Garona and Jeeves

I'd been so content having Walter that I didn't really give the actual repairbots any thought. When I bit the bullet and dropped herbalism for engineering I went around and collected plans but never really did anything with them. Yesterday I finally handed in one of the last parts of the legendary questline after wandering …

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Hello London!

There's something rather exciting about meeting your guild mates. These people that you spend hours talking to over teamspeak, you've messaged each other, you know what you look like. Then you decide to name a date to go somewhere and hang out. This date was today, the 11th of April. The date of the grand …

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Cata dungeons

The easter break means raids have been put on hold for two weeks. The first week was a little 'confusing' for the few of us who were logging in. Not enough to raid and not wanting to Pug some angry teenagers, we inevitably just hung around in our Garrisons until boredom overcame us. This week …

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