I’ve been very quiet…

The blog posts have been scarce. It’s not to say things haven’t happened but I don’t think five posts on us trying to get kilrogg down would have been that exciting.

So it’s time to have a little round up.

We’ve had our moments as a raid team. From charging into Hellfire Citadel with not one single clue what we were doing to struggling to get down Kormorog with five pugs and once they left, one shot it with room to spare.

The one liners have been epic.
On Kormorog we had an accident. That mechanic where the tank gets big and then explodes? *snigger* well we had that happen next to us while we were in the grasping hands.
Jolly then says over ts “I’m so sorry guys for exploding in your hands”

We then delayed starting a boss to have a good giggle at ‘finding a unicorn’ which was some sort of random code phrase for making a woman orgasam.
This lead to the topic which we have been going on about for days. Sexual innuendos via pokemon.
Squirtle and Starmie being obvious ones. We then had some epic down time going through the pokedex to find some others.
Diglet cropped up as a given, there was also Jinx the sex doll.
Onyx was named. The quick reply being “everything is a dildo if you’re brave enough!” Stunned silence from those who were taking that comment in and loud laughter from those who got it immediately.
There was another crude comment, to which Jolly replied that there were ladies in the ts channel.
“Danue is the only lady in this channel…”

Then there’s the obvious hilarity at taking the piss out of someone’s char name…

There’s been the pathfinder achievement, of which I’ve only just completed.
Sat with some of the guys in ts, they were taking the piss out of my awful sense of direction in wow.
The thing is, in Draenor, I was so busy just zooming through to 100 that I didn’t take any locations in, or study the lore, or finish any quest lines. So when I looked it all up I had the following quest lines to finish:
Shadowmoon = 1
Gorgrond = 2
Talador = 3
Spires = 4
Nagrand = 5

Starting with the lowest I went through and slowly started the grind. Yet again, I didn’t read any quest text so I wouldn’t be able to tell Thralls arse from Yrels elbow. (Oh how I hate her,  but that’s another story)
I worked my way through up until my last one was Nagrand. Lots of “finally” gz messages would come in from my team mates when I got the quest line achievements.
Off to Nagrand and I wasn’t looking forward to this one. I’d literally spent two quest lines here. I hadn’t even built my outpost even though I was stood next to its wooden carcass most of the time (The pain of trapping in Nagrand was very real and I was really glad to get rid of my barn).
As I was going through, I had managed to miss a quest line in the middle of the series, but carried on regardless. I was at the pivotal moment where Yrel (urgh) and I had to ‘deal’ with Garrosh. I wasn’t really paying much attention to it all until the cinematic. I didn’t have sound or the subtitles on so I only had the visual to go on. Watching Thrall and Garrosh beat each other about the head but not end up with a scratch on them. Then Thralls eyes went all red and my immediate thought was OMG THRALLS GONE BAD!
Then he used his shaman magic. Garrosh was clamped in a hand and then electrocuted.
Wait what?
Hold the front page!



I’ve spent the entire time from launch (and when I dinged) to now thinking that Garrosh was still alive and well, causing mischief somewhere.
Frank then said that ages ago they were talking about lore and he said then that Garrosh was dead, wasn’t I listening?!
Clearly not!
The fact that everyone else was 100% aware and my obvious astonishment at what I’d just seen made the situation ten times funnier than what it could have been.

Better late than never though!


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