Wednesday Reset – Retail Sucks, Classic Sucks and Customisation

I’ve trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.


In the true spirit of the forums, this post had been downvoted to hell and has become unlisted.
Thankfully, I have grabbed that sweet, sweet link

I will point out that many people in the comments have accused this post of being in the wrong section of the forum, a troll post or both. So maybe take it with a pinch of salt but it is nevertheless quite interesting to hear peoples thoughts on it and to contrast it with the opinions of those who love Retail.

OP had a lot of fun leveling in Classic but they also wanted to experience all of the content that WoW offered so they also bought BfA.

The comparison between the leveling styles was not lost on them and they had theses observations.

  • The quality of life stuff is great until you realise that you are a god and can kill everything without worrying about your health, even in the starting zone.
  • The lack of challenge in Retail makes leveling boring.
  • You can pull and kill three mobs while naked, if you did that in classic you would instantly die.
  • They want the developers to “fix their game” with regards to the leveling experience.

Many people pointed out that the OP can’t start slating BfA which is lvl 120 content when they haven’t even got to 110. Which is very true. If you’re not high enough in levels to experience anything, how can you actually argue that it’s shit?

I did have a few red flags when they came out with the expression “fix your game”. That’s been thrown around quite a while now by the more vocal fans. The OP was insinuating that they had been devoid of all knowledge of anything to do with WoW, which if this was the case, would mean that they wouldn’t have heard that phrase…

Another commentator said that you cant ask for changes in Retail when you have been given what you want in the shape of Classic.
Adding on to that, is the fact that people wanted changes the first time round, which is why the game has evolved the way it has…

Unfortunately, every single reply that the OP made to the comments coming their was were all flagged. And for no reason. They were not rude or the like (which can’t be said for many of the other OP’s in the Wednesday Resets!) and they had some thoughtful comments to those who were criticising them.

They weren’t posting for “Classic propaganda” they just want Retail leveling sorted so that it makes it more enjoyable as they want to play all of the content.

They did concede that they could use the boost and experience the BfA content but then they would miss out of the leveling experience. Currently though, they are not getting the true leveling experience as everything is so easy.

They are not complaining about it being too fast or slow, 120 to them is just a number. They want to feel threatened by the world when they walk out of a camp. That would help them to feel fully immersed in the MMORPG that WoW is supposed to be.
This immersion is lost as you cant start out on your journey (to 120) when you are a god already.

Someone called them a “circle jerk” for liking Classic to which they politely replied that they were not a circle jerk, they just want to explore and play but the lack of challenge is kinda a turn off during leveling. The OP clarified that they wanted the game to be better for both of them.

Others chimed in are reminded the OP that there is nothing challenging about pulling one mob at a time and then drinking/eating before pulling the next one. Too many people have decided that the length of time it takes equals the difficulty, which is wrong.
Also, it was pointed out that you can’t really say that Classic leveling is not boring but Retail is when you spend so much time playing “Running Simulator” in Classic. (1)
Granted there is a few bits of excitement that can be found while leveling. Stitches is definitely one of them.
But, the levelling in Classic is about the levelling. The game was new and this is what the game was. Now it is about getting to the expansion and then enjoying it from there. Fuck levling in Outland when I can team up with Flynn and take out some pirates with a very dubious plan. The point is that the content previously in Retail is old news, whereas in Classic it is current news.

There was a poster saying that Classic leveling was/is good because you didn’t know where everything is. But that might have been true in Vanilla but it cant be said to be true now unless you have never played WoW before.
Classic leveling has been done to death. We all know how leveling works, where things are, even to the point of knowing where individual NPC’s can be found. The satisfaction of finally finding that fucking Dwarf who wants the letter from some rando up north has been lost, we go straight to them now.

I’m not sure how you can “fix” leveling when it’s pretty much muscle memory at this point without making it completely different. Even if the mobs are made harder, you still know what they are and what attacks they do. You know what your class can do to counter them…
WoW stopped being about leveling when BC came out. From there on, it was about the story and end game…


And like a coin, there was a reverse opinion.
This one has also been downvoted to shit but isn’t hidden. Yet.
So here is that tasty link for you if you need it.

The story is the OP had boarded the Classic hype train and was ready for the euphoria that was sure to come crashing over them in waves as soon as they logged into the Classic servers.
However, what they got was not what they remembered.

Nostalgia is a fickle beast and once you get back what you once had, it is never as sweet. At least that is what the OP was feeling.

The OP realised that the game was indeed 90% “running simulator” and not actually doing anything.
Running everywhere didn’t give them the sense of a massive world (which the Devs think would happen if they forced people onto the ground instead of the sky) and the constant running everywhere didn’t make the game more immersive.

They found the combat clunky. The enormous amount of time you spend just watching your char auto attack while you’re waiting for your spell to come off its 10 second cooldown  made combat feel like a bad version of a turn based game.

Needing to eat and drink after every mob didn’t equate to you becoming more powerful and better at what you do.

The graphics were worse than what the OP remembered. They knew they were going to be bad but not this bad…

OP conceded that classic isn’t difficult. Not like it was when you didn’t know anything. Now it is just time consuming and inconvenient. Nostalgia made them think it was going to be a more difficult game.

Having played both Classic (not Vanilla) and Retail, I’m inclined to agree.
There are somethings I had not seen before. The Park in Stormwind. Old Dalaran. The Dam before it was broken. These things were “woah!” moments for me but the magic of something not seen or experienced before was disrupted by the fact I already had the  knowledge of where to go for things. If I needed to go to the Dam, I knew where that was, the fact it was undamaged was just a blip in the customary scenery…

Others were not so welcoming to the OP’s opinion.

When someone did agree with the OP people quoted them out of context and just insulted them. The Warrior poster had added in that having less spell abilities compared to Retail made it unfulfilling, it meant that classes were just spamming one spell constantly, even in raids. The Classic defense squad Priest tried to claim that the poster had said that there were less spells in Classic, which just showed he was dumb.
That’s the thing though, there are not many spell abilities. What the Priest was using to try and prove the Warrior as stupid is not abilities, its ranks. As a Holy Paladin I can get nine ranks of one spell. That’s not 9 different abilities. That’s just one ability that heal for different amounts with the same cast time. It also means that as I progress, I will only use about two of the ranks rather than all nine… Not quite a Glimmer Paladin build that we have in Retail!

Someone else then said that the class design currently is shite so having a Paladin auto attacking on Classic was more interesting and fun than playing the full class on Retail.
Again, I have to disagree. Standing there for 2.5 seconds waiting to hit something is not more fun than working out how many you can take on if you use your CD’s to their full advantage, especially if that something is pummeling you constantly at a faster rate than you can swing a mallet. (Look back at the video in the first segment and the Paladin bit)

Finally, someone else said that the OP just sounds like someone who wants everything handed to them on a plate.

Do they want everything handed to them on a plate?
Because they have admitted that nostalgia has lied to them, does that mean that they should still play something that doesn’t like up the hype that they themselves built up and be forced to think it is all roses?
Can we not still enjoy a game that even the Devs said was rough around the edges while still acknowledge all the faults?

The leveling sucks ass. The drop rates for the collect quests are absolute garbage. The running from one zone to another to hand in something to be sent out again for something else. Tried the Lakeshire/Darkshire/Sentinal Hill/Stormwind postal service that you have to provide for people? That is the worst. There’s nothing to do on that apart from fly around on a flight path and read a wall of text.
Yet we still do it. Doesn’t mean that we have to enjoy it and we are well within our rights to state the obvious about the quest!

Does this mean that I prefer Retail over Classic?
Not necessarily. I do like bits of Classic and I like bits of Retail.

Should we continue with this “Team Classic” v “Team Retail” mentality?

Absolutely not.

As put by a very wise Druid…



On a more lighthearted note, the last topic is one that I really can get behind. More options to truly make your character unique.

The OP opened this out by saying 15 years later and we still cant customise our characters properly when there are thousands of low budget games out there that you can. So why can’t WoW when we pay every month to play?

Here, here!

It was left to the commentators to thrash out the feasibility of more customisation and to give their support for it.

The game engine was held aloft as the sickly child of WoW.
It was stated as what prevented the graphics from being improved due to Blizz wanting their game to be playable on everything from a top of the range system to a potato.

system req wow

So the argument was that if you want people on a potato to be able to play you need to reel in the graphics, hence that’s why there isn’t much customisation and the graphics look cartoony rather than realistic.

It was also argued that having all the customisation options over all the the races would be a nightmare to try and render, resulting in only people with the high end machines being able to play properly…

However, a MVP did throw a spanner in the works by highlighting that Star Trek Online has hundreds of customisation options for your characters across a lot of different races and their requirements are not that heavy at all.

sto spec1

Even Final Fantasy’s online edition has 20 options to tinker with, each having subsets of options… but the requirements are not as ‘heavy’ as WoW for the recommended spec.

ff spec

Understandably people are wondering why we can’t alter our characters outside of the predetermined heads that we have, or a few hairstyles…
As a poster said, if you want to look angry, you can only have brown eyes. Yet if you are a Belf, on three head types you can switch between green and gold eyes (so they can get those High Elf vibes and keep the Megathread down to a minimum probably!)

Someone also said that there’s no RP in the game if it is just clone wars. Which is true, I have seen a NPC that looks exactly like my retail char… which has kinda busted the bubble that I am me

People were just looking forward to more hairstyle options and eye colours, nothing too fancy but just something that could separate you out from the crowd.

Is it impossible to do?
One would imagine that it is not. So why hasn’t it been done?
Who knows, but it is getting to the point where WoW is now falling behind in terms of making the character your own.

There was one person who said that it would be too much to load in to a city when there were lots of people all with different customisations. But Star Trek Online allows you to do this already and there is no issues? So why not WoW? Is it really the old engine or is that an excuse?

Another player said that there are games that use older engines and still manage to have almost endless customisation. In that case, it seems to be Blizz preventing it because they can rather than because they are unable to.

I for one would love to be able to make my char different to the crowd. I’m currently sporting the same hair colour as the guild tank, we’re both female and we look very similar in the face. So we are almost twins, but we shouldn’t be? We are different people who have come together… Why not make it so that we can ensure that we don’t look like we should have been sleeping in the same crib as babies?



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