This is how you duel! Yeah, I’m not following that example…

We were set to do out Mythic 2 but were waiting for Dan to log in. Lorenz asked me for a lift from the flight point he was at last time.

“Why don’t you go to Felblaze Ingress!” I squawked at him, dispairing that I had to journey miles away to pick him up when i could see the entrance from where I had landed.
“I don’t have that flight point….”
“HOW? How have you got that one and not this one!”
“The first time that this character went into Azsuna was yesterday to do the dungeon, I’m using the starting quest to get to the flight point.”

I went to get him and flew him over towards the dungeon. He started being a sassy Rogue so I threatened to drop him into a load of elites.

“Drop him…” Francis added.
“Eh from this height I would probably survive…”
I started flying upwards to ensure that the ground was a long way below us.
“Oh fuck, i shouldn’t have said that!”
I dismounted myself and put slowfall on. Thinking it was going to be a funny ending to that drop I was dissapointed to see his charater equip a parachute and drift to the floor. He shot a grapple to the floor and pulled himself to it.
“Nope, I’m good!”


We had ended up at Feblaze Ingress after all of that and he picked up the flight point before we studied the four Horde that were around us.

There were two 102’s there and also a Pally and warrior that were lvl 110.

“I have more health than that Pally…” I said, Lorenz checked us both.
“Oh shit, yeah you do. What the fuck?”
“I have more health than that Warrior too…”
Lorenz was not quite up to their level so I buffed both of us. His self inflated stats giving him a confidence boost that he really didn’t need.

Lorenz then insisted on trying to duel them.
They kept declining him and he kept spamming to duel. Eventually the Paladin gave in.

“Oh! It’s starting soon” he squeaked and slunk around before going into stealth.

I watched him creep around the back of the Pally and then go ham. The Paladin bubbled.

“What the fuck! He used Bubble!” Lorenz was not happy.
I could only stand there and watch.

They were running around each other playing chase when Lorenz got stunned and his health dropped like a sack of shit. Screeching over Discord I tracked his movement around the flight point as he grappled a sprinted away from the Pally with 600 or so health left. The only thing that would have made it better was the Benny Hill tune playing out as they ran after each other.

Even the Warrior was just standing there watching, waiting to see how all of this turned out. This is why the popcorn toy was invented.

“No, No! NO!” Lorenz screamed as he vaulted a fallen tree and managed to get into stealth.
“Oh my god! I have 600 health left! I’m hiding in a bush!”

I couldn’t see him. There was a bush behind me so I zoomed in a bit but he wasn’t there. I literally had no idea where he was.


I saw his character break stealth in front of me at the top of the rocks as he burst out of the shrubbery he was hiding in and into a new one. His health was going down even more.

“I got attacked by a cat thing!”

He ran into another bush and I saw the Paladin turn around. I could only Imagine the Warrior had spotted Lorenz over the Pally’s shoulder and pointed him out as he ran screaming from bush to bush.

The Pally wandered over to the rocks and stood at the bottom, waiting just as Lorenz emerged with 1% health. Then next thing you know there’s a giant golden hammer flying through the air, bonks him on the head and he drops to his knees at the edge of the rocks. Before slumping forward, very much over the edge and very much dead.

The Pally wandered off and continued duelling the Warrior as we both we laughing hysterically.

“I got raked by that fucking Prowler while I was trying to hide in the bush!” Lorenz managed to say through the giggling. “The Pally’s Judgement got me down to one health and then the rake ticked and I was dead.”

I just couldn’t stop laughing at his corpse that was delicately draped down an almost sheer rock face.

“Res please?”

Yeah, that was funny enough that he earned a res…




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