Paid for 90!

Controversial! Game wrecker! Death of wow! Ruins leveling! More idiots! Some of the things found on the forums when this little sneak peak found it's way onto the Internet. I have a few posts about what I want to do with my free boost to 90. With the likelyhood of the paid boosts as well …

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Leveling fun

With WoD looming on the horizon and updates on what the next expansion will bring it was high time I gave my DK some love along with my other alts. Xiionia is my trusty bank alt. I use her to stash items I don't need right now but someone might need in the future. Yes, …

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Haters gonna hate

We unfortunately came across a post on the Haomarush forum from somebody posting on a lvl zero char to do some very direct bitching about the guild. Unfortunately, the actual post got removed and now the thread is locked but it is available to see in all its glory in a quote. Not only was …

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WoW in numbers

When logging into the WoW website there was a really great infographic. Just incase they ever get rid of the actual page the link directs to, I was sad and in awe enough to screen shot everything! Seeing the game in stats really makes you appreciate how vast WoW really is. Enjoy!

Farming dungeons for valor

With the opportunity to run dungeons to get bonus rep for certain factions of your choosing and as a quick route to farm valor, they are now the playground of the end gamer. One particularly obnoxious player, Avarilyn. A Pally from Argent Dawn sees the heroic dungeons as a quick 'pew-pew' and doesn't seem to …

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