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This is going to be a big thing.
And a time consuming one unless you plan.

Levelling your Garrison

Your Garrisons level up as you fill the previous tiers plots. So if you only ever fill the Large plot on your level 1 Garrison, it will only be level 1, even if you personally hit level 100.

The plots available to you are set, so at level 1 you have two set sized plots and at level 2 you have 4 set sized plots plus 3 gathering plots etc…

Bear in mind that for these there are quests that need to be completed to open up the blueprints for certain buildings. So choose carefully if you don’t want to be out in the wild for too long completing it. Once you have levelled your Garrison, all of the previous levels blueprints are available and once you hit 100 they are all up for purchase. This however shouldn’t mean that you leave everything to the last minute as you will need what these Garrisons can deliver unless you are going to be totally reliant on a LOT of gold.

garrisonlvl1 copy

Level 1

You have 1 large plot and 1 small plot available to you.

Your small plot is primarily your crafting plot and the large is your ‘bonus’ plot. Both of these need to be filled before you can move on to the next level for your Garrison.


garrisonlvl2 copy

Level 2

This is your next stage for you to place buildings. You get a Medium plot and another Small plot. With this level you also get the Mine, Herb Farm and Fishing Shack available to you.


garrisonlvl3 copy

Level 3

This is your final level and you now have even more plots available to you. You get an extra Large plot, an extra Medium plot and and extra Small plot. As well as the Pets area.

What do you put in the plots?

Well. This is where it’s completely up to you. You can have all the professions you don’t have on your main or focus on the ones you do. You can focus on making gold or you can focus on helping out your fellow team mates.

Blueprints cost gold to get them for your chosen building and after that to create your building (which take an hour to be built after you get your architect to create it) it costs a combination of gold and Garrison Resources.
You can at a later date change what buildings you have but you will not get back the gold or Resources spent on obtaining the building. So while as this may be beneficial later on to change once the pressure to gear up fast is over it is not something you can do every week without it making a significant dent in your finances and Resources.

Resources are your new currency. Like timeless coins. These show up in your currency tab and are collected through various means through out Draenor. There is a limit to the amount you can have on you at any one time but in the first few weeks of Garrison creation there will be no end of ways to spend them.
They come in various amounts from the following for example:
Quest rewards
Killing rares
Killing mobs
Owning a Lumber Mill
Owning a Trading Post
Looting chests (tested out on Timless Isle in MoP)
Garrison Cashe

The Garrison Cashe is a chest that your followers add Resorces to little by little over time. On beta it works out at 1 Resource every 10 minutes. There is a 500 Resource limit at the moment for your Cashe so you do need to open it up frequently.

It’s apparent from looking through the crafted items that everything intermingles at one point or another. The gathering plots that are provided go some way to help for this (Jewelcrafters needing herbs is one) but there are limitations. You can’t just ditch your gathering profession and expect the Farm to provide all the mats you need for Inscription. Working as a team though you can limit the number of people who do and then take it form there.

Leatherworkers with a Barn are like a lifeblood to the other professions. The ability to provide some of the Sorcerous Essences and via creating items and then the leathers, fur, meat and eventually the bloods needed for high end items.

Theres an array of items that can be produced for use by other professions. From Hexweave Cloth to Draenic Dust. Work orders get these items produced if you don’t have the profession and the higher your buildings level, the more work orders that can be produced.

The level 3 blueprints are available once you complete certain achievements and are account wide. Worth looking into what you actually need at level 3 and what you don’t.

Don’t forget that you can accept a quest that initiates a scenario where your Garrison is attacked by mobs. A successful completion of this scenario will boost your Garrison production for the day.

Small Buildings and level perks

Alchemy Lab

  1. 7 work orders, allows the production of Alchemy items
  2. 14 work orders, any follower with the Alchemy trait will work there (bonus stack of potions)
  3. 20 work orders



  1. 7 work orders, allows the production of Blacksmithing items
  2. 14 work orders, any followers with the blacksmith trait will work there (+ bonus)
  3. 20 work orders


Enchanters Study

  1. 7 work orders, allows non enchanters to disenchant items and allows the production of enchanting items
  2. 14 work orders, any followers with the enchanting trait will work there (bonus ability to change the glow colour of weapons)
  3. 20 work orders


Engineering works

  1. Allows the production of engineering items
  2. 3 work orders, followers with the engineering trait will work there (+ bonus)
  3. 20 work orders


Scribes Quaters

  1. 7 work orders, allows the production of Inscription items
  2. 14 work orders, followers with the inscription trait will work there (bonus forged goods to sell to vendors for gold)
  3. 20 work orders


Gem Boutique

  1. 7 work orders, allows the production of Jewelcrafting items
  2. 14 work orders, followers with the jewelcrafting trait will work here (bonus quest to craft a high value item to sell)
  3. 20 work orders



  1. 7 work orders, allows the production of Leatherworking items
  2. 14 work orders, followers with the Leatherworking trait will work here (bonus able to craft ‘rest tents’ for rested xp)
  3. 20 work orders


Tailoring Emporium

  1. 7 work orders, allows the production of Tailoring items
  2. 14 work orders, followers with the tailoring trait will work here (+ bonus)
  3. 20 work orders



  1. Chance to sometimes recover salvaged items from missions
  2. Higher chance to recover salvaged items, these may now include follower items
  3. Higher chance to recover salvaged items, these may now include player items



  1. Enables access to your personal bank, ups the number of work orders by 1 per building
  2. Enables access to your Guild Bank
  3. Enables access to the Ethereal Trader for transmog and void storage services, ups the number of work orders by 2 per building

Medium buildings and perks


  1. Allows you to capture Clefthoof, Elekk, Wolves, and Talbuk for leather and fur
  2. Allows you to capture Boars and Riverbeasts for rare meats
  3. Allows you to capture elite beasts to harvest for savage blood



  1. Visitor to your Inn will provide a dungeon quest per day
  2. Recruit a random follower, can specify the traits and abilities you’re especially interested in
  3. Unlocks the Treasure Hunter missions


Lumber Mill

  1. Mark small trees to cut to create a small number of timber to use for work orders to get Garrison Resources and Apexis Crystals
  2. Mark medium trees to cut to create a larger quantity of timber
  3. Mark large trees to cut to create a larger still quantity of timber


Gladiator Sanctum

  1. Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in outdoor Draenor zones and allows the collection of broken bones from defeated enemy players
  2. Enables safe fall in outdoor Draenor zones, also enables the Nemesis quest series
  3. While below 35% life, all damage taken is reduced by 50% in outdoor Draenor zones grants access to the Highmaul Coliseum gladiator tournament.


Trading Post

  1. Allows the trade of Crafting Materials for Garrison Resources and visa-versa
  2. Allows access to the Auction House and grants access to factions
  3. Rep gain in Draenor increased by 20% (account wide)

Large buildings and perks


  1. Doubles the chance for your quest rewards to get a rare or epic Bonus Upgrade
  2. Allows the collection of armor scraps from the Orc clans of Draenor for armor transmogrification use
  3. 1 of your ‘seals of tempered fate’ are free (these are the Draenor bonus rolls)



  1. Grants the Call to Arms ability and unlocks Patrol Missions which have higher than normal follower experience rewards
  2. Allows a follower with the bodyguard trait to follow you around out in the Draenor Zones
  3. Increases the amount of followers you can have by 5


Mage tower

  1. Allows you to choose an Ogre Waygate to use (a portal you can use to teleport)
  2. Allows you to choose two Ogre Waygates
  3. Allows you to choose three Ogre Waygates



  1. You can collect special Draenor mounts to use
  2. You can stay mounted while interacting with items in the outside world in Draenor
  3. Mount speed in Draenor is increased by 20%



  1. Personal engineer that attaches rockets, mines and speed boosts to your mount
  2. Access to the jetpack
  3. Create one Siege Vehicle per day

Other plots and perks

Fishing Hut

  1. Ability to fish small sized fish in the Garrison lake, access to the fishing dailies quest
  2. Ability to fish medium sized fish in the Garrison lake
  3. Ability to fish large sized fish in the Garrison lake, chance to catch unique fish which can be used to lure mysterious creatures to shore



  1. 7 work orders for herbs, random selection
  2. 14 work orders for herbs, select what herbs are planted
  3. 21 work orders, ability to plant a tree for a food buff



  1. 7 work orders, ability to mine nodes in Draenor for stone which can be used for work orders to turn them into minerals
  2. 14 work orders, more nodes in the mine, followers with the mining trade will work there
  3. 21 work orders, rich mining nodes available, guards positioned to keep mine attackers away


Pet Menagerie

  1. Attracts elite pets you can battle for rewards, 5 of your battle pets hang out in your garrison
  2. Traps have a higher chance of working, reduces the time on the revive battle pets, 10 pets hang out
  3. Unlocks a daily pet battle with unique rewards


Followers are people that you recruit for your Garrison. They have a wide array of traits and abilities that can benefit your followers missions and also affect how they perform at work orders.

There are followers with Slayer abilities. These give them a higher chance to beat a particular type of beast they may be fighting. So if theres a mission requiring them to kill and Orc, sending a follower with the Orcslayer trait will be beneficial.

There are followers with traits that give them a success rate boost if they are on a mission with a particular race. Child of the Moon boost the success rate of missions where they accompany a Night Elf. In some cases (due to the traits being on the whole, randomly assigned) you may end up with a Night Elf who has the Child of the Moon racial preference. In this case, the trait will not affect the follower who has is, they will still need to be teamed up with another Night Elf to ensure the mission benefits from the trait.

There are profession traits which randomly are allocated to followers. However if your uncommon follower doesn’t have a profession trait to begin with, there is still a chance it could appear when they level up to rare and epic followers once they have levelled to 100. These profession traits will ensure that they work at the building that has the same profession as their trait which in turn creates bonuses. However, the higher the level they are while they are working at the building that matches their trait, the bigger the bonus for extra goodies is. It is worth noting that while working, they will not gain any experience. So early on Alchemists may benefit more from sending Alchemy followers on missions to level them up before they put them to work for the extra flasks.

There are mission duration traits, these can shorten the time spent on missions or increase the success of missions longer or shorter than 7 hours.

There are followers who are able to increase the experience gained by followers after a mission and also some that increase the supplies you receive from missions.

There are followers who have a preference to certain terrains eg: underground, in snow… if they are allocated to missions on their preferred terrain the success rate of the mission increases.

There are followers that reduce travel time, increases the chance to get treasure from certain chests, can enable you to catch fish without bait, can act as a bodyguard, ones that increase the success rate for missions where the travel time is less that 6 hours… the list goes on.

For mats, you definitely want to focus on the ones who can work at the profession buildings you have, the Inn at level two enables you to select what traits you are looking for so that you up your chances of getting them.

The followers themselves come in different ‘rarities’ (think along the lines of battle pets) The rarer the follower, the more traits and abilities it has. There are Epic followers that you can have assist you when you complete achievements.
If you have an uncommon follower, they have 1 ability and 1 trait
If you have a rare follower, they have 1 ability and 2 traits
If you have a epic follower, they have 2 abilities and 3 traits


They can be levelled up (think along the lines of battle pets again) and even if you start with an uncommon follower, once they hit 100 they will continue levelling via their quality. so they will eventually go from uncommon to epic!

Abilities are what followers are going to use to counter the hazards that the missions throw at them, traits are bonus that can improve the success rate or the time of missions etc. its worth knowing that if you send a follower on a mission where they are 3 or more levels below the mob they are sent out to get they will get no experience from the mission.
One way to explain this is with Pokemon! Remember that you always use to have the smallest pokemon as the one who was called out first so that they would get a slice of the xp when the enemy was defeated? Well, Blizzard have stopped this being able to happen with the level limit. You cant send a tiny follower out with a bunch of hulking lvl 100 ones so the small one gets xp. The follower has to earn his level of his own accord!

Your followers will also get upgrades with their gear which will also help when they are sent out on missions. While there is no set limit for the amount of followers you can have in your follower list. There is a 20 follower limit for the ones who are actively doing things (25 if you have the level 3 barracks)

Missions themselves cost Resources to fund them. The rewards often out weigh the initial cost and some even reward Resources on the successful return of the followers. Choosing the right followers for the job will reduce the risk that you outlay Resources and get nothing in return.



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