If music be the food of war… Part 2.

While looking through my achievements in game I realised that it had been a few years since I did anything to this!

Taken from the first music roll post

I had a check and I haven’t actually got any of the remaining ones since going for all the ‘easy’ ones.

Almost top twenty tunes


Out came my trusty notebook and I checked out what I would actually need to do for all of them.

I realised why I hadn’t bothered with the rest when I started jotting down the locations of the remaining ones.

Raid bosses:
The Burning Legion – Illidan in the Black Temple in Outland
Legends of Azeroth – Nefarion in Blackwing Descent
Heart of Pandaria – Sha of Fear in Terrace of the Endless Spring
Invincible – Lich King in ICC
Wrath of the Lich King – Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas
The Shattering – Deathwing in Dragon Soul from the last encounter (still gotta get through Spine though!)
A Siege of Worlds – Blackhand in Blackrock Foundry
Karazhan Opera House – Opera Encounter in Karazhan

Search and find:
Faerie Dragon – Nest in Tiristfal Glades during the Faerie Dragon event
The Black Temple – Case just inside the portcullis in the Black Temple in Outland
Lament of the Highbourne – Box behind Sylvanas in the Undercity

Angelic – Loot the treasure chest in Gurubashi Arena in Cape of Strangelthorn

The Argent Tournament – 25 Champion Seals to obtain (Limit to how many you can get a day…)
High Seas – 500 Domination Points from Krasarang Wilds beach

So the raid bosses shouldn’t be too bad just have to pray to RNJesus, trying to steal a scroll from under the nose of Sylvanas is going to be ‘interesting’ but the one I am never going to get is going to be Angelic. That shit is not going to fly… At least I only need to get it if I want to do the ‘Full Discography’ achievement I don’t need it for the top twenty and the Portable Audiophone.
The only downside is that the Audiophone is shite. The music on there is just snippits and not the music from the scrolls you busted your arse to get. Kinda like those HitClips keyring things you could get as a child with tiny bits of pop songs on them…


Now, I do have the Sonic Environment Enhancer as I’m an Engineer but you can’t play the songs from your Garrison on it and you have to enchant them with a song that you get created by Scribes (of which I am one as well.) You have the option of five different songs to enchant it with: Peace, Battle, Alliance, Horde and Legion. The mats for the songs are just one of each Legion pigment and a bit of paper, so with all of these I could have some jingles where ever I went.
However, every time I want to change track I either have to do the equivalent of pulling all the ribbon out of the tape to just get it out of the tape deck or craft five of the ‘jukeboxes’ to store all the songs in (just make sure you don’t stack them!) and carry them around with me.
It kinda blows that I have to trash the song to put another one on and there are no pencils in WoW to perform a save of the tape so after a while, it’s going to get costly on those inks or bag space.

Truth be told, the Portable Audiophone is going to probably take me some time to get. Holy fuck though, it’s going to be tedious to even try and get it!
And that’s if  I remember that I wanted to complete the achievement as lets face it, it’s taken me a fair few years to even remember that I was only half way there…



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