healing.
[Raid chat]: I’ve just seen the tanks name and laughed so hard
(Over ts)
Rawls you’ve been spotted…
What? Oh…. HAHA!

Which leads very nicely onto…

Nick Clegg killed us all
I don’t think there that is really much to say to this. We were counting on Nick Clegg and he let us down… twice! and took half his raid team with him.
Bad Cleggy!
It was also in this raid where we realised once we got in, that we were in the dubious position of not having any healers we trusted. We were not expecting miracles but at least we had two tanks we could count on! (Almost)


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