Wednesday Reset – Toxic Trading, Trial of Style Woes and Easy Classic

I’ve trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.

toxic for not trading

Not a week goes by before we have the word ‘Toxic’ bandied about on the forums for just about anything.

This week though the reason people were being toxic is because they wouldn’t give someone their loot after a boss kill.
Annoyingly, this post was edited twice and the OP’s profile is hidden, so I smelled a rat from the start and it turned out it was for a good reason. The actual first post was fake but the OP still believed in the reasoning behind it and went on to explain this later on in the thread…
I wish I could see what was originally written (and possibly by who) as there were some interesting comments made on this post.

The fake post was about a fake HC run in the Eternal Palace.
The bosses either didn’t drop any loot for the OP or didn’t drop the right ones but lo and behold, other people had won the ‘right’ bits and upon inspection of the characters, the certainly didn’t need the loot to equip it. Eg: someone got an Azurite piece that would be an upgrade from 405 to 435. (clearly forgot about Benthic gear and pearls then…)

They fake whisper the person asking for a trade and they get ignored.
They promote the idea that even if you are inundated with begging messages, you should reply to every single one otherwise you’re just being rude.
Someone else they fake asked told the OP that they need to keep hold of it to recycle it.

Here is the great part.

In this fantasy scenario about other people being shitty with giving away their loot. The OP decided that the way to call out shitty behaviour is to apparently be the biggest perpetrator of shitty behaviour.

OP decided that the best way to make you feel sorry for him and question how you treat others is by fake rage quitting a run.

And to top it off, the OP has just promoted rage quitting raids as a healthy and appropriate response to not getting other peoples loot.

There’s more though!

The OP then fake joined another group for Azshara only.
The story goes on to say the trinket dropped and apparently the person who won it already had the trinket but with a socket.
This seems to be the important part of the story that the OP was getting at, Players who keep loot they don’t actually need.
OP hinted at those people he really hates with the fake other player saying that they are not going to trade because they never do and that if you want it, farm it.

Now, for a fake post, the OP went on to get heavily involved in it.

trade 1

At the beginning none of the people replying knew it was a fake post which wasn’t helped by the OP replying to them all ‘in character’ as this loot starved player.

However, what the OP supposedly did because they didn’t get traded was not lost on people.toxic you

Most of the replies were along the lines of ‘it was their loot, they do not have to trade you at all’ which is 100% on the money.
But this seems to be what the OP was expecting from the “BfA players”…
Even with the OP looking at Legion with rose-tinted glasses, there was shitty RNG then and there is even shittier RNG now, the only difference is that we can scrap stuff to be able to purchase what RNG won’t give us. Which makes any spare bits more valuable to the player who actually got it. Blizz have created a monster that suppresses the viability of just trading items as they are still too valuable to players who won them.

I have to agree with some of the commentators, that the showing on screen of who got what (which Blizz said was so that you can ‘congratulate people’) has in fact been used to quickly see who has something you can ask for… which seems to be what the OP is suggesting you do. Use it as a shopping list for other bits to ask for, as they feel you should be given it if the player who has it doesn’t need it to equip it.

While they go on about people ‘not needing’ items, in the first post OP said that they had a 405 item on and the bit they wanted from someone else was 435, providing them with a huge ilvl jump.
The OP is telling us they have gone into HC with bare minimum Azurite pieces when they could have improved their ilvl with Benthic bits and upgraded them…
They ‘desperately’ needed an ilvl improvement but have done nothing about improving it themselves which has to be the easiest thing to do!

When you look at think about that, it just seems that there is a sense of entitlement about this post where the OP just wants loot that doesn’t require a lot of effort? Regardless if the scenario was made up or not.

OP then stamped their foot a bit more and stated that there must be a new ‘rule’ of just removing the loot from in front of other players which was then shut down by the explanation that ‘your loot, your decision’ is not a new rule.

The OP then posts this…

garbage comm

Wow, they are getting heavily involved in their fake post. It does beg the question “is it actually fake?”

Interestingly, someone also mentions that the OP was dead on almost every single kill and then further on in the thread said that the OP’s whole performance was awful. Which if this is true, it might go some way as to explaining who they might have been passed over for loot regardless.

But then we had this, which seemed to be swiftly removed…. but luckily quoted by someone…

retarded retail

Aha! I think we are onto something!
Shitting on people who play retail… that must mean it’s a Classic fanboi. This could get good.

While the thread went on with the OP calling more people retarded and breaindead while insisting they were the good guy etc. The twist in the tale is that the OP then decided to log onto one of their lvl 120s and declare that the whole post was fake and it was to check the attitude of the BfA players to see if they were “ready for Classic”.
Apparently, OP’s little social experiment told him that pretty much no one was going to survive being ignored by the whole server on classic.
So, wait.
They decided to behave like a wanker on their alt because they were “testing” to see if people would agree to giving away their loot?

Does he realise Classic and BfA are two very, very, different types of gameplay?

The thread carried on, with this amazing comment by the OP…

pl is actually gl

Holy shit…. This is just an advert to never join a group with this guy.

So whats the moral of the story? Not the one that the OP was trying to promote that’s for sure.

The players replying to the OP quickly reminded them that if they think that Classic is going to be some cuddly playpen for loot sharing they are going to be sorely mistaken.
Rolling need on something that might not be an actual upgrade for you but might come in handy? Like I’m currently a cloth Pally as I need the stats… does that mean that I should be able to take cloth items from cloth wearers? No lol, I’m not entitled to them just because I’m a healer. If I win a greed roll and someone else wants to greed it because it might come in handy. Fuck off if I’m giving it to you.
Taking on the OP’s attitude and being an arsehole is going to get you blacklisted very quickly as guilds do talk to each other!


Lul, what?

So these two posts were about the mini-holiday. I had no idea that people were so invested in doing this that they felt that it was a let down when it rolled around again.

Blizz invented these to give people something else to do for fun.

micro holidays

So what are people so upset about?

Turns out that one person had farmed the tokens to buy transmog sets from the most recent event and was upset that there weren’t any new ones to collect. Another was just annoyed that there wasn’t any of the removed item sets to collect.

Apparently Blizzard is “lazy” because they haven’t added in the sets that are now unobtainable. Or “lazy” because they haven’t added in new tints to old sets that are just for the Trial of Style.
I don’t know what Blizz staffing levels are like but I’m pretty sure with Classic and BfA still ongoing, Blizzcon not far away and a new expansion to prep for… Tinting a transmog set for a just for fun micro-holiday is not high on their priority. They are fucking busy!

Pretty sure also,  that the same subset of people who are complaining now about not getting an easy way to get transmog were also complaining that people now just expect everything handed out to them.
So grinding your arse off in a raid to get a set that has now been removed can be swept aside and replaced with just posing on a stage for five minutes to get some tokes to buy the whole damn lot?

Someone suggested that tokens should disappear once the event is over. That way, you cant just stockpile them and enjoy the micro-holiday there and then, as it was intended. This is a really good idea. Or at least make them ‘season’ bound so that you cant spend them on the next ‘season’.

The free transmog/barbershop wen’t down like a lead balloon…

tos convo

The outfits themselves are obtainable in other ways however… This is the part that I do not understand all the whining about. The first season I participated in I got the missing bits for three sets that I was halfway through collecting. Now though, it seems like they have done recolours of previous sets. So it appears that there is something new to collect?
Season 4 is listed as having recolours of Cata dungeon sets, with one of them actually coming with previously unobtainable gloves.

So the shit that people were complaining about Blizz not doing. They are actually doing.
Yet they still needed to make multiple forum threads about it…

Just enjoy the event as it is intended. To show off how well you can put things together. The themes are there to get you to look at pieces individually, not as a set. To encourage variety in the field.
And free fucking transmog for everyone!


Oh fucking god. It’s that time of the week where memories of 15 years ago get put to the test with things you are doing right now. Comparing when you knew absolutely nothing about anything to over a decade of learning.





The OP says they don’t play retail (so, not BfA) and they remember Vanilla perfectly in some situations (read that as “hazy memories of what I think happened but Imma say they are fact”)

Levelling in Classic is a bad joke. For example spirit proc way more then Vanilla.

You never need to eat. In Vanilla eat was a huge factor. You remember of course that also the food cost was a factor back then. Now you don’t even need to buy food.

I can easily kill 4 mob together with a rogue.

Do you think I know everything about vanilla ? No I don’t.

You can go back to see solo video of players, top players back then, that knows a lot more then me that have way more trouble doing certain things.

In Gnomeregan we had a pull of 2 elite and 5 adds normal. Hot on tank aggro killed the priest in the beginning of the fight. We were able to kill everything in 4 without priest. Good luck with that in Vanilla. Also before the priest came back the mage aggroed an elite. And tanked it… Without healing.

Back then people were ready to remove a mage for that because usually priest heal the mage (badly but insticntively playing ), the mage die instantly, the priest that healed him get aggro and died instantly too. In that case the mage keep on shooting the elite. We helped him. He got nearly 7 hit. He end the fight with 85% of health. Really ? Are you kidding me ?

All those mechanics are just my memory of Vanilla.
You don’t remember that kind of things ?
You have never played Vanilla in that case cause this kind of things were a knightmare back then.

And what about MC ? Come on that’s ridiculous. Apes are certainly a huge and experienced guild, probably the best of vanilla nowadays, Nihilum best in vanilla for sure. But without any equipment and 15 char below 60 is obviously ridiculous. Blizzard is trying to justify that by the huge modern skill. Of course…

And what about Onixia ? They got 19 char killed at 40% of Onixia health. And were able to kill her in 15. Really ? 40% of onixia with no gear and under levelled ?

You really don’t understand what’s going on ?
Retailers pointed out that now players are way more skilled and know everything. All the players ? Sure. Retailers pointed out that Vanilla today is too easy.
So I blame Blizzard that feed them with a Classic way too easier compared to Vanilla to allow them to keep going on that way.

Business model of retail is in total contrast with Vanilla. The real Vanilla.
Classic seems to me easier then Vanila by at least a factor of 3.
This is a really bad joke.

Oh boy…

So the reason as to why it is “so easy” in Classic?
It was pointed out a million times already but players know what they are doing and tech has improved.

Lets take my example of Deadmines.

Now granted I didn’t play in vanilla but the trash in there is the same, even if the bosses are not.

My very first time in Deadmines I was level 85.
Yes. 85.
I was fucking terrified of dungeons as I had no idea what they really were and thought that was end content stuff that the really well geared people did.

Even going in at 85 I was shitting myself as I didn’t know where I was going or what to expect. I could breathe on these mobs and they would fall over but I literally had no clue as to what was going to happen to me being in here on my own.

Now, in Classic, I use my experience of running that dungeon a million times to be able to tell the tank to pull more. Or to stand in a doorway and heal the tank who is dealing with 5 mobs and the rest of the party who is dealing with a 3 man patrol that wandered into us.

Yeah the OP can throw up the “YoU dIdN’t PlAy VaNiLlA” at me but the reason Classic is easy is purely on the basis that I know what to expect. I know where everything is. I know what happens next when I do things. I know how things work.

OP however, did not take that as a factor.

vanil hard

So we are all actually shitter at WoW than before…. who knew!

There seems to have been quite a few instances where people have got salty over Classic not living up to their memories of Vanilla.
Blizzard even had to share their “not a bug” list due to people reporting things that they felt was a bug from their memories of Vanilla, to be told that their memories were wrong.
And that list is fucking huge.

Memories are just that, memories. And they have rose tints all over them.
Which the OP doesn’t seem to realise.




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