Websites I love

I’ve linked many things in my blog, all pointing to various sites that I use or have found helpful items on. Maybe it would be a good place to start to have them all in one place so if anyone fancies it they can scoot over and have a look for themselves.

If I don’t know what the fuck something is or how to get it: Wowhead
A vast resource. Mainly used by me if I don’t know where to find something, as most items have had some insanely helpful person put tom-tom coordinates on there for us lazy people.

If I want to know how much something is worth: The Undermine Journal
Nice to keep track of what you could potentially hold out for gold wise and also see if there are any bargains etc on your auction house.

For those lore questions on Timeless Isle: Wowpedia
I have no idea what undead Murlocs are called, luckily, they do…

When I want to stalk the person who KEEPS GANKING MEEEE!: Wow eu
I get satisfaction from knowing who the hell the person is and then cursing their name and guild.

To keep tabs on how awesome my guild is: Wow Progress
Because I want to know how great we are in a sea of Horde guilds (gogo RT1!)

To see how the best players are going and how to be as good as them: World of Logs
You can find out all sorts of information from here, a great way of seeing how the best players do it.

Professions help for farming and levelling it: Wow Professions
Need to know where the best place is to farm Netherweave? How many stacks of black trillium ore you will need? this is the place to go. Saved me a fortune as usually I would be too lazy to farm if I didn’t know exactly where to go to get the best farming results.

HUNTER PETS!!!!!: Petopia
This is where I go to drool over all the pets I want, you can see stats for them and find out what pets you should be looking for to get the buffs you want to.

Pokémon Companion pets: Warcraft Pets
Easily see comments on how to get these and see other peoples collections.

Guides for playing: Noxxic Icy Veins MMO Champion
All kinds of information on here, endless amounts of knowledge for noobs and pros alike.

Place for the Huntards to feel at home: Huntsmans Lodge and Eyes of the Beast
Put your feet up under that beautiful mounted head of a Shadowhorn Stag and trade tips.

Because if you can’t beat ’em – STALK THEM: Method
Tons of information provided by the lovely raiders themselves and their groupies.


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