Zionxi – lingering outside the Auction House since 2011

Welcome to Zionxi, the place on the internet where I regale whoever stumbles across it with tales of my adventures and misadventures in World of Warcraft.

I happily retell the funny and most times stupid things that happen in WoW, along with:
– Guides on achievements or farming that actually tell you how much of a pain in the arse it is, posted on Mondays.
– Azeroth Scenery: Screenshots from iconic places in Azeroth, including cities and zones, posted on a Sunday.
– Discussing issues from players in the Wednesday Reset
– And having a look into the lore of characters that you meet in questlines and such on Fridays.

I play a Hunter main which you can see from the tabs above, a priest because of sparkles and a Demon Hunter because of double-jump/glide, along with my Horde Hunter replica that I used my 110 boost on because cba to level…


Oh, yeah, it might be worth mentioning that I swear a bit. Alas there isn’t a mature filter on here… So think of it like Guild Chat with Trade Chat thrown in for good measure.

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