Snuggles, how I miss thee

honest reply from devs to hunters we wish

I was chatting to a guildy about the new changes to the Hunter pets coming up. I’ve had a look at the changes to them (Spirit Beasts are now Tenacity etc…) and we were talking abut how things used to be with talent trees, thinking about how you could have three BM Hunters and they could all be slightly different. I liked that, I liked the talent trees for both me and my pet, alas… Blizz thought otherwise.

It got us on to the topic of buffs and how I used to always bring Snuggles the Spore Bat with me to give the haste buff to the group. How my stable had pets in it that enabled me to do my job and helped others do theirs. We were a jack of all trades and a master of none but it helped. It didn’t make us better than someone who could also do the job, we just plugged the biggest hole. I liked Snuggles, he was fucking ugly and he threw his ass in a circle as he moved around but I had gone out of my way to find him and tame him, I could have just gone for the closest, easiest one, but I looked through all of the pets on Petopia that gave the haste buff and picked him out of all the fluffy looking bastards that I could have had. (I still have him, and the memories of raiding that come with him.)

The announcement of the changes to pets had got a lot of Hunters pissed off. Mainly due to the fact that while in Legion, there was a plethora of different hunter pets being brought to raids now, instead of taming whatever pet looks cool for you, you are going to be bringing specific ones that can assist the raid in the best way. This is completely contradictory to them saying that they don’t want all Hunters coming into raids with specific pets, which didn’t even happen in SoO as we had a more varied option to bring for just one missing buff for example. If one particular pet is going to do what is needed better than all others then a vast majority of Hunters are going to be going in with the same pet or at worst, expected to…

They also were talking about spreading the ability for Hero/Bloodlust to a greater amount of pets to enable greater availability of it (so fuck off Shamans and Mages, you’re not needed anymore?) which is all well and good but did they forget, as someone pointed out, the leatherworkers that are now going to be begging in the streets, surrounded by their unsold Drums?

They also seem to have put the ‘two pet’ option for BM onto the same line as Dire Beast. The question is does that DPS increase from Dire Beast match the same amount that our second pet will do with its obedience to Kill Command and it’s auto attack?… The feeling is that they waved the carrot under our noses and then yanked it away.

Looking at the pets that actually have in my poke-wow-balls its not looking good. This set has been my go to set and I specifically tracked each one of them down because they did what I needed and I loved the look of them.


I have RaidWiper, who began life as Gondria. Hes been at my side for years causing havoc and mayhem everywhere he goes. He still has his heal due to him being a Spirit Beast and now hes Tenacity he also gets a bit hench but is it going to be enough now that there are other things that a raid leader might believe are better than my loyalty to my stupid see through cat?

I tamed a Quillen from Mogu’shan Vaults for the Rebirth ability (Battle Res) and named my pet Coffee. The whole point was that Coffee perks you up! Looking at it now, Rebirth has gone from ressing a player to ressing the pet. I mean, that’s great and all, but I have fucking revive pet to do that. So it looks like Coffee is going in the bin as now he is worthless.

Grr is my Tank. His main point in life is the grring. My go to solo pet when taking down the shit lords on Argus. His natural tank abilities have been ramped up with the extra hench mode on Tenacity so hes likely to stay. Plus I stole him off a Dwarf (an NPC not a player!)

Then I have GrowlOn. My fucking huge, noisy, annoying Core Hound. He’s there to get the party started or to elevate the effectiveness of everyones panic induced button mashing thanks to Hero. He doesn’t have growl actually on. He’s annoying so I named him after the most annoying things Hunters can do.  But hes ferocity, so he might end up being used more than Raidwiper due to his fire spewing buff thing. i cri.

I don’t actually have a fifth pet on me as that spot is there for anything that I might want to tame while I’m on my travels. I do, however, have about 35 back ups that I can equip into that slot…

Over on Wowhead, there is a guide to Hunter pets for BfA and there is already a five recommended pets for BM. So it looks like most people will be running with these five same pets, just in different colours. Regardless of if you actually like the pet itself or not. I fucking hate bats, but that apparently the second ‘go to’ pet to have… If you like your mechanical pets, especially if you’re a Gnome Hunter then its looks like bad news for you as your raid leader is likely not going to be impressed with that. We’re going back down the road of people being kicked from groups because they don’t have the ‘right’ thing. Be it talents or pets. “Bring the player, not the Class” they said. Not sure that mantra got to everyone in the Dev team.

Their number one recommended pet is a Spirit Beast so that you can have their version of Tranquillising Shot and also their heal is getting a huge buff. So maybe Raidwiper being a Spirit Beast will enable him to be the beast of choice, for me and every other BM Hunter out there.


This change seems absolute wank. There’s absolutely no reason to prioritise this as a ‘needed change’ when what they should have been concentrating on is sorting out why pets get stuck on bloody stairs or why they cant jump off a tiny ledge in a dungeon and run all the fucking way round pulling everything from a peon in Ogrimmar to Ragnaros… Or sorting out why pets get stuck? One of my previous posts detailed how my pets got stuck looking at the corpses of imps rather than actually helping me kill things.
I’m beyond mad that they got rid of every single battle res from pets. They essentially gave every single player the ability to use Hero/Bloodlust but one pet that can res? Nooooooooo. Hello? My pet is a fucking ghost, I think one of them could manage to bring something back from the dead.

I pulled a miracle res out of my ass in a mythic plus where we lost the tank and we had no BR class with us. As quick as anything, away went RaidWiper and out came Coffee, getting the tanks sorry ass back on his feet. Now that’s not going to be an option. If I’m doing a fun run dungeon set with friends, we have to have a DK or Druid or Warlock for that matter for those oopsy moments, and a Shaman or Mage for dedicated Hero/Bloodlust (H/BL pet isn’t as good as the Spirit Beast and dps loss swapping them out). My rage might be misplaced, but it has pissed me off that I can no longer bring the utility that we desperately needed when there was three Pallys and one DH and then me. It’s going to fuck us over and I’m not ok with that.
Utter utter utter utter smelly gangrenous cock buboes.

I’m just glad I got stupidly attached to a Spirit Beast because otherwise, I’d be fucked. And that’s coming from someone who still has their first ever pet ‘Raider’ the wolf even though hes ugly and he got me in a whole heap of trouble.

I like my pets because they mean something to me, now whats important is how much they mean to someone else.


I had a search though for sims for the tier 1 talents to see how Animal Companion compared. The carrot being snatched away is not far from the truth as it appears that unless you play a specific build on single target fights, having a second pet puts you in a worse position than if you picked no talent at all from that row. Wtf…

Animal companion sucks ass


I finally bought Legion!

Yeah, I finally caved in and threw my bank card at my screen and bought it. 

Why I took so long? Legion just didn’t do it for me. The burning legion, again. Talent trees, again (even if they have tried to conceal it in a shiny new form). Class Halls, aka Garrison 2.0. And the biggest issue I have, questing. Again. 

I did the intro shite. And saw the cinematic which just made my blood boil. Vol’jin has done absolutly nothing for a whole expansion and then tells Sylvanas to make sure the Horde don’t die on the Broken Shore. I’m sorry? You can’t defeat the Legion on your own but instead of behaving like the warriors you are supposed to be you decide to slink off like a petulant child who’s just had a slapped arse. Well, Vol’jin didn’t, he got taken out easier than an escort with the rent to pay that week, but you get my drift. Instead of battling like warriors and potentially suffering defeat in an honorable way, they decide the best thing to do is to suffer defeat as cowards. I’m guessing that this was to ensure that hatred between the sides was restored after two expansions of tolerating each other…

Other new things had me screaming “What the FUCK is that?!?” at my screen. Genn Graymane seems to have found a pack of ‘Just for Men’ at the back of a cupboard and used it to dye his whole face. He also seems to have found an outlet to get his eyebrows threaded…

And then after that fateful cinematic you get to see the biggest wtf ever. Hello Anduin! 

From a tiny child that wore clown shoes and was dressed like a peasant he appeared in MoP as a headstrong yet wise young man who looked like he was going to follow in the Disney ‘Prince Charming’ vein but no. Blizz decided to go all throwback Thursday and create the bastard child of Disney Prince and 90’s boyband member. 

Seeing as his dad just got slaughtered and his preferred class, if he started belting out ‘I Believe In Angels’ in the throne room, I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Once I got to the Broken Isles I had mixed feelings. I’d already settled on BM as my spec so I took note from Jania and fucked off although it was less dramatic as I only went over to my Class Hall. 

Underwhelming is the word of the day, everyday for that place. Yes it’s ‘convinient’ but it’s utter shite. There was literally nothing in game already over ten years of wow that the developers could say ‘that’s a hunter place’ so they had to get their intern to knock something out. It’s even the same building footprint as all the generic crap buildings in game. To try and bamboozle the hunter player base they put a few crap bows on the wall which really should have been vendor items to help pay for some actual building work. 

I’m so, so salty about this. I know rogues got screwed over with the sewers but at least they got somewhere that is actually quite iconic in game! I took Yjelza to my Class Hall. That’s right, I took him there and he sat there for five or so seconds before he got booted out to the nearest flight point and the consensus was “wow, that’s pretty dismal” 

Then theres just the sheer number of pets in there. When you have five BM hunters crowded around the shitty alter (read that as the massive slab that looks like an autopsy table) you’re not just contending with five players and five pets, that’s five players and ten pets… It looks like mauling time at the zoo in there… 
I set off questing after I’d had enough of that shit and went to Azuna/Azuraba/Azuidontreallycare to start killing me some demons. By kill some I mean, kill 10 then kill another 10 then kill another 10 then kill some more until you have 50 of these things that I’ve requested but in reality I don’t really need but I am going to make it look like they are super important. (see why I hate questing?)

I did come across the unicorns (first picture of the post) only to find out that you can’t tame them. Blizz, seriously? We can fit a while stable yard of horses in our notebook compendium to ride but we can’t fit one in a pokeball? I smell a paid for item! 

Questing eventually brought me to dragons and my first response to this scene was “awww, he’s chillin’ in his pond”

Turns out he was dying….

After fixing shit and getting stuff back in order I returned to have him tell me that he’s never felt better! Click on him again and he tells you he’s dying. Wut? I just busted my ass for you, fell off cliffs, got punched in the face, got lost and you can’t make your mind up if you’re alive or dead? That dragon is now called Schrödinger.

While trying to find out what the hell I was supposed to do next, chillin’ out in the pond next to my new best bud, Schrödinger, I died. Wtf?! 

After he sat on my corpse I was immediately sure I’d been ganked and had not realised what was going on as I was engrossed in trying to decipher the quest text. Yjelza asked what had happened and who it was. Clicking furiously on my combat log, ready to try and decipher some nonsensical name to shout out when I read “you drowned”. Oh. 

Redeeming ourselves

We were at it again! This time, we were trying to better the attempt from last Tuesday where we didn’t kill any bosses.

We had a fresh run, going from Hellfire Assault. After the pull on the first boss, I realised that I had the wrong talent on, Powershot instead of Barrage. This wasn’t really a problem on Iron Reaver but as I was running towards Kormrok with the rest of the group, my attempts to switch it was scuppered by them always being in combat or Powershot was on cooldown.
“Aww, I can’t switch my talent as its on cooldown” I moaned
“Thats only 45 seconds to wait…” Moose replied.
I sat there watching my countdown tick through and hovered my cursor over the barrage talent. Oblivious to what was going on around me. The timer hit zero and I clicked barrage eagerly.
“Urgh! And now I’m in combat!”
This carried on all the way through to Kormrok…

I also died on the trash down the stairs. There I was, busily providing annoying knockbacks and then I died. Laughing over TS and exclaiming “what the fuck!?” I released.
“Did you die?” Ketod asked.
“Oh lol”
“Who did you pay?” I questioned.
“No one! Cost me too much last raid…” Ketod replied with a sigh.
“Who won last time?” Insarius asked.
“Me!” Blackdaliha said, pleased.
“Oh nice!”
“What do you mean nice!?!” I asked. “I died!”

We killed Kormrok and right at the last moment there was a wobbly bit where we almost had a taunt issue.
“Next time taunt off me on hand” Oz said to Hellsreaper.
“Sorry, I was having trouble with my own hand to notice yours” he replied.
“Having trouble with your hand…” I added, not going to let this one pass up.
“That sounds weird…” Evil said.
“Especially when we’re exploding in them!” Jolly added.
“That is never going to get old….”

They ran off up the stairs and I was busy jotting down some notes. I ended up miles behind them all and ran to catch them up, I ran past the huge mob by the stairs.
“Are we pulling the big guy?” I asked.
“What big guy?” Evil asked, sounding worried.
“The one that shes just run past…” Insarius said.
“I could bring a friend to the party” I joked as I came to the door of the council room.
“Did you?” Jolly asked, really sounding worried.
“Noooo… I came to this party alone.”
“Is your friend big, black and wobbly?” Insarius added.
“How did you know what my dildo looked like?!” I exclaimed.
There was hearty laughter over TS as that last comment sunk in.
“I might not put that on the internet” I added. (Alas, here I am doing it!)

Later on in the evening the Lords of the Internet didn’t seem to be with us and the people of Denmark apparently hadn’t prayed enough/paid their collective Internet bills as all of them got dc-ed at the same time on our Archimonde kill.
“Did everyone from Denmark just dc?”
There were sighs all round. Once they had managed to log back in there was a brief announcement…
“Welcome to Denmark!”

With the majority of the Danes dead there was a call for hero.
“Gabriel? Microfynk? Danue?”
“I’m very dead” Danue quipped.

Roll on a couple of days and we were back again. Jolly was at the helm, steering the good-ship clusterfuck through upper.
We were on trash before Soc.
“Why does barrage have such a long cooldown?” I moaned.
“I’d say thank fuck it does!” Jolly interjected, possibly speaking for the entire team.
At that point there was a sly ninja pull as Danue may have gotten over excited over the adds.
“Oops! Sorry!”
“Was that a mage?!”
“Yes that was me, sorry!” she replied, in true ‘Danue’ style.

We had three ranged until we decided to get Baba to relog onto Ketod and suck it up with three healers.
It was like feeding time at the zoo. Shit was everywhere but we killed it. Wasn’t clean by a long shot and we had to throw fake tanks at the boss (Dks, that’s you)


We got Xelianna in who was confused as to what we were doing.
“Were on Tyrant” Moose advised as we waited for his arrival.
“I’m at Mannoroth” he announced.
“Did you take the wrong portal?” Jolly asked.
“I must have done…”
He went back to the beginning and tried again.
“Mannoroth is still up?”
“We’re at Tyrant”
“What portal is that?”
“The other one to the one you keep taking…” Jolly said. The laughter was slowly starting to ripple out over ts.
“Oh. I kept going up there as I thought you were on Archimonde and I couldn’t work out how mannoroth was still up!”

While clearing out Tyrants room, I’d had a complete brain fart when Jolly asked for cc’s. I snuck in and sent a beautiful trap towards a mob. I watched, totally confused as nothing happened except a white circle appear under some hooves.
“Fuck. That was the wrong trap!” I managed to say in-between fits of laughter.
This was also following trying to stun a ghost, only to find that I had somehow tried to missdirect.
“My keybinds are fucked!” I panicked as I tried to see where everything was.
I’d completely forgotten that as Francis had taken my char through challenge modes, he had caused the group immense fun as he was popping deterrence instead of stampede or feigning death instead of stunning an add. We have this thing. He complains about my keybinds, moves them. I forget until I’m mid fight and don’t realise until I’ve pressed to do something extravagant and find myself placing a trap at my feet, or something equally useless.

One thing that does happen a lot is I get bubbled. I’m ‘made a princess’. Opala gave me the macro to get rid of it. I created it and then had to work out where to put it.
“I’ll get rid of tranquilising shot. I never use that anyway…” I muttered. “That’s a lie, I used it on Beastlord.”
Job done, my anti bubble was now on 9. I showed them a screen shot of the macro itself.

Named FU KETOD in honour of the one who started it, followed by a verbal insult that’s bound to get me into trouble in dungeons and lfr….

4th birthday!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday Royal Jesters,
Happy birthday to you!

It was the guilds forth birthday earlier on in the week and to mark the occasion there were festivities to bring everyone together. There was a transmog competition, a quiz and a pvp knock out tournament.
RT2 had hoped that we could start an hour earlier on Sunday and try mythic Hellfire Assault but alas, seeing as most of us are grownups with responsibilities like children, who don’t want to go to bed early so mummy and daddy can play wow, we were destined to be short on numbers.
So on that note we decided to get to Highmaul. With that it meant that a few of us could get the achievement for doing certain bosses on HC and who doesn’t like achievement points?

We made our way over and upon landing it was apparent that we had forgotten in an instant that we could fly. The last time we were over here we had to run to the raid, dodging horde and mobs alike. If someone got caught then it was tough-tits and you left them. No one wanted to spend 10 minutes ressing to only be killed again. Danue pointed out that our mounts wings actually worked and we took to the skies.
Most of us were gathered up outside when Jolly gave out a ‘call to arms’ as he was being attacked at the Goblin flight path. Two Hordies were attacking him and as we coordinated or efforts and flew back to him, he told us they had buggered off.
“It took so long for them to kill me they gave up and left” he laughed.
“Autobots, stand down” Opala added.

We went back again. And this time got in.
Old habits took over and we headed up to Bladefist.
“Don’t forget the tigers in this” I started… “and he’s going to do chain hurl as well, where the closest five will be thrown into the stands”
“I’m not sure he’s going to last that long…” Deko chimed in.
He lasted long enough for us to kill him before he needed to be dragged into a fire pillar. My marking of them had gone to waste. /cry

I lead the charge onto the next boss but was apparently going the wrong way. Upon doubling back on myself I ensued that I brought friends with me. I say friends in the loosest possible terms as they seemed to be quite angry to see me.
Once dealt with, we went the correct way and had Insaria cloak us to get past a group of mobs. It was going well until Alune was snatched out by a chain and we all started running around in circles, not sure if we should help and leave the cloaking circle or try and stay hidden.
There was a conversation about two hunters that I had no idea who they were going on about but thought I’d throw my two cents in.
“Remember those two hunters? Those girls, they were good…”
“Two hunters, one pet?” was my input.
“Yeah, those as well”

We got to Twins and upon entering the room it was decided that we should do it like lfr and pull the room.
We actually put markers down again to use. This time they lasted long enough to use Quake.
“Don’t get hit by fire” Jolly asked.
“Aw fuck…”
“Did you get hit by fire?” Alune asked.
“Of course I did” I replied.

Making our way up to Ko’ragh we waited for Moose to get in. I went into auto pilot and started going on about the barrier and needing to soak the orbs.
“I seriously doubt that he’s going to last that long…”
Dang this being over geared thing is hard to get your head around. Especially considering the last time we were here was a year ago!


I put up the markers for old times sake. This confused some of them.
“What are all the colours for?”
“Well, when he came out and hit one of you with his massive hammer, you would go and move to the next marker. Don’t worry, I’m just doing it for a screenshot…” I said as I was tweeting it out.
We got the the first barrier and then he fell over. Onwards!

Going up the stairs to the giant outside platform, someone pulled the mobs there.
“What are we doing?! You can sneak past all of these…” I blurted as I was suddenly in combat.
We all attacked them for a good five minutes before we realised they weren’t dying and more were spawning.
“What is going on?”
“What even is this?”
“Guys, let’s get to the door…”

Killing the guard we went through the portal with a shout of “don’t run forward!”
Taking out the guards in the portal room; in front of the door and in the throne room as well, we braced ourselves for the might that is/was Imperator.
We did zero tactics. Complained about having to wait 15 seconds for the wave of ghosts. Complained that he transitioned too quickly. Complained that nothing hurt.

Once we had killed him we went back to Hellfire.
Landing on Iskars doorstep, Danue noticed that it was called ‘Iskars Clutch’
“Have you noticed the name?” she said. “Iskars Clutch!”
“This place is clutch!” I added. Which resulted in a troll of Chris for his many moons ago use of the word clutch. Which Moose remembered fondly it seems…

Jolly was about to put a pull timer up when I felt the need to point something out.
“Are you putting up markers?”
“Oh fuck me” he sighed “Yes I am…”


There was also the issue of Jolly not being in the slightest bit ready…

After we got the boss down there was some congratulations in order.
“I was to congratulate Ketod for lasting longer than I did!” Hellsreaper said.
Ketod? He stayed silent…

All hail the Princess

We did alright last night. Cleared lower, got our ring upgrades and getting there was fun too.

When we started on Manny. It took some of us a while to get there though as we took the wrong portal despite being there who knows how many times. Surprise surprise it was the usual suspects…

While on the trash at Archimonde things didn’t quite go as anticipated.
Oz went down fast and let us know that he was stunned.
“I’m stunned”
“You know you can use every man for himself, bubble or call out for something to get out of that…” Deko stated.
“No shit, Sherlock” Oz sighed.
“You can use every man for himself”
“And when that’s on cooldown?”
“And when that’s on cooldown?”
“Call out for something”
“And if I just want to die?”

After we killed him we went out to reset. We took a break while loot was being given out and Jolly reset it to HC. There were some Hordies outside so we all took to our mounts to keep out of trouble.
Jolly ran out, reset and then told us it was ready. And then started attacking the Horde.
“Oh. I pick a fight outside and you all go in…” He said with a dissaproving tone.
“I’ll help you” Opala offered… “You big pussy…”

The RT2 banter carried on, on our way to Kormrok.
Upon entering Hellfire Citadel we were carefully CC’ing the adds and the plan was to pull them one at a time. It did not go to plan.
Three of them were pulled and the big guy lumbered into the fray as well.
“Or we pull all of them?” I offered as we were running around trying not to be hit by green balls.
“Nahh! There’s a sheep left….”
Which instantly made everything alright as we had managed to control ourselves enough to leave just one lonely add in its CC.
The discussion of hunters and how they are to blame came around while we were battling through the Trash in our way up the stairs. I announced that I was using barrage when I was silenced!
“What the fuck?! Who pacified me?”
There was laughter all over TS.
“Oh it’s too easy Ella…” came the reply from Ketod.

Standing in the doorway to the boss room, Jolly pulled the first pack and announced that there was a new Advanced Lesson video coming. This time to see if you’re a bad raider or not.
“You’re screwed”
(I see how this is…)

At that point there was a wail over TS of “Ahhhh” as Jolly sailed through the air due to the knock back from the Trash and he landed at the feet of the big guy in the middle. Who was not happy to see him.
“Does bad positioning make you a bad raider?” I quizzed.
“I’m not giving anything else away” Jolly replied.
That’s a yes then…

We congregated by the orange pool and as I was patiently waiting I was pacified again.


“I think we’re calling Ella a princess because we keep giving her a crown” Insaria quipped.
“Bow down bitches” I added, although no body did…
I was sending a tweet out (LOVE that feature) When I suddenly found myself in the orange pool itself and rapidly dying.
“Is Ella afk?”
“No, I’m here you bastards, I was sending a tweet!”


Jolly put a ready check up and people were surprised it was all zeros.
“It’s been like that all night!” Jolly exclaimed.
“We’ve only just started raiding…” came the reply. “Give it a chance…”

Kormrok was a breeze, he fell over rather easily and we moved on to trash up the other staircase.
“If anyone is unsure of what they are doing on the next one, just barrage. That’s standard operating procedure, right?” Jolly added.
I was busy scribbling things down for later when I saw an opportunity too good to miss.
Ketod was standing next to a big crack in the floor which is filled with green goo. The crack is big enough for you to fall down and die. I should know as its happened to me.
I targeted him, positioned myself and clicked the swapblaster. I was totally confused to find myself stood net to him as he didn’t seem to have a neutral silencer on. I turned my camera around to see Ant clambering out of the hole.
“OMG Ant! Sorry! That wasn’t meant for you!”
I had to wait until it was off cooldown to try again, hoping that he didn’t come back to his keyboard to see what was going on.
As he was dumped in the goo I skipped off a little to see if he made a move out of it. Nothing. I ran after the rest of the team and watched as his health dropped. ‘Dead’ popped up in his raid frame box and I giggled over TS.
“Why is Ketod dead?”
“I may have killed him…”
I got a whisper a while later ‘was that you that killed me??’ ‘Maaaaaaybeeee’ I whispered back.

We went painlessly through Council, Kilrogg and Gorefiend.


Although, I found a nice invisible ledge to stand on and myself and a few team mates just stood on it looking smug while we left the rest of the team five feet away trying to slaughter the trash. We have a good sense of responsibility in this team!

Someone dropped their knickers for me!

Those purple BoEs, that’s what we love.
Greens just mean a bit more gold to cover repairs. Blues might be interesting for mogs.

While on our way to Kormrok we were clearing Trash in the corridor. I still had powershot on and those knock backs…
(Which reminds me of when we were clearing the dogs in Upper before you decide to go to Xhul or Fel Lord and I had powershot on again, Aska called out “Random knock back…?” and I just giggled as I watched the melee chase this dog that had gracefully flown through the air…)
We were on the mobs stood down the stairs that cause the green orbs to give you the cooties. As they pulled them, I clicked on the sparkly corpse by me feet and was given loot of unimaginable greatness.
Not only did I steal the gold out of the dead orcs pockets, I also stole something a bit more personal. His pants.


Or to be more precise, his knickers.
It begs the question, who is Kitsy? And what was this orc doing with their knickers in his pocket?
These drop from a lot of mobs so Kitsy must have an extraordinary high underwear bill… And a fetish for giving their knickers out.

The actual knickers look awful. One can only imagine Kitsy is someone still alive from the first war to be wearing bloomers like that under their robe.
Does that mean Kitsy is an old lady giving out her pants?!? They also cost 14 gold to stitch them back up after you’ve torn them in battle. A good wash wouldn’t go amiss either…

It also reminded me of a snippet of conversation I had from a raid a while back which I’ve been holding onto for the right moment. Which happens to been now seeing as I pulled these horrendous things out of a dead dudes pocket.
We were coming to the end of the raid and Blackdahlia needed to leave.

“Do you think I can drop?”
“Your pants?”
“I can’t drop my pants…”
“Because you’re not wearing any?”
Which resulted in ketod sighing over TS.
“Too much information…” he mumbled.

Maybe Blackdahlia is Kitsy???

Yolo-ing our way through

Tonight we did the last two and then the rest of upper and then cracked on with the harder stuff downstairs.

We had a ninja pull on Manni. Not even a case of an itchy barrage finger. This was a full out ‘ yolo’ ninja pull.
“Are we fit?” Jolly asked in his normal way before the pull timer goes out.
The yes reply came in the way of suddenly being in combat.
“Awww I was in the wrong spec” came over ts.
In my surprise at shit going off everywhere I used a potion.

Things went pretty well, then we were in the last stage.
“Right there are no markers up so everybody be at the other side of the boss.” Jolly said with an sense of hesitancy.
We instinctively went to the side where green usually is. Jolly managed to get a Red marker up for the tanks and only one person died!

I’m sure it was to set the tone for the night even if Archimond went down almost without a hitch. Jolly asked Deko to set up the groups. There was no reply.
“Is Deko here?”
“Yeah?” someone replied.
“Maybe he’s dc-ed?”
“I’m here. That’s what happens when you have your mic on mute…” he said. Eventually…
Upon entering the second phase where we should attack under the boss there were a few stragglers.
“Stack under the boss… Solo stacking… I see… ”
I was in the even number phase group, first team went in. Swirlies were all over the floor and in trying to get away I was having to run away from the boss. Then the warning went out for the second group. I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me, dodging Infernals like I was going for the winning try at Twickenham. I ended up with my toes just at the edge of the circle when they disappeared.
“Aw fuck! I missed it!”
I took my angst out on an Infernal who was next to me. I then started running away again while he chased me around the room.
The sacrifice group went in and we took down the last couple of percent. After we killed that, we went to do the rest of upper.


We started on the red corridor. Going to Soc and the angry goat.
Soc went well, Jolly only put one wonky fire line down. He then manage to follow that in a straight line before discovering ‘third times the charm’. He went down so quickly.

Next onto the goat, none of us got locked out, no ninja pulls. Nice kill.

Opala reminded us that there was a back door to Iskar.
As we were running round I had a moment of realisation.
“I need to upgrade my shit…”
“upgrade your shit…” Ketod replied, with a weary tone.
“Yeah, to make it ‘special shit’!”
“Well. You are special Ella… So it’s already special shit…” he replied, before whispering me with ‘nomnut’.

We waited at the stairs.

Not knowing what person was going to run in/barrage first.
During this fight we had some whoopsies.
“The bombs are not being dispelled…” Evil said.
“That’s because I don’t have the eye…” Lyra replied.
“Who has it? Jolly…..”
“I missed it that time!” he groaned.

There was some nice loot. The trinket was a hot topic.
“Oh look at the trinket. That’s got hunter loot all over it!” Jolly quipped.
It said hunter loot so much, blizz were forced to state it wasn’t hunter loot…

After the kill, everyone ran off while I was looking at gear.
“Which way are we going?” I asked, genuinely for a moment unsure.
“There is only one way to go…” Moose replied.
“Well I was… Oh, no there is only one way…”
There was groans over ts.
“Oh my God Ella” Ketod mumbled.
“I got confused!”
“You really did need all that intellect…” Jolly mused.
“You could go and talk to Kadghar for a bit?” Moose offered.
“I’m sure he’s pretty lonely up here…” I replied.
“People keep using his portals and not saying thanks…”
“Like every mage!”

We went towards Xhul and started on the dogs.
“Can we aoe?” someone asked.
“I’ve just barraged…” I replied “and used my trinket… And a few multi-shots for good measure!”
“Ella, can you not barrage…” Hellsreaper said.
In the history of telling hunters not to do something that was the worst thing ever to say.
“No!?” I blurted out.
“Every time you barrage my screen goes crazy!”
“Well I can only do it every… 20 seconds”
“So doing some maths, there’s four of you so you could set off a barrage every five seconds” Jolly mused…
“My screen would go nuts”
“There’s only three of us…” I said.
“Imagine if we all did it at the same time!” Moose pointed out.

I paused on the bridge to ‘check something out’… When I say check something out I mean I was furiously scribbling down who said what for this blog. I then on my last sentence hit auto run and then died. I laughed heartily at my misfortune.
“How did you even die…”
“I found the hole in the Bridge…”
This lead to a dumb way to die conversation between the others.
“I’ve seen monks roll down that”
“I’ve seen monks roll off the platform”
“I’ve yet to see a warrior charge off the platform…”
Jolly said nothing.

Once we had killed that we went to Fel Lord.
The eye thing caught my attention.


“What is this flying eye thing here for? The one that’s like Willy you get in children’s week…”
“You get a willy in children’s week?” Moose asked, concerned and confused.
“Oh the flying butt-hole?” Insaria added.
“Yes that’s the one”
“Like Durumu?”
“YES. Oh my God I fucking hate that boss” I spluttered. Getting Vietnam style flashbacks.
“Is that the one with the maze?” Jolly asked.
“Oh that was awful…” he groaned.
“That was the only boss I was glad to die on” I declared.
“I’m sure everyone was glad you were dead Ella…” Ketod quietly added.
(Yes, I did hear that!)