Redeeming ourselves

We were at it again! This time, we were trying to better the attempt from last Tuesday where we didn’t kill any bosses.

We had a fresh run, going from Hellfire Assault. After the pull on the first boss, I realised that I had the wrong talent on, Powershot instead of Barrage. This wasn’t really a problem on Iron Reaver but as I was running towards Kormrok with the rest of the group, my attempts to switch it was scuppered by them always being in combat or Powershot was on cooldown.
“Aww, I can’t switch my talent as its on cooldown” I moaned
“Thats only 45 seconds to wait…” Moose replied.
I sat there watching my countdown tick through and hovered my cursor over the barrage talent. Oblivious to what was going on around me. The timer hit zero and I clicked barrage eagerly.
“Urgh! And now I’m in combat!”
This carried on all the way through to Kormrok…

I also died on the trash down the stairs. There I was, busily providing annoying knockbacks and then I died. Laughing over TS and exclaiming “what the fuck!?” I released.
“Did you die?” Ketod asked.
“Oh lol”
“Who did you pay?” I questioned.
“No one! Cost me too much last raid…” Ketod replied with a sigh.
“Who won last time?” Insarius asked.
“Me!” Blackdaliha said, pleased.
“Oh nice!”
“What do you mean nice!?!” I asked. “I died!”

We killed Kormrok and right at the last moment there was a wobbly bit where we almost had a taunt issue.
“Next time taunt off me on hand” Oz said to Hellsreaper.
“Sorry, I was having trouble with my own hand to notice yours” he replied.
“Having trouble with your hand…” I added, not going to let this one pass up.
“That sounds weird…” Evil said.
“Especially when we’re exploding in them!” Jolly added.
“That is never going to get old….”

They ran off up the stairs and I was busy jotting down some notes. I ended up miles behind them all and ran to catch them up, I ran past the huge mob by the stairs.
“Are we pulling the big guy?” I asked.
“What big guy?” Evil asked, sounding worried.
“The one that shes just run past…” Insarius said.
“I could bring a friend to the party” I joked as I came to the door of the council room.
“Did you?” Jolly asked, really sounding worried.
“Noooo… I came to this party alone.”
“Is your friend big, black and wobbly?” Insarius added.
“How did you know what my dildo looked like?!” I exclaimed.
There was hearty laughter over TS as that last comment sunk in.
“I might not put that on the internet” I added. (Alas, here I am doing it!)

Later on in the evening the Lords of the Internet didn’t seem to be with us and the people of Denmark apparently hadn’t prayed enough/paid their collective Internet bills as all of them got dc-ed at the same time on our Archimonde kill.
“Did everyone from Denmark just dc?”
There were sighs all round. Once they had managed to log back in there was a brief announcement…
“Welcome to Denmark!”

With the majority of the Danes dead there was a call for hero.
“Gabriel? Microfynk? Danue?”
“I’m very dead” Danue quipped.

Roll on a couple of days and we were back again. Jolly was at the helm, steering the good-ship clusterfuck through upper.
We were on trash before Soc.
“Why does barrage have such a long cooldown?” I moaned.
“I’d say thank fuck it does!” Jolly interjected, possibly speaking for the entire team.
At that point there was a sly ninja pull as Danue may have gotten over excited over the adds.
“Oops! Sorry!”
“Was that a mage?!”
“Yes that was me, sorry!” she replied, in true ‘Danue’ style.

We had three ranged until we decided to get Baba to relog onto Ketod and suck it up with three healers.
It was like feeding time at the zoo. Shit was everywhere but we killed it. Wasn’t clean by a long shot and we had to throw fake tanks at the boss (Dks, that’s you)


We got Xelianna in who was confused as to what we were doing.
“Were on Tyrant” Moose advised as we waited for his arrival.
“I’m at Mannoroth” he announced.
“Did you take the wrong portal?” Jolly asked.
“I must have done…”
He went back to the beginning and tried again.
“Mannoroth is still up?”
“We’re at Tyrant”
“What portal is that?”
“The other one to the one you keep taking…” Jolly said. The laughter was slowly starting to ripple out over ts.
“Oh. I kept going up there as I thought you were on Archimonde and I couldn’t work out how mannoroth was still up!”

While clearing out Tyrants room, I’d had a complete brain fart when Jolly asked for cc’s. I snuck in and sent a beautiful trap towards a mob. I watched, totally confused as nothing happened except a white circle appear under some hooves.
“Fuck. That was the wrong trap!” I managed to say in-between fits of laughter.
This was also following trying to stun a ghost, only to find that I had somehow tried to missdirect.
“My keybinds are fucked!” I panicked as I tried to see where everything was.
I’d completely forgotten that as Francis had taken my char through challenge modes, he had caused the group immense fun as he was popping deterrence instead of stampede or feigning death instead of stunning an add. We have this thing. He complains about my keybinds, moves them. I forget until I’m mid fight and don’t realise until I’ve pressed to do something extravagant and find myself placing a trap at my feet, or something equally useless.

One thing that does happen a lot is I get bubbled. I’m ‘made a princess’. Opala gave me the macro to get rid of it. I created it and then had to work out where to put it.
“I’ll get rid of tranquilising shot. I never use that anyway…” I muttered. “That’s a lie, I used it on Beastlord.”
Job done, my anti bubble was now on 9. I showed them a screen shot of the macro itself.

Named FU KETOD in honour of the one who started it, followed by a verbal insult that’s bound to get me into trouble in dungeons and lfr….


Raiding funnies


Our attentions turned to Soc upstairs tonight, practice to get him down this reset so we can progress with Fel lord on Thursday. Markers went up and tactics were explained.
“During phase two we need to dps down the starcallers…” Jolly started to say, confused laughter rippled out over ts. “Is that what they’re called? Starbringers?”
“Ummm I don’t think so…”
“What are they called?” Jolly mused.
“Shadowbringers?” was added into the mix as undoubtedly nearly everyone opened up the dungeon journal to see what the fuck they werecalled.
“Ah that’s it”
“We were close…”
Now satisfied we knew who exactly we were killing we made sure we were all aware about the ghosts and stacking up correctly.
Team hunter (that’s Deko, Moose and I) knew our jobs. Ghost duty. Jolly was taking the construct and everything was going to go swimmingly.
Alas, the best made plans and all that meant that we were a little wobbly to say the least.
All went well during the first phase and the portal was on the side where you enter the room.The green shit on the floor was placed and Jolly wasn’t as keen this time to take ghosts to the face.Team hunter got into position and got ready. “Ghosts” I said as they appeared. Three barrages went off.
“Errr we have Trash, we better wipe it…” Deko said as we were a little confused as to where they came from.
“Barrage through the walls!” Moose added as we all stood in shit to die.
“We should clear them just to be safe”
“Were they the ones by the stairs?”
“Bloody hunters”
“I don’t think it was me?”
“it’s like when you have Boomkins, blame one, blame them all… It’s just because we’re so op…”
As we got to the Trash and cleared them up Moose was bouncing around in the door way.
“It’s a pretty thick wall. That’s some skill to shoot through it!”
“And magic arrows!”


Like something from the Blair Witch Project...

We set off again and this time it was kinda clean.
Jolly put the green stuff down again, with Deko softly having an ocd attack over the placement on ts. I wasn’t sure what he was saying but it was in a pitch only dogs could hear…
The portal switched position just as Jolly put another row of fire.
“The portals switched… Oh shit. This is going to hurt.” Deko said as team hunter got to organising stuns.
“Ranged, time to get your shit together!”
Jolly put another line down. However, it was only in the general direction of the portal.
“Oh my God, that is not a straight line…” he said as we froze to admire what he had done. The fire was kinda diagonally across the portal. If I wasn’t laughing so hard I would have taken a screen shot, or better still, a selfie but once again all I can manage is to crack out my amazing paint skills to illustrate what happened…

At one point, I contracted the ‘green circle of doom’ disease. At this point Deko and I were stood next to one another and as I moved away to my left, so did he. As we both kept running in the same direction as the other was going in a futile effort to get away from one another, the Benny Hill sketch was finished when I sqawked over ts “Waaaaah! Go the other way”. By this point, he also had the cooties and we had positioned our circles beautifully.

Despite the fire being all over the floor, and the ghosts having a whale of a time chasing people we killed it. It was better than last time! Onward to the goat!

This one was fun. Mostly because I, along with 4.5 others (Blackdahlia had his Monk thingy outside the gate), did nothing.
We were all in position around the boss and we’re just running through a few pointers when suddenly we had an epic ninja pull. (Theres a video about this…) some of us beat a hasty retreat and as the gates went up. There was a group of us outside.
With nothing to do but watch as they went for it we relaxed. We had a healer with us so we should have been fine.
“I like how team hunter all got out…” I said as we watched the rest of them batter the boss.
The big hammer appeared on us outside and we all stacked up. Deko and I succumbed to it. Leaving three still physically there we watched with the advantage of being dead.
The font of corruption came out and it was survived Moose got the hammer and stacked with Lyra, the healer. Watching the purple circle get smaller her fate was inevitable and gracefully she flopped to the floor as Moose hopped away.

While we were pissing around outside, all their hard work inside paid off and they did kill it to much laughter. Not quite to the book but a kill is a kill!

Know your DBM pull timers!

Jollyjanes’ son created a video guide on how to use pull timers while we were having issues with ninja pulls and itchy fingers. I First spoke about why we needed it in this post. The video has been around for some time now and has been referenced every time that we still have ninja pulls.

The guildies knew about it and it was sitting at a modest amount of views until one day, it got linked on the wow sub-reddit by a guildie.

I have to admit, I’ve never really looked at reddit due to most things like this being full of keyboard warriors and cancerous trolls who like to lord it over people regardless of how much of a complete twat they are. Half of me was expecting that the usual crettins would come out and slate the video even though they are made fully aware that the creator of it is (was) 7 years old. My faith in humanity is restored however when reading the comments.












And then theres twitter…

And general sharing…

And how about getting the boy to 50k views? We can do it!

And what have we been up to?

Time has flown by! Although raid documentation has now been taken over by the means of Twitter and the selfie camera.
Rather than having a note pad next to me, furiously scribbling down all the funny bits, I can take a screen shot and a few words and *poof* it’s out there for all to see!

Having the Twitter thing is fun but it doesn’t allow for all the in depth explaining of why we wiped, or how come we managed to kill someone, whose great idea was it to go outside to repair when there’s a Horde raid team waiting outside…

While all the tweets have been going on we have killed Kromog on our own (last time we killed it we needed to borrow a healer from RT1 as we were short) and also finally killed Iron Maidens. I say finally but it was only about 14 wipes, it’s just that the fight is so long it seems like we were poking them for days at a time.

So from my Twitter account, here are some of the screen shots and the stories behind them.

Ha! Suckers!


Oh Hans and Franz. How we can’t help but run around like headless chickens while laughing like lunatics. With the occasional gagging noise thrown in for good measure.
I play on a potato, so that often paves the way for jokes about my lag (doing this with 2fps ain’t easy!), jokes about my loading screen and jokes about how I will die first.
On this particlar run the bets were off on me hitting the floor first, I’d managed to survive once with all the lag in the world (good job healers!) So that meant there was a slim chance that I might survive again. This time they were betting on me getting hit by the stampers. Which is probably the safest bet in the world. While the fight went on I was doing really well. Then near the end I had four tiles light up around me and ‘damn it!’ There were cheers as Rawls confirmed “she’s been hit! She has been hit!”
A few thousand slipped through my fingers.
I can’t even remember why we wiped but I took great pleasure in being the last one standing. Ella 1. Lag 0.

Touch of karma


Talking about touch of karma for longer than Yjelza thought we needed and he broke out into song.
Danue’s ‘Omg’ voiced what we were all thinking. Watching the chat box for the song to end up being typed out in its entirety.
With baited breath we watched and then just when we thought that it was all over Fenrir came up with the goods.
Karaoke needed at the next meet up!



After the infamous video of our first Bladefist HC kill, where Blunnerz squealed “my ring!” when it dropped. This has now been adopted as a slogan.
I’d missed out a roll to Frank on a warforged with socket version of this ring which he keeps reminding me about. Damn him.
So when two of these suckers showed up my first response was to yell “MY RING!” at everyone on ts and then turn into a loot whore. “One of those is mine!  Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine!”
Neither of them were as shiny as the one Frank got but it meant I wasn’t running around with a BM BiS ring anymore which was doing absolutely nothing for me.
Obviously it had to go straight on Twitter to back up the ‘my precious’ pictures I’d sent to everyone to back up my claim on this thing.

I’ve got the clap! Wait, what?


There was a challenge set up which was to take a selfie and time it perfectly that you got the ‘clap’ in the background. I may or may not have died trying to get this… However from my rather dead position on the floor I waited and waited to get the next set of hand doing their thing. Hoping that the rest of the team wouldn’t die before it happened.
I will not take responsibility for wiping the raid. No no no no.

All the cooldowns used!


I’d just got my camera so it was all rather exciting. Taking a quick selfie with the team someone spotted me and a snowball effect went on behind me. People were popping cooldowns to make the scene behind me a hot mess. We had to wait for five minutes for them to come off cd before we could actually pull or we would all die due to their being no raid wide healing available. Thankfully, no one popped hero.
Although accidental hero popping had happened before…
(Why anyone would give me drums is beyond me…)


The types of people in a raid team

We had a plan for last night. Bladefist on HC then switch to normal and clear up to Ko’ragh. We did actually manage this. Not without some false starts along the way (naturally!)

Thursday is a day when there are a couple of late arrivals, but we manage due to having our Fake Tanks and Pretend Healers. We cleared trash on HC Bladefist while people were arriving. Shouting out bets on who would get killed on the way in by the 30 or so horde waiting outside (do they actually go in and raid???) Fenrir lost 15g on Jolly being killed as he arrived so only bet 10g on Gio being killed, which he lost as well!

While having a relax and run through of groups to allocate those to go up into the arena we had some ‘Yo Mama’ jokes posted. While quite amusing we also conceeded that to anyone who did not understand WoW in the slightest would think that we had 1- Not understood the concept of Yo Mama jokes and 2- Thought we had gone quite mad.
A couple of favorites are here:
Yo Mama so ugly even Illidan was not prepared
Yo Mama so ugly she is the reason the Titans left
Yo Mama so fat, chain lightning hits her three times
Yo Mama so fat it takes two warlock portals to summon her
Yo Mama so fat a rogue shadowstepped her in Ogrimmar and ended up in Undercity
Yo Mama so fat when she logged into WoW she automatically got ‘World Explorer’
Yo Mama so fat, she tripped and caused the Sundering

We got back to raining after announcing ‘Everybody ready!?’ quite loudly in ts to be heard over the giggles.
Marvv was on pulling duty and ended up putting up a pull timer almost instantly regardless if people were ready or not. It did not go so well. We wiped of course and then settled down to getting organised for an actual pull.

Cereals, a Priest healer for RT1 had mentioned on our forum that if you strip off so that the stat you want is the top stat when you eat feasts, you can avoid needing to make individual food, I had previously configured my equiptment sets to have a set named ‘Food’ and a set named ‘Ready’. ‘Food’ consisted of my belt and my bow. I was busy eating when the ready check came up, I clicked ‘Not Ready’ due to the confusion we had last time on Butcher where I said I was ready but I was just about to eat to get my food buff and a pull timer went out instantly.
So this time, I did the right thing. Not ready. A pull timer went out regardless!

“Guys I said I’m NOT READY!”
So with Marvv becoming the ‘Ninja Puller’ while being a tank I had no option but to roll with it.

Raidwiper did all the hard work as I was running around in just a belt and my sexy brown undies. I yelled out that there was no way in hell I could go up so they would have to put someone else in my place. I ran around positioning myself behind the flame pillars to make sure I did not die to those. The healers were having a hard time keeping me up, and it seemed to be at the expense of others!
One can only assume they felt sorry for my awkward situation. After all, it’s not everyday you raid with someone whose butt cheeks are hanging out (not on purpose!)

After this false start and declaring Marvv a ‘ninja puller’ we thought about who else we might have on the team…

– Ant is the ‘smoker guy’ the one who asks for cigarette breaks quite often.
– Jolly is the ‘gold whore’. Wealthy and seems to be able to just keep the gold coming in.
– Gio is ‘Mr. Mic’ or ‘Robot’. You’re not quite sure what he just said as it sounded like he was slaughtering R2-D2 in the background.
– Xérath is ‘the quiet one’ mostly communicates in raid chat and then on the odd occasion that he speaks people get confused and scramble to ts to see who it was.

Heroic Bladefist

We killed this! WE KILLED THIS!

I remember reading somewhere ‘even if one person is left alive, a kill is still a kill’ and we had everyone left alive. Not.

Apparently the mechanics are the same, he just hits harder. Well, they were kinda the same. Apart from the horrendous bug we encountered where Bladefist would switch targets mid beserker rush and half the raid would get eaten.
I’ve always been a fan of standing near the pillars so I’m prepared for the rush but the boss moved quite quickly so our usual tactic of just looking up and seeing where a pillar was did not quite cut the mustard. We used world markers on them to call out where the pillars were and melee would have to move to an opposing colour to make sure they were out of the way.
It wasn’t clean by any means. It took five wipes to get it down but each time we were getting closer.

The only thing of real importance I said all night (apart from calling out mechanics) was to “make sure your nappy is strapped on guys!” Holy crap by the end of it we needed it!

The last pull things were going ok. A few people had died but we were burning him down as best we could. Group one went up when they should do, they killed who they needed to. It then all unraveled slightly at the end.

Blunnerz was the only healer with both tanks and the smattering of dps left alive.
Blunnerz died
Dps 1 died
Tank went down
Dps 2 went down
Tank 2 went down
Boss had 300 health left
Nullflows health bar went down to a glowing red line
Boss had 65 health
Squealing/weeping/hysteria/praying over ts
Boss goes down
Everyone is dead

Purgatory. Saved. Our. Asses.
Nullflow is a demi-god for the rest of the night.

It didn’t go unnoticed that we only had one player left alive at the time of the kill. Although, it may have been forgotten when Blunnerz noticed that is ring had dropped from the boss.

We went to the Butcher after we stopped screaming.
We had a pull issue. The Butcher seemed to be very very angry about something. Fenrir, who was on his pally, managed to pull him by just standing there.
Cue a mad panic and everyone running around. As we tried to regain control we inevitably got slaughtered.
Running back in I paused to eat, a ready check went up and with only ten seconds to go until I got my food buff I clicked yes but did warn I was still eating.
“Why did you click ready if you’re still eating?” Blunnerz joked.
“There isn’t a pull timer yet!”
Up went the pull timer.
“Omg don’t go! DON’T GO!”
Many messages appeared in raid chat of ‘don’t go’ right at the end of the rather short pull timer but to no avail. We went.
We did manage to scramble into position. And start the hokey-cokey phase.
With the first bounding cleave we got scattered and also half the raid went down.
I, somehow, managed to land on top of a pillar. I stayed there as my feign death had somehow been removed and was on cool down. I just hoped that the boss would think there was no one left and ignore me if I just didn’t hit him.
As the last man standing I half breathed a sigh of relief as the boss was miles away just standing there.
Then like a scene from Hellraiser, a hooked chain came flying out and dragged me towards the boss where he promptly smashed me with his mace and I dropped to the floor, quite dead.
[LOL] Xérath typed into raid chat. [He was all like “don’t think I’ve forgotten about you!”]

Danue was having an issue with her boss mods when we settled back in by the stairs. We sorted her out and someone asked how a pull timer was activated. We had already stated we were ready and Jolly put one up for five seconds. He charged at the boss and I shot it as Blunnerz and Rawls were both shouting not to go.
“Oh Ella!”
“What! Jolly charged!?”

At this point we decided to just switch to normal and take a five minute break.
Needing to exit the arena to reset we tentatively walked outside. There were a couple of hordies waiting for their raid team to arrive. For which Marvv decided was an ideal time to kill things.
A little bit of pvp went down…
I was just standing by the portal being targeted by hordies who were about to die. For the life of me I couldn’t see where they were before they disappeared.
We then realised after Rawls had a nosey at what we were up to, that we had been ganking raiders from Exploding Lab Rats. Upon learning this we started pleading for people to get out of the raid so we could swap it to normal and get back in before the rest of the Lab Rats team showed up and handed our asses to us.
“Dead people get our of the instance!”
“Can we get in now?!”
“There are hordies here!”
“Omg let me in!!!”

Once we were almost all back in we got the trash down while the last few got back.
We were a little bit slack in the actual boss. With Marvv and Nullflow managing to jump down from the stands in to a tiger pit.
Gio also had a ‘hope no one saw that’ moment.
“Pillar at Blue”
“Beserker rush in two”
I was positioned in between the blue and orange pillar and watched Gio run in front of me towards Blue. Beserker rush was ended and I paned my camera around slightly as I noticed Gio was almost dead. Gio was also nowhere to be seen.
I thought about it for a moment and figured that he had just run away quite fast.
My brain however wouldn’t let the matter rest.
“Did you fall in a tiger pit?”
I fell silent.
The boss went down. Gear disenchanted (LOL)

Later on, I still wasn’t convinced…

Playing with the twins…

Tuesday was our last lockout day before we made the decision to clear again or to extend. We were on twins.

We made our way over and the usual conversation started on ts.
“Is there Horde there?”
“Yeah there’s a million of them”
“Run in like a boss”

I’d landed at the flight path right after Danue and started following her in. There were a lot of Horde that’s for sure. As I take so long to load up, I’d been attacked on my way over by a mob that I couldn’t see, crossing everything that the scenery would load properly before I got to the entrance I arrived at the steps on my invisible mount with only the dots on my mini maps as clues as to how many Horde were there. Running up, I still couldn’t see any players, but I charged forward and slammed myself into an invisible wall where the portal should have been. Obviously I got targeted. An Alliance player flailing against a wall was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Just when I thought I had met my doom and would have been the first casualty of the night, the big glowing circle appeared around me and my loading screen popped up. Take that suckers!

There was a little congregation of people on the top step before the hallway trash for the twins. Someone threw a zeppelin at me and as I was mounted, I managed to confuse it by running around it in a circle until it disappeared (I did at some point completely miss another one being thrown at me and only realised when I opened my bags some time later) we waited for the rest of our merry bunch to make it through the gauntlet of Horde, some decided to pass the time shapeshifting with toys and playing with robots.


Watching them fight it out in their tiny death match it reminded me of a program I used to love.
“It’s like watching Robot Wars…” I mused.

All of a sudden I had two of Blunnerz stood in front of me. I didn’t really pay much attention until Danue changed appearance… And looked like me. Gio arrived and he looked like me. And then Blunnerz… What the hell was going on?


Wait a moment. I look like Marvv…
There was a whole lot of changes going on and no one was saying anything about who was doing it.
I was quite impressed with the Goren. It was quite cute rolling around. While wandering around to see everyone I got turned into and and was rolling my way through people’s legs. Awww yisss.

Everyone had arrived and whatever state we were in we started.
To be honest, I don’t think we were paying much attention to the mobs and were just concerned with what we looked like. I got turned into Rawls (who had stepped out of his Princess dress and put on his ninja costume)
“OI!” He said. “You’re no ninja”
“I’m a tank!” I gleefully replied. As Jolly charged-rolled up the corridor to meet the big add as a goren.

Distracting as it was, we did manage to get all the mobs in the boss room down and started to gather at the back of the room. Going through tactics and setting out our markers we and a final run through in raid chat.
Tanks at Blue,
Ranged at Green,
Whirlwind to Red,

It seemed simple enough.
“Rawls red is the cross” Blunnerz added on ts.
“I know that…” Rawls quipped.
“Haha, yes please don’t take whirlwind to green” I laughed.
“Kill all of the Ranged…” Fenrir added a little too enthusiastically.

Naturally, we cocked up somewhere along the lines and it all went a little wrong. A tank died. And then another one. And then whirlwind went to green…

Dusting ourselves off we ran back. Ate, rebuffed and checked flasks etc all in record time. It was as though if we were quick enough ‘resetting’ then it didn’t count.
It was at that point that someone got creative with one person who happened to be in wolf form.
And it resulted in this.

Still with the majority of us completely in the dark about how this was happening. We suddenly went from ‘raid mode’ to ‘PUPPIES!’ in about two seconds. It was magical, little doggies running around, sniffing, having a scratch.
“What is doing this?”
“How are we turning into Wolves?”

Turns out, jewelcrafting can provide something much much better *cough* than gems (who needs those anyway!) The delight that is Reflecting Prism And as you can see were not the only ones to have dabbled in the art of ‘Raiding with Wolves’


Once everyone was a wolf there was only one thing left to do. Line up and dance!

Cute as it looked, there was something missing…

Moon Moon!
In my haste to get screenshots I’d manage to accidentally open a ton of tabs and activate Aspect of the Fox… It could have been a lot worse, it could have been Hero I set off (not that I’ve ever done that before *cough cough*)


With all of us dancing away and silently watching our majestic group. Raiding had certainly been forgotten about four a while.

That was until Narlos got over excited and one can only assume tried to hump the bosses leg.
Our dance was abandoned as the wolf pack tried to run for the door.

“Run doggies! RUN!”
“Omg the doors shut!”

It was carnage. We were running around everywhere. I forgot I could still attack… It was only when I got a heal that I remembered.

It’s safe to say that the Wolves never made it. Although we did get the stupid boss down after that, for the rest of the raid we didn’t change into Wolves again…

Truly living up to the huntard name, for some reason I could not work out the mechanics for this boss. The shield in particular. I resorted to whispering Blunnerz many times to clarify what I should be doing and when. Looking back, I thought that you couldn’t go into the circle in the middle until the boss ran into it… derp.

We kinda had a plan for this. We were going to run right every time we had the big shit circle on the floor. Considering how many issues we had with left and right last time on Tectus I was skeptical this was going to work.
First plan was to eat a lot of food.
After Xérath was convinced I wasn’t dead as I did eventually click ready we all agreed to poke the boss and see what happened.
Poke we did and death happened.

When we decided that stacking loosely wasn’t working we spread out. Insta-death to a tank and wipe number two was in the bag.
Setting up again on this try we got a shit circle to land half in and half out of the central bit. It was quite handy for the adds and still left the soaker enough room to stand. When we wiped on that attempt we had a brain wave.
“Can we force one of them there and then spread out?”
“We can stack on the first fire and then use a cd?”
Two seconds later we were dead.
“Ok that didn’t work”

Spreading out again we had another crack. But something was telling us that tonight wasn’t going to be our night. We just all seemed to be out of sync. We couldn’t get a grip on the adds, one minute the tanks had them in a shit circle and the next, they were running around eating people.

I was still all very confused about the whole orb thing. I couldnt for the life of me work out what was my cue to go in and as Blunnerz have the call out prompt for the next one to get ready to run, I lost my head.
“me, I’m in” Narlos announced. Cool as a cucumber.
In my flapping around for some reason my brain told my fingers to make my char stand on the green swirly shit.
Boom. Dead.
“Oh for fucks sake…”
I couldn’t help it. I just laughed.

While we were having a mini meltdown about why the fuck this thing WASN’T DYING on our ressing from the last wipe, Blunnerz decided enough was enough and I agreed, so did everyone else. We still for some unknown reason, ran back to the boss room and took up our positions. Fenrir decided to leave us with a little momento and pulled the boss.
Lightning bubbled and hearthed while the rest of us stood their trying to get out alive.
“Did lightning just bubble – hearth?”
“Yes, yes he did”
“Haha jammy!”
*Boss goes mad and obliterates us*
“Aw, I was two seconds away from portaling out!”
“run in!”