Yolo-ing our way through

Tonight we did the last two and then the rest of upper and then cracked on with the harder stuff downstairs. We had a ninja pull on Manni. Not even a case of an itchy barrage finger. This was a full out ' yolo' ninja pull. "Are we fit?" Jolly asked in his normal way …

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Raiding funnies

Our attentions turned to Soc upstairs tonight, practice to get him down this reset so we can progress with Fel lord on Thursday. Markers went up and tactics were explained. "During phase two we need to dps down the starcallers..." Jolly started to say, confused laughter rippled out over ts. "Is that what they're called? …

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Know your DBM pull timers!

Jollyjanes' son created a video guide on how to use pull timers while we were having issues with ninja pulls and itchy fingers. I First spoke about why we needed it in this post. The video has been around for some time now and has been referenced every time that we still have ninja pulls. http://youtu.be/cik7a6__vGk

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Is it fair?

I realise that it's been a long time since my last post. I have so much stuff to type up but alas, it lost out to typing up my assignments and getting A's (go me!  I digress...) We killed Archimond on Sunday, great stuff! We did have a few wobbles but after five pulls or …

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We had a raid last night that didn't quite go according to plan. Starting at 8:30 anyway, we were missing a tank and two healers which meant we had to go to the glorious world of pugs. Which was fine, we had done it before. However this time it took us over an hour to …

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Barrage is so clutch

Tuesday night raids are fun, the crew gets back together and we kill bosses. This time we started on the upper floors. Having the main of a pugged pally join us. Everything was going ' normally'. I'd just downed a Red Bull and was feeling casual with my approach to dps. Being presented with a …

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10 man memories

Last night was a bit ropey on numbers. A dps was away, another dps was out getting drunk and a tank didn't have Internet. We did manage to get a 10 man together which was great considering we only had 8 signed up. We started on the first boss on normal and set about clearing …

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And what have we been up to?

Time has flown by! Although raid documentation has now been taken over by the means of Twitter and the selfie camera. Rather than having a note pad next to me, furiously scribbling down all the funny bits, I can take a screen shot and a few words and *poof* it's out there for all to …

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The perils of having assist

Yesterday we got the Choo Choo boss down. Many tier tokens were had by all,  Hurrah. We went on to Flamebender, after pulling all the trash before her and getting a trash drop out of it we started the fight. Things were going ok, this boss does stress us out somewhat and there's a lot …

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Two monumental things have happened for us since 6.1 launched. Firstly, we were one shotting bosses that a week ago we were struggling on. Secondly, Twitter and the selfie camera came into our lives. (which has meant that we have claimed @TRJWoW as our own and have spammed selfies to it mid raid) On Thursday …

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