Wednesday Reset – BMAH, Names and Unreal Engine

I’ve trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.


I’m not really sure where to start with this one… All I do know that the more of the OP’s replies that I read, the more annoyed I was by their tunnel vision towards how they think the game should be played. It’s a bumpy one so strap in!

Lets start by summarising the wall of text that the OP shared with the world.

  • OP has the tusks. They got them in WoD.
  • OP feels that these shoulders have profound meaning and symbolism because they are a low drop chance.
  • OP got them after 135 kills, but the shoulders should only be obtained by people who are super lucky on the first kill or by people who have developed an “iron will” to farm them.
  • OP thinks you should only be good enough to get them if you put in a lot of hard work and effort. For the OP effort = if you spend time killing that particular mob that drops it and the mob is either: hard or the drop rate is awful.
  • OP feels that the BMAH will just be people opening lootboxes in a sewer to try and get them, and that is wrong.
  • OP feels that Blizz should respect the reputation of the tusks, respect the “journey of Iron Will” and respect the “trial of the Tusks”.
  • OP feels that if these are put on the BMAH then it will hurt the game.
  • OP feels if they go on the BMAH then the players who farmed them are not being respected by Blizzard.

Right, with that out of the way, lets break this down…

OP does seem to have a fucking fixation with these shoulders. TBH I think they look like shite but people love looking at different things so here we are!


On a side note, I’ve had these drop.
I’ve then vendored them…

However, that isn’t the biggest issue that the OP is facing. Their crux of the issues is that they feel that these are super special because they are rare to drop and the raid that provides them holds special memories for them that they don’t want to be destroyed.

Someone brought up that someone could get lucky on their first kill, so how is that different to getting a BMAH crate?
The OP replied that the person responding to them had “a sad attitude” that they felt that “something as special isn’t right to preserve its uniqueness. How it should be made additionally accessible.”… The difference, they went on to say, is the journey to get the tusks which also comes with “a lot of cool experiences” due to “tearing the tusks out of Garrosh’s hands in an epic fight.

Further on in the thread you get to see that these experiences they go on about are back when the raid was current…


No one has a huge group congratulating them/hating them now as there is no need for a full team to clear this. You solo it, and the only experience you get is one where you suddenly realise that you appear to have lost an hour of your life getting to Garrosh… Sadly, there is none of the journey anymore that the OP alluded to. 

When another player said that these are likely to go for gold cap and grinding that amount of gold is more prestigious than running a raid that is 30 levels below you, the OP was not for turning.
The Op stated that gold in WoW is meaningless as there is nothing to spend it on. Loot (and in this case, transmog) should only come from “fighting monsters and overcoming challenges in the field.”, for them, using gold to puchase something that can be farmed is “cheating”.
OP seems to completely ignore that doing that very thing they think is right could be where your gold comes from… you could kill millions of mobs, far more than the kills you would rack up on Garrosh just to be able to afford one BMAH chest.
Didn’t matter to the OP though…


In one part, the OP also states that these shoulders “isn’t some toy, this isn’t some irrelevant piece of transmog thingy you just get because you’re so very special as a player.”
They also went as far as trying to insinuate that someone had said that these shoulders must therefore be the same as a lvl 17 grey item if they are just a transmog piece.
Currently, all they are is a bit of plate transmog. The stats on there are long resigned to the attic to get dusty. Throw that in with the drop rate being abysmal it means that it in fact it is literally a transmog thingy you just got because you’re so very special as a player.
Unfortunately for the OP, the commentator didn’t say that they were comparable to a grey item in the slightest and the OP’s true colours were beginning to show.

With these three points being made by the OP and the comments that they give to people who don’t agree with them, one thing is for sure. They come across as thinking that because they decided to grind them out when it was current (and therefore harder to do) everyone else should grind it out. The problem is, they are a bit Animal Farm over what constitutes grinding and what is therefore worthy grinding.

When people were getting tired with the OP’s seemingly never ending tantrum over these god damn shoulders, they discussed among themselves about why the OP wasn’t sharpening the pitchforks for any of the other BMAH items that have an insanely low drop rate out in the game world and it was just the one “rare” bit that the OP actually owned…
They mentioned the Solar Spirehawk which, lo and behold, it is on the BMAH. To which the OP couldn’t give a flying fuck as there are “too many mounts in game now anyway.” Yet when they were told that it’s still available as a drop from the world boss, they suddenly agreed, yes! remove this from the BMAH as well!

When a warrior piped up and said that they had killed Garrosh nearly 900 times to get the shoulders but they wish they had just been able to buy them, the OP used their “journey” to back up the point they were trying to make, even announcing it as and example someone had offered them to grant the OP proof that they are right.

However, this post seems to sum it up quite well…


I’ve experienced the BMAH in Mists. Holy fuck, the bidding war was insane! And this was for some current gear at the time!
The PvP war going on between about 80 of us on that tiny hillside was something I will never forget. Each group gaining the upperhand to then loose it again, causing distractions so that the bid could be made before being rushed while we were crammed into that tiny room.
Add in the fact that we didn’t have an endless supply of mailboxes like now with Katy Stampwhistle. If all the engineers had used theirs and they were on cooldown, you being out bid meant you had to rely on guildies lending you the gold or hope that the auction didn’t end before you got back from Shrine.

That was a journey…
And one I didn’t need to step foot into a raid for.


The OP was questioning if the report function for inappropriate names actually worked after seeing some pretty inflammatory ones still running around on the server four weeks after they reported them.

Now the names that the OP is going on about are pretty shitty. “Bigfaggboys” and “Dirtyjews” were two of them.

Sadly, one of them at least is legit…


The replies to the post were the most worrying part with several of them showing how individualistic people are and the “as long as I’m ok” mindset that apparently is the norm now?


One person questioned why people preferred to not care at all than care about people naming their characters derogatory names…


They were met with ridicule rather than a straight answer.


Whats concerning (apart from the posts they have made) is that they are on the whole, playing Classic.

That game that they wanted so badly for its social aspect, where everyone was helpful and kind to each other and there was a proper community feeling…




I know it’s just the vocal minority on the forum who are, lets face it, doing it deliberately to give them something to stroke their chodes over… but for the people who are on the recieving end of their “joke names” it could sour their experience of the game they might have spent many, many years waiting for.

Do we need to be reminded about the Code of Conduct… again?


Why people can’t just pick names that do none of the above is something I can’t fathom. It used to be that you couldn’t have a name that wasn’t just a name. If you had a sentence like “Toprogueboi” you would be told to name it something else, an actual Noun and not one of the NPC’s names either.
Now they don’t seem to worry too much about those, “Toprogueboi” can run around slicing and dicing to their hearts content as their not using their name to poke fun at a particular group of people.

“Dirtyjews” should be forced to name change. Maybe they do it because they think they’re being edgy or clever? Maybe they are doing it to try and get more streaming views? Maybe they actually hate Jews and want everyone to know?
Forcing a name change is completely different to asking for a ban. The OP wanted name changes for the people running around with names that are known to on the whole be disrespectful to the people it is aimed at.

I’m not going to fall into the trap that has been made by plenty of supporters of inflamatory names. The trap where they say that “my Jewish friend thought it was hilarious so if a Jew finds it funny, then it can’t be offensive”
This is why I said on the whole.
As one person did point out, it is different when you make a “Jew joke” to your Jewish friend to making one to a random stranger who is also Jewish.
Just as I know that it would be offensive to some people if I made the jokes I do with my leveling buddies about mobs “raping us”. So I simply don’t make the jokes to people who I have no idea of what their joke comfort zone is.
Taking responsibility for your own actions and not simply demanding that other people deal with it is what makes a community. Ignoring things and just telling people to get thicker skin does not.

What about the person who is playing WoW to take a break from their problems irl and then they come across someone who is using their issue as a cheap joke?
That person who has been racially abused in the street where people did nothing to help and then they log in and see “Dirtyjews” afk in front of them?
There seems to be a lot of “It’S tHe InTeRnEt” going on, seemingly that it makes it alright then. That you can behave in a totally different way that you would outside of the internet. These people who would want to jump at the defense of a family member if they were the target of something like this, but on the internet it doesn’t matter?

Do I report these names?
Even the ones that are not discriminatory but are against the code of conduct by being “obscene or disruptive.”


So for these guys, I would report them all.
Giving yourself a name that means Big Penis is obscene.

This is especially crucial considering the game is rated Teen in the States or a 12 in Europe.
These people with their “joke names” are not only doing so at the expense of the people they are aiming them at but they are also being seen by children.

Lots of posters have crowed on about how immersion is lost in Retail, yet their thinking leads them to believe that good immersion is naming your character something that involves hate speech, discriminatory language, obscene or disruptive language.

Just give your character a fucking name that doesn’t break the Code of Conduct and take some fucking responsibility for your actions. It literally isn’t hard and makes the game more positive, gives it that community that people kept saying that Classic will have but Retail doesn’t.
There are millions of words that will cover the bases without needing to resort to naming your character “killfaggs”…
Use a dictionary
Use a thesaurus
Use a baby name book/website
Use one of the many fantasy name generators

See? Fucking piece of cake.


This one is a little more light hearted than the one before (sorry about that)

The post was to do with the videos that have been put out that shows a fly through of WoW zones where a creator called Daniel L has been recreating them using the Unreal Engine.


The OP opened with a link to the latest video, which was a fly through of Stormwind and pondered how cool it would be to have a new Warcraft title that was a bit more on the ‘survival’ side of things but used the Unreal Engine for it’s graphics.

I have seen all this dudes videos and holy shit, I am in love. Heres a big old 12 minute fly over of some different zones…

It kinda saddened me when the replies were pretty much along the lines of “it looks shit” for the Stormwind one.


Even on the video, people are commenting that they don’t want to see the cartoon style of WoW veered away from.

I’m really torn.
Yes the artwork in Retail is stunning in comparison to the four pixels we got in Classic/Vanilla.
But realism adds another level of immersion, especially if it is used for what the OP was hoping for, another Warcraft game where you can build and survive in it…


While the debate over cartoon v realism was going on, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the creator of these fly throughs.

They spend god knows how many hours creating these things, needing to find assets that will fit with the style, taking textures out of wow by using screenshots of the floor and so on…
It is no small task but it seems that some of the posters are looking at this and thinking this is very definitely what Stormwind would look like if Blizzard put it on the Unreal Engine.
They are glossing over that this creator does not have an art team working for them to make all the textures and models required.
What Blizzard come up with would undoubtedly be almost identical to what we saw in the film and the expansion launch cinematics.


While the above shot did come from one of the cinematics, it does kinda add on to what one of the posters was saying with regards to the fly throughs needing some NPC’s to give the places that have been recreated some life.


Even if they are not complete in the way that Blizzard would do it due to asset limitations, some life in the towns and forests would add a bit more realism to these projects.

What I would say though is that  if they got everything in game up to the standard that Boralus is in I would be more than happy.
I remember the first time going into Pandaria and the whole guild absolutely lost their shit over how detailed the trees were.
And that detailing has improved over the past three expansions!

I’ve seen some trees from the older zones where they are made up of dark green squares… and then you have some with individual leaves in the newer expansions…



If all areas were updated to the quality we have now, I would probably start shitting myself in Duskwood again as I’m leveling through it…

So in summary, Unreal Engine Stormwind needs NPC’s to really be able to see it in all it’s glory but also, give the guy a break, hes doing what Blizzard have an entire department to do!






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