Wednesday Reset – Nationalist Forums, Bromance Wreckers and Corruption Sucks

I’ve trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.


This one spanned the Atlantic!

OP was commenting in the US forums when someone was talking about CPU temps and found someone saying “90°”…
OP thought that they must have been talking about 90°C  and therefore started telling the poster that it was far too hot for a CPU to be running at.
Poster then questions why on earth they would be talking about 90°C when its 90°F?
OP assumed that they would be talking about C rather than F because the NA region on the whole uses C.

OP then said they were called “Eurotrash” (which was a great programme btw) and told to “go back to the EU forums” and told to “look at the domain, it says US, not Americas”.
They were then handed a 5 day ban for trolling, which they said they were not trolling as they were using the Beta forum, which is only available on the US portion of the WoW forums.

From all of this, the OP now thinks that they have been banned for being the wrong nationality.
Which then led them to the idea that once ‘Brexit’ happens, the UK players should not be allowed to use the EU forums as they would not be welcome there anymore…


They then went on to state that the forums while separated by some languages, there needs to be more, using a forum labeled “/ie” as one purely for the Irish player base as an example and the “/en” should just be labeled as ‘International’…
(so sucks to be you for any Irish nationals who can’t speak/read Irish Gaelic then…)
Which also coincides with their apparent obsession with ‘more languages’


This is apparently because we “definitely need to have separate communities”

Most of the discussion was:
Taking the piss about everyone using Kelvins instead,
Finding out how to convert °C into °F and visa-versa,

Then you had the people who could completely see why the OP was banned for trolling, as they have flown of the handle at the littlest thing, declared everyone xenophobic, condescended people and then called for nationalism in the forums…

And then you had these people…


I’m not really sure what the OP was trying to achieve with their post apart from look stupid and get another 5 day holiday?

They have had other posts that they don’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.
One where they say that Classic graphics are similar or better than those found in game releases in 2019.
To drive home the point they used Minecraft as an example of a “current game” that has worse graphics than Classic.
Yet when they were challenged about comparing Classic to a game made of just blocks, they said that there are other current better graphics games, but because they have lootboxes in them, they are worse

Lootboxes have a direct effect on graphics, y’all!

So it does appear that the ban was in fact well founded, and judging by the replies the OP gives to other people who do not hold the same views, they were condescending.
And to boot, they are very ‘flamboyant’ in twisting things to suit their own narrative.

That 5 day holiday sounded like a good time to be alive for everyone else…





Thank you for your attention.


Now, there are a group of well known faces on the EU forums. They are highly opinionated, seemingly hate retail, and from their posts, they hate having to put any effort into WoW but still want the rewards.

One of them commented on someone else’s post about Corruption on gear where they said that the Devs are completely out of touch with what players want and then made a whole post of their own…

OP (and OP of the other posts) state that literally no one asked for this.
The Devs are out of touch with reality and the players by introducing this.
It’s just going to end up a RNG “casino show” (?) of an expansion.

Then the one of the other vocal shirkers piped up in this thread to reiterate how much they hate RNG and how much more they hate this. The risk v reward thing doesn’t exist…

Essentially, they are saying that they don’t like it as you might have to do stuff and therefore it is utter shit and the Devs should listen to them, remove it immediately (it’s only on the PTR for fucks sake, this shit changes!) or they might actually quit the game in protest.

Please do.

So what exactly have they got their collective (3) pants in a bunch over?

Corruption on the new gear!
That big bad that is worse than N’Zoth himself!


So you get gear, which can have a varying degree of small bonuses to the items but they also have varying degrees of corruption too.

Now, I’m not sure if they have even touched the PTR to see this shit for themselves but I did so I could see what all the fuss was about. I went in expecting a shitshow and came out feeling really excited for it all.

You get greeted by two huge Taurens in the Heart Chamber.


Flaskataur gives out the corrupted shit, which is in a bag that you need to open to find out what you got.

Heartzertauren sells all the other goodies needed to test out the new stuff. Like the new legendary cloak.

When you open the bags however, the item you get will look a little like this…


Or this…


So while here you get the risk v reward payoff, it’s also the ‘countless amounts’ of RNG that has been implemented rather than just getting… this…


Because obviously, just been given BiS from the start encourages gameplay and seeing how far you can push things with what you have got/capable of getting! /s

But the whole corruption/positive thing is the RNG Shitlord thing that’s the biggest issue right?

You will have to constantly have to “pay a third party website to calculate whats the best piece of gear”, as someone else complained.

So here’s the thing…

If you have 0-10 corruption, you get +2% increase to that stat.
If you have 11-20 corruption, you get +3% increase to that stat.
If you have 21-30 corruption, you get +4% increase to that stat.

And that is from all sources.

So if I don’t have any of the bits I was going to replace with the Corrupted bits on. I have 673 Crit.
Put on all the Corrupted pieces, adding up all the bits that have crit on them, I get to 1034. 

With the bonus from the corrupted bits, I get to 1176 Crit.

Is that better?

Well, if you want that stat then yes… is the number bigger than what you have now? Yes? Then it’s an upgrade!
If anything it is easier to work out now as you’re not having to calculate some random proc that might do an amazing bit of dps/heals/whatever some of the time… it’s a flat increase. So it’s a yes or a no.

Going back to the actual item and concept that is just plain ‘shit’. I equipped enough to give me 86 corruption, which I didn’t think was that bad considering.
And truth be told, it’s not. If you simply git gud.

The debuffs I ended up with are Creeping Death, Grand Delusions, Corrupted Zone and Grasping Tendrils. Only Corrupted Zone seemed to be one that could be a little annoying if it’s placement was off or I happened to find myself penned in in it.

So it was literally down to being careful with pulls, and spacial awareness.


And it really wasn’t all that bad.

Yes I did die twice because I had no idea what I was looking out for. But once you work that out, the things that chase you are super easy and quick to get away from, the cloud thing can easily be run out of and that’s about it.


So are we going to be fucked over in an endless “RNG casino show”?


You won’t be scared to equip something with high corruption if you actively play and don’t just stand there pressing the same button over and over. Just look where you’re fucking standing.

People don’t want to play in groups and insist that solo content is the way forward. So Blizz made the biggest challenge to the game the player themselves. And they’re still not fucking happy.

If anything this is going to stop people having to farm the same boss day in day out for their BiS as the actual increases can be seen everywhere and it’s now going to be more about you being able to manage your character movement and awareness.

And those complaining that having to carry gear around as you might or might not be able to use it…

Remember reforging???????????
And we fucking loved that!

Bring it back plz…












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