Oh boy, hold my beer…



Have you seen my banks?
That’s right, banks.
I have so much shit that I can’t bear to part with it is spread over four chars and a guild bank.
I have shit that is vendor spec. Vendor spec from BC era. It was shit then, it’s still shit now but I’ve kept it!

lets start with the guild bank.
I had to leave my old guild as I needed a storage system that enabled me to hoard more shit. I needed some collective mass storage that I could access from all of my chars on that realm in the vain hope that it would mean that my bags and individual banks would empty. On the most part it worked and on the whole it’s very neat if a little outdated…

Yup, that’s one lonely pile of Deeprock Salt for the leatherworker I don’t have to use…
Yup, that’s a load of gems for the jewelcrafter I don’t have to use….
Yup, that’s a load of old enchanting mats for the enchanter I don’t have to use….
But! It’s organised, ish.

This has meant that instead of this shit being spread out over five chars, it’s in one place. Except, I still cant let some stuff go from them…

Ysanndra is my tailor and alchemist. I have herb and cloth tabs in the Guild Bank but I still insist on keeping this crap in her bank. Along with gear I don’t need but I think I might.

I have a load of blacksmith patterns on Jaaila that I cant use and likely never will. And a pets I can’t seem to bear to part with. There’s five birds! Five! whhhhyyyyyyy!?!?!?!

Annah skins, and I have a leatherworking tab just for her but holy shit, I just cant put this stuff away apparently…
She also has all the Pandaria and Legion armour tokens for gear I will never use. But there’s clearly a small chance of hell freezing over and I’ll have an alt that can.

sugarplum bank

Sugarplum is my lvl 1 bank alt, who turned into a meat and fish storage person. As I don’t have enough Guild Bank tabs to store all of this…
oh, look. I was very optimistic that I would level her up and use those Pandaria tokens.
And that cloth transmog I think she will be able to use when I do that levelling.

The worst however, is my main.






This is the result of my bags and bank after I did some tear inducing tidying up (reality = sent stuff to other chars or put it in the Guild Bank)

Fancy some enigma seeds? Igotchu!
Need some Pandaria weapon enchantments from the Black Prince but hes nowhere to be seen? Igotchu!
Need some more Iron Horde scraps because you somehow never managed to get enough even though they throw the shit at you? IGOTCHU.
Silkweave splints?
Focusing crystals?
Some fucking rando cheese?
A wand?
Some shit for/from Nomi?
Gear that is 10+ ilvls lower than what you have but it’s purple?
Inks that you don’t need anymore?
Something to trap a soul?
A review of the Kara opera?
Half a library?
Some oil?
A dagger that can’t kill you?
More bags than Selfridges?
A weapon enhancement that you can’t use?

And then, there’s Void storage!


This used to be filled up with a million transmog options before the wardrobe came out. Now it is filled with shit that I’m not convinced I will not lose if it vendor it/delete it.
Like all the toys…
Like all the legendaries…
Like all the tabards…

And for some fucking reason, I’ve decided that I need to keep hold of soulbound tokens for stuff I cant even use! And I paid for the privilege!

So, in answer to the question.



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