Serious talk… Will begin another day

We're a funny bunch, a keen sense of humour and a sharp wit are always appreciated. These screen shots are of those moments where you couldn't help but laugh. You might have needed to be there but I wanted to share anyway! Drunken guild chat 🙂 I'm a minion. But also I really don't know …

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Raid team 3

Of all the things I would think I would be doing on wow, getting a raid team organised is not one of them. However, here I am, muddling through, not sure if I'm doing well or it's a laughing stock. Still, in between those points I'm having fun and hoping that other people are too. …

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SoO delights

Not many posts. Sorry about that 😦 Things have been quite busy. We've had more realms being merged to ours which has resulted in more players joining our ranks. It's good to see so many people in guild chat and doing things. We have had some 'not so great' people who have left or been …

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