SoO delights

Not many posts. Sorry about that 😦 Things have been quite busy. We've had more realms being merged to ours which has resulted in more players joining our ranks. It's good to see so many people in guild chat and doing things. We have had some 'not so great' people who have left or been …

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Titan Runestones

I'm on the last leg of the legendary questline. The current grind is getting annoying. Now I don't mind a bit of lfr fun but having to do it all relentlessly three times over is getting a bit, well... soul destroying. The only consolation I have is that Le Shen and Sha of Pride drop …

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New Lootz!

I've been joining RT2 for the progression runs on SoO. We have a Hunter in the main group, Roskva. Who is pretty much kitted out in Normal gear and so he has kindly allowed me to partake on certain bosses that he is not looking for gear from. This has meant that even though I'm …

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After yesterday having a crack at part four flex: Downfall, and not managing to get past the goblin in the golem, a calendar invite was put up for it to try and be completed tonight. We had previously been running RBG’S, which drained me of half my brain power. Not the best start in the …

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SoO Flex part 2 and a tiny bit of 3

Part Two We had a guild flex raid. RT1, RT2 and some casuals joined us to complete the second part of SoO and the first boss of the third. Vinzlage (The voice of reason) was sorting us all out to make sure we knew exactly what was going on, when, where and how. We defended …

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They did it!

In other news, RT1 defeated Garrosh last night! Guild chat was filled with congratulations as they topped the chart for 10m normal. GZ GUYS!!! The shiny mounts and titles were on display at The Shrine of Seven Stars for everyone to see 🙂 Keep up to date with RT1's progress here.

Getting excited for Garrosh

RT1 have been kicking ass in SoO and we have been avidly watching the action thanks to Aska and his Twitch stream. So looking forward to seeing The Royal Jesters out on top (boo-hiss 'Last Try')We already had a look at the end cinematics for Horde and Alliance that were linked in the guild forum.So, after that …

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