Hunter talents – RIP my friends, wtf Wowhead and what you should be using apparently…

I was having a squidge through Wowhead to have a look at the butchery that was imminent upon my favoured class. The thing that really hit me was that the talent ‘tree’ was getting a overhaul.

Currently we have this:

current talents

Now, there are some talents on there I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole and would not be sad to see them go. Wowhead had a nice little list of what is being removed, what is coming in and what is going to be new. You can find it here.

Having a look through the list of removed/new/moved I was suprised by some of them.

Big Game Hunter
Way of the Cobra
Dire Frenzy/Barbed Shot*
Bestial Fury
Blink Strikes
Wyvern Sting

Killer Instinct
Animal Companion
Natural Mending
Thrill of the Hunt
Venomous Bite
Born to be Wild

Swapped Place:
A Murder of Crows
Dire Stable/Scent of Blood**
One with the Pack

* Dire Frenzy was renamed to Barbed Shot but then changed to a baseline spell
¨ This is now baseline
** Dire Stable has been renamed to Scent of Blood

Ok, so that was great and all but looking at the talents currently there I personally found it hard to decipher what was going on. So first things first, lets remove all of the spells that we are not going to be able to play with anymore (and the baseline ones…)



current talents removed

Removed old talents


Oh my Christ…. Yeah that’s a lot of shit gone.
So following on from that, lets swap some shit around and stuff….

current talents moved

Moved talents

Ok, so according to what they have written, this is where everything is due to end up once the moves have taken place. it’s alright, we have crows and stampede separated again, now if only stampede didn’t suck a bunch of dicks….

Row 4 is completely vacant which looks terrifying and exciting in equal measures, with that it was time to add in the new shit.

current talents New

All Moved/New talents in place

Oh shit bois, whatttt uppppp!
Looking nice! Even if some of these will have to be checked for viability (by someone else and then I will look it up on the internet…)

There are two really big holes however. That is apparently are where two surviving artifact weapon traits will go. There was no indication on Wowhead where they would go so I just kinda shoved them in wherever….

current talents artifact

Finished talent list via the written list on Wowhead

Now everything was filled in I had a look at what ones I would probably select. Going back to the written documentation to see what the stats were for each one. Then I saw this….

BFA talents

Wowheads BFA talent list

What the actual fuck????

The listing for ‘A Murder of Crows’ said that it had been moved to the first tier in the written section but here they had it listed as on the fourth tier…

More importantly, we get camouflage back????

I guess that I will have to just wait until tomorrow to find out whats going on?
Or I could go to Icy Veins

Looking at their list, it is in fact the same as the image that Wowhead put up, not their written description, which begs the question, why and how did they fuck that one up so badly?

Icy veins suggest:
Tier 1: Dire Beast
Tier 2: Chimera Shot
Tier 3: Natural Mending (Camo is a close second for when not in raids)
Tier 4: A Murder of Crows
Tier 5: Posthaste (Binding shot for certain situations)
Tier 6: Stomp
Tier 7: Aspect of the Beast (Killer Cobra for single target but it’s not passive like AotB and not much different in output)

So the artifact talents that we were suggested to get are not on there, Dire beast hasn’t been renamed, or it was, changed back and the rename was made the baseline…
This isn’t much different to what I already run with, they’ve just changed location and from Icy Veins, you shouldn’t need to swap them about too much either (which mean even less money from Inscription, thanks Obama Blizzard.)

Now to sort out what the fuck is going to happen to all my pets!



Newly qualified Field Medic

Yesterday was my last day panic farming for the title ‘Field Medic’.

I first wondered what the hell the title was when I saw someone running through Dalaran with the title on and thought that it would look good for my priest. I had a quick scour over Wowhead and discovered that it was First Aid related and with the news that First Aid was going as a secondary profession and all the achievements with it, I started having palpitations that I was going to miss out on it.

I had completed the first 7 (or so) for the previous achievement ‘Is there a medic in the zone?’ and I remember these quest things dropping for me the last time I was levelling in the Broken Isles. My First Aid was up to 795 anyway on my hunter so I knew that if I was going to actually max it out as I had done for all other expacs, I needed to find one more for sure.

So, I read up on where to get it to drop and set off on a killing spree. The first stop was the Murlocs by the water near the Court of Farondis area. I commenced mass genocide and pilfered their corpses to see if they had picked up one of the letters of help that these random exploreres etc had sent off.
I was doing that shit for and hour and nothing. The baby Murlocs were screaming at me as I butchered their parents, the big dude on the hill was getting angry with me as I ran past him without a care in the world, spraying arrows out in front of me.  There had to be somewhere better.

That turned out to be on the Watchers Isle place. There was a whole bunch of Murlocs there that were bigger and badder. They were throwing their spears at me, hitting me in the face with their shields and shooting water bolts at me. As they were taller than their cousins out by the Court I figured that they would have deeper pockets to enable them to stuff a note or two in there. They didn’t disappoint but not before after I had pulled a pack of five and then had another pack run into the back of me. Grr (my bear) couldn’t keep up, Hati spent her time staring at corpses like some sort of sniffer dog that had found something. That something usually was a bit of cloth and some silver. I’ve never used my self heal more frequently. The reckless abandon that I had used with the little Murlocs was once again my method of choice here, and despite the best efforts of my character telling me that being pelted with spears was starting to sting a bit, I carried on.

It finally dropped after my third lap of murder. One that I didn’t already have and the second to last one I needed in this zone. Going off to complete it I came back. Killing more of them as I circled around their home time and time again. Nothing.
A guild mate came and helped out, still nothing. We changed areas, back to the smaller Murlocs. The last sodding note I needed dropped for him, then another two dropped, still nothing! I was starting to get desperate and sent a ticket off the the GM’s asking if it was correct that not everyone in a party could loot it (yes it is).

Two hours down, only one collected. I had 8 done and not long left to find the others.

The following day, I went over to the island in Val’shara where there are a lot of Murlocs and also the lobster dudes. There was a Boomkin there starfalling the fuck out of everything. I snuck around and killed a section near a Murloc housing estate and hoped for the best. Shit all. I’d now spent another hour doing this… I moved over to the imps that were attacking the bears. They were too spread out for my liking and kept jumping around. I had Raidwiper out at this point and both he and Hati developed a fixation with dead imps and were no help to me half the time.

I had a look through the groups and found a large assortment of ones set up for ‘Field Medic – <insert zone here>’ most were full. Eventually one appeared for the zone and location I was at.
Players in these came and went, to the point where suddenly I was leader and having to deal with the popups asking if I wanted to accept so-and-so and change it to a raid. Mostly the players were silent but some were lamenting the fact they had a zillion drops of the ones that they didn’t need.

In Val’shara there was a Mage that had been doing the achievement for three days and felt a bit dizzy.

In Highmountain there was a Warrior who complained that they had been grinding the same mobs for hours and still hadn’t had the drop they needed. And then they got it.

In Stormheim there was a DK who was waiting for one solitary drop so he could complete the achievement, caps lock was used to announce the drop to the party when it happened.

I had the benefit of two Monk tanks in groups I was in, until they got what they needed and fucked off, leaving the rest of us wandering around not sure how we were going to pull everything.
We had one out by the Kobolds behind Skyreach in Highmountain. Pulling all the grave robbing bastards towards us so we could cleave them down. On the odd occasion they went to do a quest we used a ranged like the ox statue, getting them to pull everything towards us so the Warrior of the group could spin-to-win. It was good training for when he abandoned us for real.
My next one I encountered was in Stormheim. The first group I was in had situated themselves in the hole where all the rock-carving dudes were. There was a Pally Tank who was trying to pull everything centrally but a Ret Pally was charging around killing everything where it spawned resulting in a clusterfuck of bodies everywhere. After dealing with this for just over an hour (and slowly dying inside due to the abysmal drop rate from these dudes) people eventually left and new ones joined. We lost the Pally Tank and then a DK…. Once the Ret Pally fucked off to do a quest we were able to start gathering up the mobs to make it easier to loot and kill. It was working wonderfully, then they came back and completely fucked up the system… I quit the group as my head was about to explode and I wasn’t sure if I could restrain myself from saying anything about their wanker ways lack of being a team player. There was a good twenty minute wait, where I was watching to see the number in the group drop to four so I could get in there. One showed up with two people in there, bingo. It was a Monk Tank. Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!

It was with the Monk in Stormheim that I managed to get the last bit I needed. I had spent 9-10 hours solid grinding mobs. I made 22k in just looting them for their coin and vendor loot. I got an 840 ring for level 101 which went straight up on the AH. I also developed hysteria that I would never finish it before it got taken away and also managed to convince myself when waiting for that last drop that I would never get that one and I’d miss the achievement due to it.

The sheer amount of Field Medic groups on custom group finder is still astronomical. The panic to get this done has well and truly set in. Thankfully, I’m done and now my Priest is a fully qualified Field Medic.




If music be the food of war… Part 1.

I thought I would revisit this little beast, back in January 2016 I started this and haven’t really thought about it much since then as I had a house move and starting uni to contend with… But I will leave you with this and then I can see how much I need to cry with anguish about getting the rest of them!


I’d collected the above as they were all the fairly straightforward ones to get hold of. I’d gotten to that point and then forgotten about it.
I was reminded of it again when Francis was on the phone while trying to complete the ‘Ghost’ one. Recalling that one, it did make me chuckle to be reminded of how I ran around the graveyard, went into the tunnels and tried every place I could think of to find him. Apart from killing myself and turning into a ghost so I could see him…

This has also meant that I have now resorted to my list.
Thankfully, I got given seven of these rolls for just starting the music box quest. Curse of the Worgen, Exodar, Gnomeregan, Ironforge, Night Song, Stormwind and Way of the Monk are all your ‘freebies’ to get you started.

The other easy ones were:
Shalandis Isle – Tiny box on a ledge opposite where Tyrande is standing. (Yes you have to get all the way up to Darnassus)
Magic – Loot a pouch hanging in a tree in Ashenvale
Mountains – (There’s a mountain theme as there are three that are inspired by massive rocks…) Loot the little pouch that’s on the window sill in a tower in Owls Thicket, Winterspring.
Song of Liu Lang – Get yo ass up to the Vale and into the Lorewalkers hang out. 80 gold later (and some time if you didn’t level through Pandaria as you need to be revered) and its yours.
Darkmoon Carousel – Tricky as you have to wait until its party time on Darkmoon Isle but once your there its just 90 tickets and sold by Chester.

Then I actually had to start doing stuff to get them (FFS… This is not how it’s supposed to work…)
Tinker Town – Oh. My. Christ. This cost two things, gold and minutes of my life. You know those little dirty things that the mobs drop? Remember that safe-haven in the middle of the dungeon  (If you only went to this Dungeon once while leveling you may have missed it) remember the crazy machines called sparkle-matics or whatever the hell it was? Combine the lump of crap with the machine and some of your hard earned gold and after a good million or so clears of the mobs later, you’ll get it! -_-

Next up was Cold Mountain. Seeing as I had just lost my sanity in Gnomeregan getting Tinker Town, I thought what better way to get my sanity back than a spot of fishing! In the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge, you can have the bobber noise right up and start scrolling through imgur or some other time sink and then keep clicking when you hear the noise. You might even get lucky and get that huge fish!

Remington Brode, you strapping lad. All those hours of walking and the fresh country air of Grizzly Hills has made you… fucking difficult to find!
You get Totems of Grizzlemaw from him, once you have a nice little chat that leaves you wishing he was neutral so you could kill him and loot the bloody thing off him instead. He wanders the main path around the zone. So get on your flying mount, and follow them around until you find him.

Looking further down the list I was slowly thinking that I might need to give up.
Kill Illidan. Great. Tiny Tiny drop chance. yay, not.
Blackwing Descent. Woooo…
Sha of Fear. FML.

PvP in Stranglethorn… wow. I guess I am giving up now.



Ah Pepe, you fluffy little in game bird that has annoyed and delighted players in equal measures.

When he first came out I did take a passing glance at him and then shrugged off his existence. Completely forgetting about him until yesterday.
Why yesterday you ask? Well that would be the arrival date of the Pepe plushie in the photo above. However, he’s not mine. This little fuzzball belongs to Francis.

His arrival time was some ungodly hour of the morning and was a surprise due to the poor little chap being squeezed into a FedEx ‘medium’ box (with no air holes, the monsters!)

Once back at my own computer I logged in and went to his tree. There he was, sat there doing not a lot. I clicked on him but wasn’t close enough. I mounted up but even on the biggest mount I had I still couldn’t reach him. I flew up a little. I was now technically in reach but was greeted with the message ‘you are mounted’. I tried to land in the tree. That didn’t work and as a result of my efforts all I had managed to do is cause him to go away.
Being Pepe-less I went to Stormshield to collect my seals (I haven’t been near my computer for five days) and have a look at what goodies having a feathered friend would bag me.


The bird whistle is the obvious item. If you like Pepe then you want him all the time! There was a lot to get through and I still had the whole ‘he flew the nest’ thing to contend with.
I was informed that if I went back into my Garrison it would reset him. So back I went, ran up to his tree to be confronted with an empty branch. I went out and back in my Garrison twice more, each time getting to the branch and seeing nothing. I tried the /tar Pepe and nothing happened, I tried it out on another npc milling around and it worked perfectly. At this point I conceded that Pepe was gone forever and I decided to look at wowhead to have a look at the bird whistle achiement in more detail due to the number of raid bosses you need to kill.

It was upon reaching the comments section I decided to read through them as there can be comedy gold in those posts, scrolling through comments about not having certain critter killing pets out, I then stumbled on this…

Little feathery bastard had been hiding from me!
Lo and behold, there he was…

He looks like Leatherface. Creepy little shit…
Anyway, I collected him and got the achiement for finding him in his scarecrow costume (wut?) and had his fat ass on my head as we went in to raid. Trash went a bit wrong and he decided that there was no reason to hang around with my corpse so he buggered off again.

I might be tempted to complete this, as he is kinda cute but the sheer effort needed now nothing is current is going to be horrendous. Unless I can convince the raid team to spam the old dungeons and raids while we have birds sitting on our heads it’s going to be a lfr job… Can I actually be that bothered? Possibly not!
Anyone wondering about what you need, boss wise, the list is below. Good luck!

Gug’rokk: The last boss in Bloodmaul Slag Mines

Teron’gor:The last boss in Auchindoun

Skulloc:The last boss in Iron Docks

Ner’zhul: The last boss in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Skylord Tovra: The last boss in Grimrail Depot

Yalnu: The last boss in The Everbloom

High Sage Viryx: The last boss in Skyreach

Warlord Zaela: The last boss in Upper Blackrock Spire

Brackenspore: Boss in Highmaul

Ko’ragh: Penultimate boss in Highmaul

Oregorger: Boss in Blackrock Foundry

Hans’gar & Franzok: Boss in Blackrock Foundry

Operator Thogar: Boss in Blackrock Foundry

Beastlord Darmac: Boss in Blackrock Foundry

Kargath Bladefist: First boss in Highmaul

Twin Ogron: Boss in Highmaul

The Butcher: Boss in Highmaul

Tectus: Boss in Highmaul

Imperator Mar’gok: Final boss in Highmaul

Blast Furnace: Boss in Blackrock Foundry

The Iron Maidens: Boss in Blackrock Foundry

Kromog: Boss in Blackrock Foundry

Gruul: Boss in Blackrock Foundry

Flamebender Ka’graz: Boss in Blackrock Foundry

Blackhand: Final boss in Blackrock Foundry

Drov the Ruiner: World boss in northern Gorgrond

Tarlna the Ageless: World boss in southern Gorgrond

Rukhmar: world boss in Spires


Know your DBM pull timers!

Jollyjanes’ son created a video guide on how to use pull timers while we were having issues with ninja pulls and itchy fingers. I First spoke about why we needed it in this post. The video has been around for some time now and has been referenced every time that we still have ninja pulls.

The guildies knew about it and it was sitting at a modest amount of views until one day, it got linked on the wow sub-reddit by a guildie.

I have to admit, I’ve never really looked at reddit due to most things like this being full of keyboard warriors and cancerous trolls who like to lord it over people regardless of how much of a complete twat they are. Half of me was expecting that the usual crettins would come out and slate the video even though they are made fully aware that the creator of it is (was) 7 years old. My faith in humanity is restored however when reading the comments.












And then theres twitter…

And general sharing…

And how about getting the boy to 50k views? We can do it!

Field Photographer


WoW is a tiny bit dull atm. The things to do which could easily eat up your time before you realised it was two days later and you’re late for work are diminishing.

I like looking through my achievements tab to see what little things can be done to hitch up those points. If it has a title with it, even better,

Field Photographer caught my eye. Nice and easy, I knew where about 97% of the places were and it would be pretty easy to get round them all.
Well, it would be after I sorted them all out into continent order and then in a logical order to get to them.

Anyone who is anyone should still have their hearthstone set to Shrine in Pandaria. It also helps that I’m a scribe, so I have two hearthstones (like Shamans with Astral Recall) which helps me getting to and from places.

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Outposts are out there!


Out and about levelling in Draenor means a lot of time out in the different zones. Outposts are a way of maximising your time while out in the field be it through getting handy extra Garrison Resources, gaining new followers or vanity items or zone perks.

One thing to consider and its worthwhile pointing out at the very start. Once your Outpost it built the only way to change it is when you hit level 100 and have 10,000 gold to spare. If you get your level 92 Outpost wrong then that 8 levels you are going to have to live with it! Pick carefully! 

The choice you make may be dictated by your levelling choice. If you choose to level via questing or through dungeons. The choice may also be affected by what you decide to have in your Garrison as well.

Outposts are introduced in the zone with a quest chain, this almost ‘finds’ the outpost plot and then you select a quest chain to then ‘create’ your chosen outpost.


The first zone you get an outpost in is Gorgrond. Unlike the many options you get with plots in your Garrison you have only two choices. On of those is a Lumber Yard and the other is Sparring Arena.
Both provide a boost to your attacks by being able to summon a ‘thing’ to help you while you’re there but what are the actual benefits to you while you’re in the zone itself?

The Sparring Arena gives you a buff for five minutes after you summon a random champion to fight with you for one minute. This buff is an enhancement that improves your combat skills and the more enemy’s you and your gladiator kill, the bigger it will be. Great if you’re choosing to level through Gorgrond via the questlines.

The Lumber Yard allows you to cut down vines for Garrison Resources. So you could have a mini Lumber Mill without having to have one on your Garrison.

Both of these reward followers at the end of it.

In Talador you have the choice of an Arcane Sanctum or an Arsenal.

Again, both provide followers and they both provide and extra attack.
Neither of the attacks are more spectacular than the other. More value may be held by the follower you gain upon competing the quest chain and how it will affect you in that way.



Spires of Arak gives you the choice of Brewery or a Smuggling run. Your choice here may be again dictated by your levelling method and also the amount of gold you have spare.

The Smuggling Run immediately caught my attention. Shiny things for sale! However the cost of the bag at 2,200 gold made me think about how much these other things would be to buy. Yes the treasure finder and the Garrison Resources would be good but if they’re a lot of gold to buy how worthwhile would they be? The Treasure finder only works in the zone and is only therefore useful if you plan spending time out there. The Garrison Resources can be found easier than summoning a trader every ten minutes in the hopes he has them on him to sell. You do get the chance to buy a lvl 99 follower from him which may be a convincer for players.

The Brewery on the other hand does give a 20% bonus xp while in Spires and a teleport to your ‘Inn’. If you’re leveling through dungeons then the boosted xp is a bonus that possibly can’t be sniffed at while you’re battling through Skyreach.

Nagrand is your final outpost location. Upon the creation of this outpost you are awarded with the ability to purchase the blueprints for the level 2 large buildings on you Garrison

You again have two options for this outpost. Essentially you get ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ (not actual flight!) and again this might be influenced by what you already have/are planning to have in your Garrison.

There is a Tankworks for those who want added attacks while in the zone.

And for those who want to run away from trouble there is a Corral which allows you to ride a particular Corral mount even in combat.

For those who decided to include a Stable in their Garrison for the level 2 perk of being able to interact with things in the outside without being dismounted this might be perfect. If you’re out and about doing your stuff you can essentially run away from trouble. If you’re farming and someone decides to gank you you can run away from them. Obviously it doesn’t work in other zones while you are farming but it’s a handy option in the last zone to just give a bit more of a quality of life enhancement to those on a PvP realm!