Wednesday Reset – Special Edition: One Player to Troll Them All?

I’ve trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.

This week, I came across a post where someone called out the OP…

troll threads

Obviously it was the weekend when most of these were posted but I just had to check out all the other posts that had been made by this person to see exactly what shit they were complaining about.

This particular post is pulled out of the 28 topics they created in total, with 27 of them in the past five days. And yes, the majority of them are indeed complaining about shit!


(I’m also not sure why I’m blocking out their name, you can find all of these with search. Guess I’m trying to be nice while also looking into a barrel of crap?)

5 days ago…


OP decided that Friday was the day to start shitting on Horde players.

All Alliance players are sweethearts while all Horde players are elitists who “think they are going to be professional e-sport gamers.”

And there might have been a comment about Horde being gross monsters thrown in there for good luck…

Most people were quick to point out that there are wankers behind the computer no matter what faction you play on. And trust me, as an Alliance player in both Classic and Retail, I have found myself suddenly encountering those people (and wrote about them on here before now) so can tell you that the Alliance player base is not smelling of roses.

Someone else mentioned that if you want nice people, roll on a PvE server or RP if that’s your thing.
But I was on a PvP server back in the day (before the change) and on the whole, everyone was nice. Yes there were a few that didn’t give a shit about you (even in the guild) but they were tempered by the rest of us.
Maybe times have changed and the type of games that have become popular have driven a mindset? Every man for himself style leads to self preservation even if that means you burn all your bridges? But it would be incorrect to say that doesn’t happen on both sides of the faction divide…

As there was no real context given for the basis of the representation, no description of an event that happened to make the OP so salty, it seems like this one is down to they possibly got ganked, camped etc… and then went to the forums to tell everyone that Horde players are tossers.

Especially seeing as they wanted someone to tell them where they could gank Horde lowbies and requested that the spot should be predominantly made up of below lvl 60 so they couldn’t fly away…


3 days ago…


Story goes that they were kicked because the leader wanted specific loot from a boss.

Not many people had replied, the ‘evidence’ supplied was just a screen shot showing that the OP had the deserter debuff and there was no in depth context to what happened.

There were a few stories about how the kick system is used for stupid reasons like trying to force someone who is not on your server to sign a guild charter before starting the dungeon run… or kicking people before the last boss on Timewalking so that they can’t get the quest done etc…

General consensus was that people can be arseholes but you just have to suck it up as it could be worse.

2 days ago…


OP, a DH, was complaining that they only need to press four buttons, none of them interact with each other and you are just waiting for cooldowns to end to pres the button again.

Apparently, they have played other classes as the DH is the one that feels “incomplete compared to other classes.”

Someone said that maybe they should talent into things that give them more buttons to press rather than just taking the passives. Which, TBF I like taking the passives while leveling because I’m lazy, but I then actually play properly once I hit max level.
Having said that, there’s another post of theirs later where they are complaining that there are are too many groups of mobs close to one another. That makes you think that they should then be kept on their toes and using their entire toolkit to ensure they are not overrun…

Others were explaining that other classes are not that complicated on the button front, thanks in part to the ability pruning but if you are playing as intended, all specs have multiple things you should be doing. Just because you’re not doesn’t mean that they whole class is shit.

What was quite interesting is that even within all the speculation about what the OP was doing and if they were indeed correct, they thought that they might need input from someone who actually has a max lvl DH.

And then this appeared…


Oh dear.


When you thought you would only get three topics!



14 hours ago…


Ret Druids gone wild, Y’all!

So it seems that they picked on a Druid for PvP who managed to outheal them and two other DPS tunneling into them…

After his previous discussion about the class only having 4 buttons to press you could see that this issue wasn’t about Druids and as many pointed out, it was about the players themselves in that group not using their entire toolkit that is handed to them.

Again, there was no context, no explanation of what he or his PvP buds were doing so that it could be analysed to see where the room for improvement could be made. For the OP it was straight to “That class is broken and it’s unfair!” territory…

They commented on a post that was saying that Druids are OP because a Dev plays it and therefore they refuse to let it be nerfed by taking it as fact and therefore using their boost on a Druid was a solid strat to ensure that they are playing the best class (probably to ensure that they can be the ‘best’ without having to do too much)

Most people were finding it strange that three DPS were having a hard time killing a Druid who was healing themselves. A lot came to the assumption that the DPS were ‘doing it wrong’ if that were actually the case but, seeing as no further information was provided we shall never know.

People were also giving advice on how to deal with Druids. Although the OP seemed to disagree that playing the long game and waiting for them to use up all their mana was a poor tactic (even if it works…) and didn’t want to try it as it isnt ‘fun’.
They felt that the Devs must have build healers to all be ‘raid healers’ so that they pump out massive amounts of healing over a long time. Which is all fine and good, but then if the OP and their stooges were tunneling the Druid like a ‘raid boss’ shouldn’t they have been able to kill it as surely DPS are built to kill raid bosses…?

I seemed to boil down to the fact that the OP and friends were not playing like it was PvP and instead played like it was PvE. Not doing anything to inhibit the Druid from healing, not making the Druid more vulnerable etc… That with if the Druid was also some Arena God, they wouldn’t have stood a chance if they were just using the four damaging spells on cooldown that the OP claims is the only way to play DH.

That said, I rarely PvP because I’m dog shit at it, so what do I know?

7 hours ago…



So despite this being a pretty vague post to begin with we did get a bit more context later on (HURRAH!)

The OP thinks that there are too many packs of mobs next to one another so that you cant really move during a fight without pulling loads of them…
(This might mean that he has discovered Fel Rush?)

Having so many so close together is claustrophobic and Blizz decided to do this as it was “too inconvenient for the casuals to spend three seconds moving to the next pack of mobs.”

Alrighty then…

I have to admit, I was fucking confused about what the hell they were going on about. They are lvl 116 so where on Azeroth are they where the packs are that close together that you pull 5 extra groups along with the one your already dealing with?

Looking back though, it should have been obvious what they were talking about as they created a thread to ask if they could just level up in BfA via dungeons alone or if they had to quest. (and when told they really needed to quest, they asked if they would be less powerful if they didn’t do it… yeah, that kinda sums the OP up really. Dunno why I made you read all of this…)
What they were actually talking about is mob packs in dungeons. BfA dungeons.

Where the hell are mob packs really tightly placed that you would pull 5 groups if you so much as breathed in the direction of them?


Maybe Freehold? Possibly Motherlode?

But still, with those you would literally have to Fel Rush the fuck into all of them or throw a Glaive with wild abandonment to pull half the instance.

And why is it a problem? Unless they were the one doing the unnecessary pulling and people were getting angry? (This might also coincide with their post about getting kicked from a dungeon… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…)

People were pointing out that mob packs are not that close, and as a DH, the OP should be fucking laughing.
I say people, one person pointed that out, everyone else was in amazement that there was anything left for this person to complain about.

One person missed the bit where the Op clarified that it was about dungeons only and stated that Blizz has shifted towards annoying geography (?) and loads of mobs to slow you down and increase your time played. Then adding that Crimson Forest in Drustvar and parts of Nazjatar are the worst.

Now, hold on.
Annoying geography? Hello Pathfinder.
Slow you down and increase your time played? This person is a BM Hunter! Literally get your pet to tank, do your thing, fuck off a bit, Feign Death, fuck off a bit more. If anything they are playing the fastest class to move around a mob filled area.
Alas, they seem to have fallen into the “AcTiViSiOn BlIzZaRd” mindset with the whole time played bullshit and therefore if they are not using their toolkit properly, then it’s not their fault but the company…

There was a very interesting point which I liked, but I’m not sure how it would go down with M+, but I guess they would just have to adapt and overcome…



Dungeons are supposed to be a hellscape where you are infiltrating enemy territory, disrupting whatever the fuck they are doing, pissing them off in general, murdering them and then digging through their pockets for anything you can take back home.
I find it laughable when you pull a pack and then some which are in fucking eyesight of you murdering their friends just carry on having a conversation between themselves or (the best bit) a patrol wanders close, stops, looks at you slaughtering their loved ones, shrugs their shoulders and then meanders back the way they came…

So yeah, More mobs!




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