We had a raid last night that didn't quite go according to plan. Starting at 8:30 anyway, we were missing a tank and two healers which meant we had to go to the glorious world of pugs. Which was fine, we had done it before. However this time it took us over an hour to …

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Field Photographer

WoW is a tiny bit dull atm. The things to do which could easily eat up your time before you realised it was two days later and you're late for work are diminishing. I like looking through my achievements tab to see what little things can be done to hitch up those points. If it …

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Barrage is so clutch

Tuesday night raids are fun, the crew gets back together and we kill bosses. This time we started on the upper floors. Having the main of a pugged pally join us. Everything was going ' normally'. I'd just downed a Red Bull and was feeling casual with my approach to dps. Being presented with a …

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