Wednesday Reset – Forum Rage, Leaving Guilds and Spitting

I’ve trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.

forum rage

This nice locked thread does come courtesy of the US forums but it’s kinda a nice overview of the shit show that is the forums on both sides of the Atlantic currently.

So the OP’s actual post was literally just the title.

They feel that as people only reply to your post to disagree, there’s no point trying to make a post. Later they also clarified that people replying “I agree with you” is super important and adds a lot to the discussion. (Keep this in mind!)

There was some clever detective work done by others in this thread and realised that this post came about because another one they made. The OP had stated some idea and opinion they had in it, with the result that it had been disagreed with quite a lot. It appears that they were salty about that. (This is why the “I agree with you” posts are apparently so important)

The OP then went on to shit over everyone who dared comment about how the beast that is the forums works. Even going so far as to tell someone off for commenting as it had already been said four times.


Which, surely would mean that only one person can say “I agree with you” before all others must abandon their comments of the same type of thing?
Or this rule only comes into play if the OP doesn’t think you are ‘right’ and therefore your comment is “dumb shit”… hmmmmm…

Anyway, while the OP was having a shit fit at everyone, someone linked the topic that apparently ‘hurt the OP’.

skip bc

They didn’t like BC, didn’t think that spaceships and aliens and “space shit” have a place in their “medieval fantasy game”.
They feel that Vanilla (they keep calling it Classic though) wen’t too quick before you were being whisked off with a cheesy story line that seemed like something a shit D&D DM would come up with. They feel that you should have stayed on Azeroth to explore all the “fantasy tropes” that have only been explored in simplistic ways and The idea that spaceships crash into an alien planet is absurd.
That and everyone is apparently sick of Burning Legion stuff.

This was met with disagreement, and a couple of half agreements to parts of what was contained in a rather expansive post.

The “hurt” part however was apparent when people were questioning the random distinction with space stuff not being ok in a medieval fantasy but some other non-medieval stuff was ok.

orig post disagree

While in their first post, the OP decided to behave like a child. Arguing that they were in ‘the talks about Classic’ and didn’t agree that there should be a Classic server at all. They also swerved the point that the Classic server is not there to right wrongs of the past expansion but to relive them as they were.

It seemed to be at that point that they decided to stop responding as their post had been met with opposition.

Enter round two and the complaining about people replying to just disagree with them.

While I do get that the forums have turned into a pit of gripes, there is something to be said about the forum layout and it was well explained by some of the players commenting on the ‘complaining’ thread.

The people who like a post click the heart, the people who disagree comment.
If someone is commenting but they agree, it is to give more insight into why they are agreeing. But it is very clear that people just don’t seem to reply to go “yes, I agree”…
Does that mean that you should be having a meltdown when your reply notification goes off?
Well, maybe?
If all you are going to see is a mass of rebuking replies then it is kinda hard to feel that opinions are welcome, especially one that is ‘controversial’. There is however a lot to be said about successfully nailing the delivery of unpopular opinions on the internet.

If you take their post about skipping the Burning Legion expansion, there were a couple who liked the idea of skipping it to go straight to Wrath.
However, there were a lot who wanted the full experience and gave a resounding ‘No.’
The bit that tipped it over the edge was the derogatory comments about the expansion being teamed up with personal opinion as to what should and shouldn’t have been included/happening, twinned with the ‘war cry’ style of trying to get people to agree that Classic should be changed from just re-releasing everything as it was to ‘improving’ the game just still with shit graphics.
The icing on the cake was the doubling down and being shitty to the people who disagreed.
This is never going to win you any points on the internet and alienate those who may have agreed with you in the first place.

Quitting guild

I’ve quit two guilds.
One to move server and the other because they were just a bag of dicks.

This topic started out with an example of a reason for quitting a guild but turned into a giant thread of Guild drama.

But here the story was that the OP joined a guild that seemed really nice, there was lots of things going on, the GM was helping out newbies and held raffles etc for mounts and pets. While it did seem that it was being done for YouTube/Twitch/Whatever to ensure that there was lots going on for those sweet, sweet views they decided to stay.
Then they found out that the GM had been trying to coerce people IRL to do things and generally being shitty to them…

The OP found it creepy that the GM called them ‘friend’ when greeting them in the first conversation they had, which was a sentiment that some people totally agreed with.
One even went as far as saying that if someone first spoke to them with a greeted them with ‘hi friend’ they would assume that the person just wanted to scam them or backstab them over something.
However, others came in with their experiences of running dungeons though LFG and people greeting the others with ‘hello friends’ which them felt was a nice greeting and totally innocent.

What seemed strange was that the OP thought that the guild engagement the GM was using was ‘odd’… Taking the ‘dodgy behaviour’ that was purported by the OP out of the equation, the raffles and incentives for participating in group activities is what keeps guilds together and active.
Other posters stated that it was things like this that were common in guilds that they were in which were community based rather than just a raiding group.

While I’ve not had anyone greet me with ‘friend’ the first time that I spoke to them, I can certainly vouch for people being very friendly at first greeting.
With the social aspect of the game, being nice and trying to convince people that you’re not an arsehole is kinda an important part of actually being able to enjoy everything about the game.
Get yourself on too many ignore lists and your ability to enjoy the game is going to severely hampered. Back when sharding wasn’t a thing and everyone on the server knew everyone else, if you were a dick you ended up on a lot of people’s ‘avoid’ list. Meaning that participating in anything group related was a chore to do.

Is it maybe a symptom of the state of WoW now that we assume that anything ‘nice’ being organised is for an ulterior motive like getting internet points from strangers.
Is it the internet culture we have now that has allowed people to express the worst side of their personality, leading to people feeling that someone being nice is not for the sake of ‘being nice’ its for selfish reasons.
Is it due to a lack of community feeling that is going on currently and he fact that sharding has taken away the familiar feeling of ‘home’ on a server that has meant that people view others with suspicion?

Is there a way back from this?
Maybe with Classic around the corner and the need for people to not be cuntwaffles to each other this will spill back over to Retail?
One can hope so as I am sure as hell fed up with people having ‘rude’ as their go to attitude in dungeons and other group activities and am looking forward to guilds that actually mean something again.

spitting is not enough

This is the one you have all been waiting for, the topic to end all topics (aside from the ‘everyone is stupid’ thread title that is used in the montage for the YouTube round up…)

This came about because of the current wave of hatred being generated for a decade old in-game shop and the instigation of the behaviour by a ‘Twitch personality’.

This one was swiftly locked and removed by the moderators not long after I had got to the bottom of the replies, sadly…

spit post removed

But because I like to leave my computer on for months at a time with a zillion tabs open… Here you go!

The OP decided that /spit was just not good enough to ‘punish’ people who had store mounts. They also needed to be ‘blacklisted’ from doing anything in game aside from questing and using the LFD/LFR side of group finder.
They wanted them kicked from all current raid teams and kicked from guilds, imploring people to never let the players with the mounts join raid teams or guilds again.
They recommended ganking them mercilessly and just all round ensuring that these players are not able to actually play the game because they have some disposable income either via gold or actual cash.

They describe players with store mounts to be owners of some deeply threatening WoW ‘contraband’, putting them above the level of loot ninjas who actually did do something shitty that did degraded your ability to play the game…

Naturally, even as much as some people hate the in-game store, the though of actually shitting on players for doing something that Blizzard gave them the opportunity to do seemed wildly off the mark and uncalled for.

spitting reply

Others also reminded them that it is a mount. A bunch of pixels that you sit on. Not anything that detrimentally affects how you are able to play the game because those with store mounts do not get an advantage.

spit reply doll

The only reply to any of the comments made was to say that players who bought the mounts were not victims of predatory monitisation but were enablers and therefore fair game to be griefed.

While this OP claims to be way ahead of the ‘cool kids’ who have copied the behaviour of the aforementioned ‘Twitch personality’ the directing of this hatred at players is absolutely uncalled for.
Not only that but is it strictly against the Terms of Service and End User Agreement.

terms of service


Whats concerning is that the OP is quite happy to encourage people being absolute cunts on the internet.
This hasn’t been helped by the aforementioned ‘Twitch personality’ and their behaviour online. While they stated after the /spit debacle that they didn’t want their community to be ‘bad’, the internet side of people came out and embraced the shitty behaviour wholeheartedly. Even people who didn’t like the ‘Twitch personality’ were jumping on the bandwagon and demonising players who had purchased store mounts, regardless of how they had been acquired.

gold for mounts

This OP didn’t seem to care and judging by other threads, there are people with similar mindsets. If you got something that is available on the store via your regular 6-month subscription then it’s ‘fine if you just don’t ride it’…
While some were apathetic over the /spit towards players and just shrugged it off, others commented about how is it different from being /spit on by someone you’re fighting in WPvP?


Clue here is that you are fighting, where the actions of one player means that you could loose. Shit talking is a thing that happens in battles, remember the past Wednesday Reset where the RP’s were confused and unhappy about their cross faction chat add-on breaking because it screwed up their faction war immersion? That is an example of when using the /spit emote it is being used for how it was intended to be used. Aggression towards the character, not the person behind the computer screen.
Riding a store mount doesn’t cause the other person not to gain Honor points, doesn’t mean that they don’t get some loot, doesn’t mean that the character has an advantage over you on the battlefield etc…

While the store has been in game for a seriously long time, the best advice was given by two players about what to do with those who decide to be arseholes.

advicve 2advive 1

Eventually, like most toddlers having a tantrum, they will tire themselves out…







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