Wednesday Reset – Retail Posts, Bots and Backpacks.

I’ve trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.

retail post

OP was telling everyone to stop commenting on posts from players who play Retail and Classic when they ask for changes to Classic.

Examples might be, wanting the Twitter integration to be in Classic as well as Retail. Or wanting some other thing that is QoL in Retail but no where to be seen in Classic.

They went as far as recommending that the people who post those types of threads get reported and then ignored.
The OP is terrified that the ‘Retail players’ will get in an “innocent change” which will then “destroy this masterpiece”.

Predictably this went away from the #nochanges thread that it could have been to some pure toddler meltdown at anyone who plays retail and also to anyone who plays Classic and doesn’t think it is God’s gift to the world.

While most people were in agreement that Classic isn’t a masterpeice, they were also pointing out that there are the “Classic idiots” who post on the Retail forums for changes to a game that they profess to hate.

I play both.

An there are things that I would want changed in both.

I really do not like levelling, but I’m doing it in Classic because I never did it the first time around.
I get to see things that I have never seen before. Even something as bland as The Park in Stormwind.

I also love my Retail main, shes been with me for god knows how many years. I love the stories in Retail, I love the art, I love Retail.

Apparently the attitude on the forums is one where you need to pick a side and then let tribal mentality take over.

Retail players are zombies…

Retail players are crybabies…

Retail players are not allowed in the Classic forums?

no retail players

So I wouldn’t be allowed to post anything on the Classic forums, despite having a well loved Holy Pally main in Classic that is an Officer in one of the first guilds on the Server…
All because I have played Retail since Classic launched? I’m sorry I had to log in and farm some meat for food as a raid was going on.

What about the people who are playing a completely different game to WoW? Where is there ban because they are not playing Classic 24/7?


The hatred from Classic “acolytes” towards Retail is quite frankly, laughable. If Retail had crashed and burned, there wouldn’t be Classic at all.
Retail enabled them to have Classic. A true Classic supported by Blizz and not some fan made guessing game that is living in constant fear of being shut down.

There are many comments on all types of platforms where the questions are asked about what bit of Retail would you want to see in Classic. Does this mean that Blizz are going to implement every suggestion made? No.
Then why does an opinion suddenly mean a threat?

Blizzard Watch asked on Twitter about QoL things from Retail that you would want in Classic is you could. This does not mean that it is going to be in there at the next patch…
People were asking for Transmog, quest items to not take up bag space, things stacking to higher amounts.
What they were really saying is “these are the things I appreciate from Retail” not demanding that they be implemented right now.

Trust a Pally to have the wisest words however…


I’ll be mean though.

Stop being a fucking cunt to other people.







OP was taking about the vendor in Everlook that sells a pattern which is only one in stock at any one time.

Apparently there are the same people day in – day out that are there snapping up this pattern to then sell on the AH for an inflated amount.

While I do agree that bots are fucking awful and shit on the game and it’s legitimate players. This one took an interesting turn as there was a poster who was, in a way, defending the botters… (?)

The bot in question was getting the pattern constantly from a vendor, not allowing anyone else the chance to get it and then selling it on to them for 70g rather than 1.5g.
Which is pretty shitty. It’s not someone making gold by being really lucky, this is actually inhibiting anyone else from being able to use this item unless the other players play by the bots rules.

They decided to tell the OP to get over it and there was no point anymore as they would never be first to do anything as that had all been done.
The OP wont be the best or the richest, so why care?
The Classic journey is to enjoy it, not to be in a race with others.
If the bot puts it up on the AH for a vastly inflated price, it’s another challenge for you to get more gold to pay for it.
None of it affects you personally so why care?

The ended their comment telling the OP to “Just chill, enjoy it and get out of the house more, so you learn to value other things in life.” and then to “try to look at the bigger picture, it might do you well in life”

botter def

Someone else remind the Bot Defender that the competition doesn’t stop when the first person crosses the line, it stops when the last person does.

Whats more worrying is that they had to remind the Bot Defender that when someone does not play by the rules it makes it unfair on everyone else, so it does affect them personally.
People who cheat affect everyone who isn’t cheating.
When you have to then interact or buy something from that cheat, you are just being treated like an idiot and paying for the pleasure.

defending botters

I haven’t seen that many botters to be fair. I have seen one that was going around skinning. It would have to be a bot as you don’t need to go right up to the mobs to see if you are able to skin it or not. This one looked like the ones that farm herbs in Retail, the ones that go to the nodes even when you can see that there is nothing there.

So I just don’t loot the mobs until I am done killing everything and then I loot and then instantly skin, going one mob at a time.

But for someone to be constantly buying patterns when they appear. That is the next level of wanker.
There are thousands of herbs, ores, beasts to farm. One pattern being bought up constantly by one person is a shitty move and one that spoils the excitement of seeing if you are going to get lucky at the vendor or not.
It was put on a vendor to allow people to purchase it and on a long timer to make people get it and then move on. Allowing the next person to get it etc…
If it was meant to be farmed so that players could make money from it, it would be a world drop.

I hate bots…


People are salty!

So the new RaF system is back.

And people are not bitching about mounts this time. Nope, they are bitching about backpacks.


So the new premise is that you get a shit load of more stuff for people buying a sub if you have recommended them.

You no longer get one two-person mount, you get loads. Including game time back. Although it doesn’t say how much time you will get…

As soon as your recruits have amassed 10 months of subs between them, you get a backpack. Now it doesn’t say if it actually has slots in there, like a 35 slot bag… so the most we can expect is that you transmog your cloak to look like a bag.

People are fucking livid over this.

The forum post was full of people screeching that thsi is just a money grab. Blizz is using what people have asked for to be their new cash cow.

I’m not sure I see what all the fuss is about…


Hunters had the artifact weapon appearance that allowed them to have quiver on their back via Thas’dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners. Problem was, it looked like shite.


You were so restricted to what you could wear with it as the positioning was worse than ass. But! It was a step in the right direction, I guess, just a shame that the amount of people transmogging it away seemed to point to it being a failure for Blizzard. People even complained that it was shit on the forums. Now these people are saying that it is all they ever wanted and Blizz is the big bad enemy for “locking it behind a paywall”

Now, on a slightly different note, we have gone from something that you could equip with a cloak (which seemed not to work) to something that you have to wear instead of a cloak. The art work is showing that you can have a cloak or the backpack, they haven’t put both together. And I have no idea how this is going to look scaled down on a Gnome or with a Draenei tail sticking out through it.

The unfortunate thing is that this back pack is so specific to the transmog set that it comes from, I doubt there are many people who are going to use it for the long term, or they are not going to use it purely because it doesn’t go with the sets they have lovingly curated over the years.

I for sure have nothing that would go with this, apart from if I got that transmog too.
I for sure would not put it with any of the sets I have because they would not go at all.

So is the big issue the fact that they have put this out as a reward for getting others to play the game?
Yes. Pretty much.

Backpacks have been screamed for so much that people are pissed off that it hasn’t just been put into game to collect.
This is news to me. Last time I heard about backpacks, it was when we were told that they tried and it looked like absolute shit, so they had to go back to the drawing board to try and come up with a way to get them to work.

It could be worse, it could have ended up like the player housing. We get reminded about that every time you’re in Stormwind in Classic but there hasn’t been a peep about it.

If this backpack looks shit once it is in game, clashes with fucking everything you wear then wouldn’t it be better to let the “whales” who have spent money on it find that out?
I would hate to imagine the uproar that would happen if it was put in game and then people found out it didn’t work as expected.
They would be sharpening their pitchforks while crying that “I’m not paying to play a beta version of the game” “do you not test things before making them live????”




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