Wednesday Reset – Total Junk Event, Pure Crap Horde and Slacky Alliance

I’ve trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.

Blizzcon disrupted the usual posting and Uni might have got in the way but we are back on track after this! Promise! Sort of, don’t hold me to account on that one… but HERE WE ARE!


This post was strongly felt by a particular Paladin whose reputation as a complainer seems to be legendary…

The issue seemed to be that they believe that the Alliance side is “dead” , there are no groups anymore and therefore it is nigh on impossible to complete this event as a static 25 man group.
They were queuing as a tank for 20 minutes so they strongly believe that this event should be in a flex format rather than the 25 man it currently is.

They then went on to state that they think that it has been designed with Horde in mind and due to the Alliance being “dead” they should only have to get 10 people together…

When someone brought up getting guildies and community members together to do it the Paladin was very confused. “Not everyone has guilds or communities” he stated, while also saying that if you’re not on the top two realms for Alliance population, you’re pretty much fucked. Some how, this also meant that the lfr system for it (which pulls players from all servers…) is “broken and not suitable”


But then they put a spanner in the works and showed a tiny snippet of a screenshot that had buffs/debuffs in it, including 5 stacks of determination. So the conversation turned from there being no Alliance groups as their dead to the Alliance players were being shit because they didn’t have legendaries and didn’t enchant their weapons…


When someone pulled them up about their constant whining about the faction imbalance on realms they decided to say it wasn’t about realm imbalance and learn to read.
Before promptly going on about how many hundreds of thousands of Horde players there are and the Alliance doesn’t have that many.

The icing on the cake was when they stated that the Horde have short queues and doable content and Alliance have long queues and super casuals.
That and the fact that their 300g repair bill and the 2hrs that they needed to spend to complete this as a Tank meant that they needed to turn to alcohol.

They also posted a tiny screen clip of their queue time, which showed that they were waiting for 52 minutes. But they were waiting for another Tank and two Healers… it’s not that they were the only one queuing, there were plenty just not the most sought after roles. Which at this point should not be surprise Pikachu…

If this train wreck of a thread hadn’t veered in enough different directions, it was sent in another direction by the OP.

Someone said to just farm Benthic gear to get your ilvl up so that you can just use custom groups to go to it directly. It doesn’t take long to do and then you can get into a group without people with “questing greens, unenchanted weapons or no legendaries.”

Then the biggest troll post ever happened… by the OP…


At this point it was noted that this person was not only the king of whining, they were also lazy af.

Yet they felt that they shouldn’t have to “rush” the final zone and farm for a week to just get a cosmetic mount.
Which was swiftly rebuffed by the fact that it takes about a day, tops. And that there are stupid amounts of catch up mechanics that enable people to gear up insanely fast with little effort. Which for one person begged the question…


Long story, short… What the actual hell was the OP going on about?

Their queue time was fucking long but apparently they were queuing during an afternoon? Several posters were happy to report that their queue times were fine, so unless their afternoon coincided with the time that a lot of people were at work I’m not sure how they can have a hour when everyone else has said it’s been under 10 minutes.

Their gripe with people not being in guilds/communities/high pop Alliance servers has absolutely nothing to do with the queue length.
And Communities are cross-realm.
And the only thing stopping you being in one is you.
And LFR is cross-realm.
What the OP was trying to do is the one thing that isn’t fucked over by realms… yet they still managed to try and do it when those who play Healer or Tank were not logged in…

Which led to the response that people are not in LFR for it because they are doing it in premade groups… and those are not difficult to get into if you use the catch up mechanics in Nazjatar.
But the OP didn’t have Nazjatar or flying and seemingly refused to even entertain the idea.

So the OP was whining that the seasonal event is junk because they were refusing to do anything that would help them complete it, instead blaming it on the “dead Alliance” because they were queuing for LFR at a time when most people are dealing with the IRL commitments…



I love a good clickbait title and this had it all.

Horde bashing and the possibility of a car crash thread. I’m in!

I can’t summarise this without losing the emotion in this so here you go…



So, the horde is pure crap because the story hasn’t been continued instantly after Sylvanas called everyone shitters and off she fucked.

Talanji has been created to try and fill the gaps left by all the dead significant main charcters. But she (and one would expect the Zandalari) have not been successfully introduced. Which makes the horde pure crap. 

Sylvanas is dead (Dunno what “this is not HER” is even supposed to mean but it makes the Horde pure crap)

Saurfang died. Vol’jin died (old news my angry friend, old news) 

Literally the only Horde leaders left are Thrall and “mediocre crap” Baine (have no idea what “no soul can be…” means either)


Lor’Themar would like a word.


People were confused. And rightly so.

The OP left out quite a few prominent people that are in the Horde but argued that the Alliance still has loads of interesting people that are established characters and the Horde without Sylvanas has none aside from Thrall. Arguing that for every Horde leader killed, an Alliance one should have died. Because balance makes for a better story apparently…


But then by saying the Horde has no story had people slow blinking as they read this. Here is the OP’s justification.


Starting with the Alliance:
Alliance have had the Jaina issue, but the bulk of it was to do with her rescue right at the beginning of the expansion. Any other interaction was through cut scenes or in league with many other Alliance members, even in Nazjatar. My boi Mathias has had more of an action based story and we have had more interaction with him throughout the middle bulk of the campaign.
Even Jaina’s brother was mainly a Horde storyline but threw the Alliance a bone.

Anduin has grown as a person, in the fact that hes now 18, single and ready to mingle. He’s also not seen much screen time other than getting a fucking ship from the Kul Tirans and trying to let Tyrande and Genn down gently with regards to the Tree.
His Saurfang storyline was as much Horde as Alliance. Even the Horde had more to do with regards to this bromance.

But mainly his story line has left the Alliance sitting there with popcorn in hand, waiting for months to see what happens when Taelia discovers what happened to her Daddy. And if Anduin really does show her his “keep”…

And for the Horde:
Complaining that Saurfang has only popped up now and hasn’t had any impact is kinda bullshit. The Horde literally had to chose who to stand with. And one of the options was with him. It seems convenient that the OP has used the secret, underhand way that Saurfang had to organise his rebellion as an excuse to say that there was no story with no impact just because the Horde and the rebellion were not laying siege since day one.

There is the Vol’jin storyline which has deepened the Horde story arc.

There’s been all the sneaking around and the loyalty issue with the standing with Saurfang or Sylvanas and the storylines that came with that, which the Alliance haven’t had the joy of seeing.

And as a whole, how for the love of god, not play Horde and not understand what the fuck Uldir was all about, being confused by it’s presence.


Have they conpletely ignored the whole Heart of Azertoth storyline? How can they even be confused about that???
They can only have not played BfA at all to not know whats going on with the fucking sword.

How it can have no story yet it is a soap-opera I can’t quite understand.
But here we are.

This was summed up in one line by a helpful poster.


Which was then rebutted by the OP by stating that because they are the OP, they can’t be wrong.

Another got stumped by the choice of words used by the OP and I have to admit, I also spent time thinking “who the fuck is that?”


Then the OP enlightened us all as to why they apparently have no fucking clue what is actually going on…



Not to be that person but if they have steamrolled through content to level up super quick then they are just doing the equivalent of trying to understand a whole paper by just reading the abstract. You get the gist but the juicy bits are missed out.


And to make this a nice round discussion!

Lets bash the Alliance!

Except this time its bashing the players, but in a super new and imaginative way.

The OP was not questioning what the Alliance was doing and game as per the storyline but what the fuck the players themseles are even doing.
As according to their post, the Alliance players seem to be doing shit all in game.

They brought up the fact that the Hall of Fame takes generations before the Alliance side hits that 100 mark. They brought up that they saw hardly any M+ key listings up either so questioned if all we do is pet battle at higher levels…

Which was a yes.


But then it was expanded on that if people are doing stuff with their own guilds or in their communities, they are not going to need to pug. Which is pretty true, or depending on what day it was, people might have done all the keys they needed to.
That and the fact the OP only waited fifteen minutes before thinking that all of the Alliance players must have slipped into a coma (or doing pet battles, which some might feel are the same thing…)

Then we had some sold input from everyone’s favourite Paladin!

alli dead

Someone got really angsty (yet said they were not) claiming that this person was incorrect and must have been filtering out languages to see so few groups. Turns out that it was a quiet night, some even suggested that the players might have been enjoying a “social life”…

While it might have been that there were not may 10’s because people were pushing 15+, there was also mention of the communities “Calm Keystones” and “Scared of Dungeons” where people are banding together to complete them (and they have been very active!)

But there were some other explanations as to why people were not queuing. Which I find more believable…




So there you go.


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