Legion is over – What are your best parts?

I found a post linked on the forums where players were discussing their best bits from this expansion.

Legion had been around for a while and although I have to say I haven’t played much due to a pesky Law degree getting in the way, I do still have some memories of bits that are going to be eternally funny or memorable. Most of these might only be things that have happened to me but I’m sure that everyone can remember something similar to it happening to them…

5. LFR Bosses – Kil’jaeden, Coven Kin’garoth and Fallen Avatar.

Ok, so let me explain. There were quite a lot of funny memories from LFR this expansion, but the last two raids were definitely the dogs-bollocks when it came to fuckups and sheer anxiety over if we were going to die.


Kiljaeden google search This one split those who had done it on normal and above from those who had well, not. Raiders asking before the pull who was going to be in the soak rotation only to discover that this was eezee mode.
The biggest issue was when you make the copies of yourself. People ‘got big’ and ran away despite almost the entire raid telling them not to, people were trying to grip them in before they exploded and created their copy. Alas more often than not we had images all over the platform, shooting everything in sight. The shadow phase was interesting, especially when we had one hunter and all the pressure was on them to click on Illidan, which again, more often than not didn’t happen. So we were all running around like headless chickens trying to find him while also trying to not die…
Generally, it wasn’t a hard fight, especially on LFR but people just didn’t do what they needed to/read the chat to see the instructions/read the dungeon journal… It was hilarious and agonisingly painful all at the same time, like all good LFR’s should be. I went into this raid only two days before publishing this and we were still wiping on this thing. Armageddons weren’t soaked, people kept sunning away when they got big and people were just standing in the middle of everyone when they had the circle around them… Jesus take the wheel…


Coven1Coven2Coven3Already the ‘pug killer’ raid it was a disaster in LFR. People were rage quitting left right and centre as people just hadn’t got a clue what was going on. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I remembered the names of all the different add things that were brought in. I had to rely on DBM to give me the little icons to work out what part of the hokey-cokey I should have been doing. The funny part was watching half of the raid going to the place they should be (eg, the edge for the fire ones) and watching another group in the centre. The pleading for them to get out of the middle grew to a crescendo but like frightened sheep, they just didn’t move and they got a first hand experience of what happens when you cross the streams…


kingaroth-06Ruiner. One noise that strikes fear into my heart especially as a healer was the DBM klaxon that went off when that thing was about to cast, and praying that you started running in the right direction if it was over your head. People died by the thousands (exaggeration) dropping where they stood as they either didn’t move because moar dps! even though a dead dps does fuck all or were afk and thought that they could read Buzzfeed while everyone else did all the hard work. I am happy to report that I life gripped a total of zero people out of that as fuck ’em.

Fallen Avatar: 

gefallener-avatar fucked upThe first phase was always quite funny when the green shit came drifting out and the ones who were geared for it could just soak it while there were those who thought they could just do what the bigger bois were doing and then they died. The real fun happened when we went down and hit the platform. People would tank it in stupid places and we would end up with a whole quater of the platform going in the first strike, leading to the entire raid perching on one solitary piece while tanks and any DH who felt they would sacrifice themselves for the greater good went out into the Fel to try and bide us some time. I lost count on the amount of times we ended up with no platform and begging the dps to try and kill it before we all died. Those times were often accompanied by the yelling of some clever clogs, telling everyone to use a health potion while were were drowning in the green stuff…

4. Khadgar Dadgar


His dialogue was gold this expansion. From dropping all his coins all over the Broken Shore to forcing you to gather a zillion shards, only to actually need a handful. Lets not forget his baseball practice at Azurewing Repose.

“Maybe make then touch?”  – Tears of Elune questline.
<Khadgar pats you on the head> “Good job.”

Essentially, Legion has been this so far…
Khadgar meme

3. Jewel of Hellfire use in dungeons

jewel of hellfire

This bad boy finally had its use in a dungeon I was running with a group of friends. We had a 15 key (it was some time ago mind you) and we were woefully undergeared. It was literally a piss around to see how far we could get before we were totally destroyed. The dungeon we had the key for was Court of Stars and we had a kill count of about 150~ and we had got the asshat that summons in all the imps. We kept dying and then pulling mobs as we were trying to get back to the boss only to die again. We were resigned to it just being a complete failure of a dungeon but the hilarity of it kept us going. They started invading the res point which I found to be a prime time to use this toy and spawn next to my freshly ressed team mates as a demon goat. They shat themselves and there were strangled screams over discord. It was so worth it.

2. Nomi


Jesus take the wheel. The panda is back, baby and if anyone tells you that his appearance and shenanigans in Dalaran wasn’t funny they are wrong.

The complaints about his ‘burnt food’ made us all give Gordon Ramsey a run for his money. But truth be told, we didn’t really need him to cook much for us, just turn out some average shite so we could collect the other recipes he managed to produce. Lets face it, he tried the basic recipe, fucked it up but worked out how to improve it and get it right and then gave the new recipe to us. He wasn’t all bad, no matter what nasty things we said about him. The fact that our combined hatred of the fluffy bear was so great that they decided to do a stress test with him as the raid boss just proved how attached we had got to him. (The chat is pretty funny too.)

1. Illidan

Illidan is bae. His return was nothing short of epic.


From the moment that he is busted out of his giant green prison you knew that shit was about to go down. Follow him into the Abyss? Hell yeah! Things only got better as you witnessed his visions from his past. The final showdown after defeating Kil’jaeden and seeing Illidan bringing the fight to us with the chilling ‘sometimes the hand of fate must be forced’ reminded us that we were still not as prepared as we should have been. And who can deny that the sound of his hooves as he berated Velen was the new soundtrack to badassery?

My favorite bit? Aside from playing as him during the raid on the Black Temple, it was when he destroyed that fucking windchime Xera when she tried to turn him into a Night Elf version of Lothraxion….



Snuggles, how I miss thee

honest reply from devs to hunters we wish

I was chatting to a guildy about the new changes to the Hunter pets coming up. I’ve had a look at the changes to them (Spirit Beasts are now Tenacity etc…) and we were talking abut how things used to be with talent trees, thinking about how you could have three BM Hunters and they could all be slightly different. I liked that, I liked the talent trees for both me and my pet, alas… Blizz thought otherwise.

It got us on to the topic of buffs and how I used to always bring Snuggles the Spore Bat with me to give the haste buff to the group. How my stable had pets in it that enabled me to do my job and helped others do theirs. We were a jack of all trades and a master of none but it helped. It didn’t make us better than someone who could also do the job, we just plugged the biggest hole. I liked Snuggles, he was fucking ugly and he threw his ass in a circle as he moved around but I had gone out of my way to find him and tame him, I could have just gone for the closest, easiest one, but I looked through all of the pets on Petopia that gave the haste buff and picked him out of all the fluffy looking bastards that I could have had. (I still have him, and the memories of raiding that come with him.)

The announcement of the changes to pets had got a lot of Hunters pissed off. Mainly due to the fact that while in Legion, there was a plethora of different hunter pets being brought to raids now, instead of taming whatever pet looks cool for you, you are going to be bringing specific ones that can assist the raid in the best way. This is completely contradictory to them saying that they don’t want all Hunters coming into raids with specific pets, which didn’t even happen in SoO as we had a more varied option to bring for just one missing buff for example. If one particular pet is going to do what is needed better than all others then a vast majority of Hunters are going to be going in with the same pet or at worst, expected to…

They also were talking about spreading the ability for Hero/Bloodlust to a greater amount of pets to enable greater availability of it (so fuck off Shamans and Mages, you’re not needed anymore?) which is all well and good but did they forget, as someone pointed out, the leatherworkers that are now going to be begging in the streets, surrounded by their unsold Drums?

They also seem to have put the ‘two pet’ option for BM onto the same line as Dire Beast. The question is does that DPS increase from Dire Beast match the same amount that our second pet will do with its obedience to Kill Command and it’s auto attack?… The feeling is that they waved the carrot under our noses and then yanked it away.

Looking at the pets that actually have in my poke-wow-balls its not looking good. This set has been my go to set and I specifically tracked each one of them down because they did what I needed and I loved the look of them.


I have RaidWiper, who began life as Gondria. Hes been at my side for years causing havoc and mayhem everywhere he goes. He still has his heal due to him being a Spirit Beast and now hes Tenacity he also gets a bit hench but is it going to be enough now that there are other things that a raid leader might believe are better than my loyalty to my stupid see through cat?

I tamed a Quillen from Mogu’shan Vaults for the Rebirth ability (Battle Res) and named my pet Coffee. The whole point was that Coffee perks you up! Looking at it now, Rebirth has gone from ressing a player to ressing the pet. I mean, that’s great and all, but I have fucking revive pet to do that. So it looks like Coffee is going in the bin as now he is worthless.

Grr is my Tank. His main point in life is the grring. My go to solo pet when taking down the shit lords on Argus. His natural tank abilities have been ramped up with the extra hench mode on Tenacity so hes likely to stay. Plus I stole him off a Dwarf (an NPC not a player!)

Then I have GrowlOn. My fucking huge, noisy, annoying Core Hound. He’s there to get the party started or to elevate the effectiveness of everyones panic induced button mashing thanks to Hero. He doesn’t have growl actually on. He’s annoying so I named him after the most annoying things Hunters can do.  But hes ferocity, so he might end up being used more than Raidwiper due to his fire spewing buff thing. i cri.

I don’t actually have a fifth pet on me as that spot is there for anything that I might want to tame while I’m on my travels. I do, however, have about 35 back ups that I can equip into that slot…

Over on Wowhead, there is a guide to Hunter pets for BfA and there is already a five recommended pets for BM. So it looks like most people will be running with these five same pets, just in different colours. Regardless of if you actually like the pet itself or not. I fucking hate bats, but that apparently the second ‘go to’ pet to have… If you like your mechanical pets, especially if you’re a Gnome Hunter then its looks like bad news for you as your raid leader is likely not going to be impressed with that. We’re going back down the road of people being kicked from groups because they don’t have the ‘right’ thing. Be it talents or pets. “Bring the player, not the Class” they said. Not sure that mantra got to everyone in the Dev team.

Their number one recommended pet is a Spirit Beast so that you can have their version of Tranquillising Shot and also their heal is getting a huge buff. So maybe Raidwiper being a Spirit Beast will enable him to be the beast of choice, for me and every other BM Hunter out there.


This change seems absolute wank. There’s absolutely no reason to prioritise this as a ‘needed change’ when what they should have been concentrating on is sorting out why pets get stuck on bloody stairs or why they cant jump off a tiny ledge in a dungeon and run all the fucking way round pulling everything from a peon in Ogrimmar to Ragnaros… Or sorting out why pets get stuck? One of my previous posts detailed how my pets got stuck looking at the corpses of imps rather than actually helping me kill things.
I’m beyond mad that they got rid of every single battle res from pets. They essentially gave every single player the ability to use Hero/Bloodlust but one pet that can res? Nooooooooo. Hello? My pet is a fucking ghost, I think one of them could manage to bring something back from the dead.

I pulled a miracle res out of my ass in a mythic plus where we lost the tank and we had no BR class with us. As quick as anything, away went RaidWiper and out came Coffee, getting the tanks sorry ass back on his feet. Now that’s not going to be an option. If I’m doing a fun run dungeon set with friends, we have to have a DK or Druid or Warlock for that matter for those oopsy moments, and a Shaman or Mage for dedicated Hero/Bloodlust (H/BL pet isn’t as good as the Spirit Beast and dps loss swapping them out). My rage might be misplaced, but it has pissed me off that I can no longer bring the utility that we desperately needed when there was three Pallys and one DH and then me. It’s going to fuck us over and I’m not ok with that.
Utter utter utter utter smelly gangrenous cock buboes.

I’m just glad I got stupidly attached to a Spirit Beast because otherwise, I’d be fucked. And that’s coming from someone who still has their first ever pet ‘Raider’ the wolf even though hes ugly and he got me in a whole heap of trouble.

I like my pets because they mean something to me, now whats important is how much they mean to someone else.


I had a search though for sims for the tier 1 talents to see how Animal Companion compared. The carrot being snatched away is not far from the truth as it appears that unless you play a specific build on single target fights, having a second pet puts you in a worse position than if you picked no talent at all from that row. Wtf…

Animal companion sucks ass

Hunter talents – RIP my friends, wtf Wowhead and what you should be using apparently…

I was having a squidge through Wowhead to have a look at the butchery that was imminent upon my favoured class. The thing that really hit me was that the talent ‘tree’ was getting a overhaul.

Currently we have this:

current talents

Now, there are some talents on there I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole and would not be sad to see them go. Wowhead had a nice little list of what is being removed, what is coming in and what is going to be new. You can find it here.

Having a look through the list of removed/new/moved I was suprised by some of them.

Big Game Hunter
Way of the Cobra
Dire Frenzy/Barbed Shot*
Bestial Fury
Blink Strikes
Wyvern Sting

Killer Instinct
Animal Companion
Natural Mending
Thrill of the Hunt
Venomous Bite
Born to be Wild

Swapped Place:
A Murder of Crows
Dire Stable/Scent of Blood**
One with the Pack

* Dire Frenzy was renamed to Barbed Shot but then changed to a baseline spell
¨ This is now baseline
** Dire Stable has been renamed to Scent of Blood

Ok, so that was great and all but looking at the talents currently there I personally found it hard to decipher what was going on. So first things first, lets remove all of the spells that we are not going to be able to play with anymore (and the baseline ones…)



current talents removed

Removed old talents


Oh my Christ…. Yeah that’s a lot of shit gone.
So following on from that, lets swap some shit around and stuff….

current talents moved

Moved talents

Ok, so according to what they have written, this is where everything is due to end up once the moves have taken place. it’s alright, we have crows and stampede separated again, now if only stampede didn’t suck a bunch of dicks….

Row 4 is completely vacant which looks terrifying and exciting in equal measures, with that it was time to add in the new shit.

current talents New

All Moved/New talents in place

Oh shit bois, whatttt uppppp!
Looking nice! Even if some of these will have to be checked for viability (by someone else and then I will look it up on the internet…)

There are two really big holes however. That is apparently are where two surviving artifact weapon traits will go. There was no indication on Wowhead where they would go so I just kinda shoved them in wherever….

current talents artifact

Finished talent list via the written list on Wowhead

Now everything was filled in I had a look at what ones I would probably select. Going back to the written documentation to see what the stats were for each one. Then I saw this….

BFA talents

Wowheads BFA talent list

What the actual fuck????

The listing for ‘A Murder of Crows’ said that it had been moved to the first tier in the written section but here they had it listed as on the fourth tier…

More importantly, we get camouflage back????

I guess that I will have to just wait until tomorrow to find out whats going on?
Or I could go to Icy Veins

Looking at their list, it is in fact the same as the image that Wowhead put up, not their written description, which begs the question, why and how did they fuck that one up so badly?

Icy veins suggest:
Tier 1: Dire Beast
Tier 2: Chimera Shot
Tier 3: Natural Mending (Camo is a close second for when not in raids)
Tier 4: A Murder of Crows
Tier 5: Posthaste (Binding shot for certain situations)
Tier 6: Stomp
Tier 7: Aspect of the Beast (Killer Cobra for single target but it’s not passive like AotB and not much different in output)

So the artifact talents that we were suggested to get are not on there, Dire beast hasn’t been renamed, or it was, changed back and the rename was made the baseline…
This isn’t much different to what I already run with, they’ve just changed location and from Icy Veins, you shouldn’t need to swap them about too much either (which mean even less money from Inscription, thanks Obama Blizzard.)

Now to sort out what the fuck is going to happen to all my pets!


Newly qualified Field Medic

Yesterday was my last day panic farming for the title ‘Field Medic’.

I first wondered what the hell the title was when I saw someone running through Dalaran with the title on and thought that it would look good for my priest. I had a quick scour over Wowhead and discovered that it was First Aid related and with the news that First Aid was going as a secondary profession and all the achievements with it, I started having palpitations that I was going to miss out on it.

I had completed the first 7 (or so) for the previous achievement ‘Is there a medic in the zone?’ and I remember these quest things dropping for me the last time I was levelling in the Broken Isles. My First Aid was up to 795 anyway on my hunter so I knew that if I was going to actually max it out as I had done for all other expacs, I needed to find one more for sure.

So, I read up on where to get it to drop and set off on a killing spree. The first stop was the Murlocs by the water near the Court of Farondis area. I commenced mass genocide and pilfered their corpses to see if they had picked up one of the letters of help that these random exploreres etc had sent off.
I was doing that shit for and hour and nothing. The baby Murlocs were screaming at me as I butchered their parents, the big dude on the hill was getting angry with me as I ran past him without a care in the world, spraying arrows out in front of me.  There had to be somewhere better.

That turned out to be on the Watchers Isle place. There was a whole bunch of Murlocs there that were bigger and badder. They were throwing their spears at me, hitting me in the face with their shields and shooting water bolts at me. As they were taller than their cousins out by the Court I figured that they would have deeper pockets to enable them to stuff a note or two in there. They didn’t disappoint but not before after I had pulled a pack of five and then had another pack run into the back of me. Grr (my bear) couldn’t keep up, Hati spent her time staring at corpses like some sort of sniffer dog that had found something. That something usually was a bit of cloth and some silver. I’ve never used my self heal more frequently. The reckless abandon that I had used with the little Murlocs was once again my method of choice here, and despite the best efforts of my character telling me that being pelted with spears was starting to sting a bit, I carried on.

It finally dropped after my third lap of murder. One that I didn’t already have and the second to last one I needed in this zone. Going off to complete it I came back. Killing more of them as I circled around their home time and time again. Nothing.
A guild mate came and helped out, still nothing. We changed areas, back to the smaller Murlocs. The last sodding note I needed dropped for him, then another two dropped, still nothing! I was starting to get desperate and sent a ticket off the the GM’s asking if it was correct that not everyone in a party could loot it (yes it is).

Two hours down, only one collected. I had 8 done and not long left to find the others.

The following day, I went over to the island in Val’shara where there are a lot of Murlocs and also the lobster dudes. There was a Boomkin there starfalling the fuck out of everything. I snuck around and killed a section near a Murloc housing estate and hoped for the best. Shit all. I’d now spent another hour doing this… I moved over to the imps that were attacking the bears. They were too spread out for my liking and kept jumping around. I had Raidwiper out at this point and both he and Hati developed a fixation with dead imps and were no help to me half the time.

I had a look through the groups and found a large assortment of ones set up for ‘Field Medic – <insert zone here>’ most were full. Eventually one appeared for the zone and location I was at.
Players in these came and went, to the point where suddenly I was leader and having to deal with the popups asking if I wanted to accept so-and-so and change it to a raid. Mostly the players were silent but some were lamenting the fact they had a zillion drops of the ones that they didn’t need.

In Val’shara there was a Mage that had been doing the achievement for three days and felt a bit dizzy.

In Highmountain there was a Warrior who complained that they had been grinding the same mobs for hours and still hadn’t had the drop they needed. And then they got it.

In Stormheim there was a DK who was waiting for one solitary drop so he could complete the achievement, caps lock was used to announce the drop to the party when it happened.

I had the benefit of two Monk tanks in groups I was in, until they got what they needed and fucked off, leaving the rest of us wandering around not sure how we were going to pull everything.
We had one out by the Kobolds behind Skyreach in Highmountain. Pulling all the grave robbing bastards towards us so we could cleave them down. On the odd occasion they went to do a quest we used a ranged like the ox statue, getting them to pull everything towards us so the Warrior of the group could spin-to-win. It was good training for when he abandoned us for real.
My next one I encountered was in Stormheim. The first group I was in had situated themselves in the hole where all the rock-carving dudes were. There was a Pally Tank who was trying to pull everything centrally but a Ret Pally was charging around killing everything where it spawned resulting in a clusterfuck of bodies everywhere. After dealing with this for just over an hour (and slowly dying inside due to the abysmal drop rate from these dudes) people eventually left and new ones joined. We lost the Pally Tank and then a DK…. Once the Ret Pally fucked off to do a quest we were able to start gathering up the mobs to make it easier to loot and kill. It was working wonderfully, then they came back and completely fucked up the system… I quit the group as my head was about to explode and I wasn’t sure if I could restrain myself from saying anything about their wanker ways lack of being a team player. There was a good twenty minute wait, where I was watching to see the number in the group drop to four so I could get in there. One showed up with two people in there, bingo. It was a Monk Tank. Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!

It was with the Monk in Stormheim that I managed to get the last bit I needed. I had spent 9-10 hours solid grinding mobs. I made 22k in just looting them for their coin and vendor loot. I got an 840 ring for level 101 which went straight up on the AH. I also developed hysteria that I would never finish it before it got taken away and also managed to convince myself when waiting for that last drop that I would never get that one and I’d miss the achievement due to it.

The sheer amount of Field Medic groups on custom group finder is still astronomical. The panic to get this done has well and truly set in. Thankfully, I’m done and now my Priest is a fully qualified Field Medic.




I done fucked up…

So it was brought to my attention that a rather humorous forum thread had popped up.

This was a place where people were sharing their noob moments from when they first started playing.

There were some classics to which you could say “same” and there were ones where you just said “eh?”. However, it kinda got me thinking, I still have those moments even now due to my observational skills being somewhat lacking at times.

In the spirit of things, I thought I would share my noob moments, some I may have mentioned before, some are new!


Ok, so I tried a free account and was going around Elwynn Forest and Westfall et al doing my stuff when I hit level 20. I carried on questing and handing stuff in because I didn’t realise that the xp wouldn’t be awarded to you. So I got lots of shiny gear and money but I’d progressed out of zones quest wise but not actual level wise. I’d handicapped myself meaning I had to tackle things I wasn’t ready for to try and get to new quests that I hadn’t done… still fuck that dire wolf in Duskwood…

I thought that you had to complete every single quest in every single zone. I completed Eastern Kingdoms and then moved on to Outland. I was LVL 70 and still in Terrokar Forest after completing everything in Hellfire Peninsula when someone whispered me and asked me why I wasn’t in Northrend…


I picked a hunter as it said good for solo levelling. I named my wolf (I started as human) Raider. I saw training dummies in Stormwind and one of them was titled “Raiders training dummy”, I thought it was for my pet… I didn’t even know what dungeons were, let alone raids…


It was only at LVL 83 that I found out that dungeons can be done by anyone and not end game content that the max level players did…

Didn’t realise that you can only run out of the hands on the second boss in Neltharions Lair by avoiding the actual hand. I thought you just needed to get out of the animation and could do that by running through the hands…


Had no clue what my stats were, I just knew that I wore leather and then mail… that intellect tho…

Didn’t know about white/green/blue/purple gear. If it did more damage than what I had currently I equipped it/bought it, regardless of colour…

I once had a bow break on me during running away from the Lich King in a dungeon. After that I kept any bow I got and arranged them from best to worst in my bag so I would always have a back up… I ended up with about 8 back ups for my back up… and when I had to finally release my collection into my void storage as I just didn’t have room anymore to keep them all it made me panic.


In MoP I was SV/BM spec depending on the fight but in WoD I was just a Marksman Hunter. I was into Marksman big time, even though I had promised myself that I wouldn’t ever play it again after levelling up to 85 by questing with it (and not really knowing what I was doing). During alt raids, I just brought my hunter and played a different spec, namely BM as I missed having RaidWiper with me. I had completely forgotten what any of the spells did and due to getting a new UI I was missing half of them off my bars but didn’t realise. Yeah, Kill Command wasn’t a thing for me until it got pointed out. (I main BM now and have no Idea how to play MM!)


So this one I have touched on before in another post but my biggest weakness is I just don’t finish questlines and therefore don’t get the full story. After levelling to 84 by just questing alone I was done, done, done with the bloody things. In WoD I got to the level appropriate for moving on and then I did, dumping any quests that were left over. I had hit 100, and went straight into dungeons and the raids, never looking back until it was time to try and finish everything off to get Pathfinder for flying. I was working my way round and got to Nagrand, picking up the quests I had previously abandoned, when I got to the all important moment where you find out what happens at the end via a cinematic. It seemed like I was about 4 millennia behind everyone else as I announced in guild chat ‘Thrall killed Garrosh???!?” Everyone else knew and I had been blisfully unaware but quietly wondering to myself what we were going to do about Garrosh. Have I learnt my lesson? No. I still don’t do them all unless forced to by gated content and that is coupled with the fact that i pick them up and don’t read them properly. Long story short, I have no clue what we have been doing in Legion really apart from fighting green guys and making friends with shiny goats.

Farming slave

So I decided to make a bank alt as I was just sitting on just too. much. stuff.

The idea was it was going to be like my bank alt on my old realm, a level 1 that was unloved and just sat in Stormwind. Collecting shit from the mailbox and begrudgingly carrying it all to the vault at the back of the bank where in all likelihood, that stuff will never see the light of day again.

That didn’t quite happen.
After ferrying some junk around in the bank, I went back to the starting zone and got to killing me some worgs.
Before I knew it, I was buying more heirlooms I didn’t need to get a bloody chauffeur…

My first mistake was probably creating a priest, as I already had one I was levelling back on Dragonmaw. If I’d have picked a melee class it possibly wouldn’t have made it out of the starting zone. Many of those have been created and deleted in a matter of minutes.

It was around the Darkshire area that I decided that I was going to carry on levelling her and also she was going to have professions. Things were getting real.
I knew I wanted alchemy for pots and shit and the other one was because it was the only one missing as a bloody achievement criteria.

I’d had blacksmithing before. It was actually one of the first professions I had on Zionxi. But after levelling it to the hundreds,  I gave up on it as too much effort and picked up inscription (which I still have) and herbalism (which is now on my DH). I had a warning that this was going to get expensive, tedious or both really quick by my trusty levelling partner but nevertheless, I went back to Stormwind to visit the trainers and then grumble at why they were at opposite ends of the city…

Levelling the actual professions wasn’t as expensive as it could have been, possibly due to my point blank refusal to buy that last copper bar for 15g and instead, relogging onto Jaaila my DH and sending her off into Elwynn Forest to look for it.
Frolicking with lambs, looking for pretty flowers and collecting shinies was probably a million miles away from what she should have been doing on the broken shore (also, a million miles away).

Things did get pretty tedious when the recipes needed Iron. This was alleviated slightly by the need for Mithril to craft, which luckily I had managed to hoard a load of in the bank. but it was soul destroying to realise that I needed iron for steel later and that meant back up North I had to go. I traversed up to Western Plaguelands so many times to farm it that I felt like I should softly weep while on the flight-path in honour of the hours lost from my life.

At one point, I had to level my priest to be able to progress so instead I decided to take a look at alchemy and the herbs needed.
Which was the one thing I wasn’t looking for while mining.
Because I had ‘Find Herbs’ switched off…

Collecting the majority of them wasn’t too bad, helped in part due to the hording nature of my main. That is until I reached the need for Goldthorn. This shit is the bane of my life and the only reason I didn’t lose the will to live last time I farmed it for inscription is down to the fact that any of the same level plants could be used to make the inks I needed. Now it was specifically goldthorn that I required.

As I was flying around Arathi Highlands trying to find it, and ‘try’ is correct, I still couldn’t help myself but to waste further time mining anything I could find. Getting into scraps with the local Ogres and really, really pissing off the horde guards who were standing just that little bit too close to the node I just couldn’t resist. I had a Mortal Kombat button mashing euphoria after managing somehow to kill a guard at lvl 102 with no idea what any of my spells did. I just pressed things and hoped for the best and just chucked my glaves at them whenever I could. Was the node worth it? Of course not! 

I could just craft my stuff with Legion mats and recipes to try and save some sanity but then that would mean that I wouldn’t be the type of person who was stood at a vendor constantly refreshing for an hour to try and get a limited recipe until the server shut down… 

Plus, it’s kinda fun to not be in the Broken Isles for a change!

Oddly Coloured Egg – New Pet mat guide

Sun Darter Hatchling 2

The new Sun Darter Hatchling has been discovered by those on Discord. A very basic ‘how-to’ has been put up on Wowhead however, if you don’t fancy clicking through nearly 80+ separate pages to find out what you need and from where then you’re in luck!


Where the fuck is it??? I want it NOAW!

The egg itself is found in a cave called the Caven of Consumption behind Moonglade, the place where you go to kill that demi-god fish thing in the pond there during one of the festivals… descriptive, I know.

Alright, stop complaining about my shitty directions, Moonglade is here…
Where is Moonglade

The cave pacifies you so you pretty much can’t do anything but consume potions and get your pets out (way-hey) which means that to do anything in there will require things other than how much you can dps-whore. (Or heal-whore depending on what you prefer)

Ok, so I know where it is, but what the fuck do I do???

Yeah, this bit is interesting. So to start with lets just state the obvious. If you don’t want to spend gold on the AH to get the potions you are going to have to compete this on an Alchemist. Why? Because you will need to farm the recipes needed for the potions and they are BoP.
Picking up recipe

If we assume that you don’t want to drop a lot of gold and are just going to farm it then you need to know what you will have to get and then where to find it, right?

OMG, just tell me what I need!!!!1!1!!

Alright, here’s the list of what you need for one person to get through to the pet. But don’t frettle petal, I will go into lists of where to get these in a bit.

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