RT2 filming in progress

We had a conversation over team speak about creating a channel for our raiding on either YouTube or twitch.

Several things came up like what to call ourselves, did we just want to be RT2 or have an actual name? This could possibly open a very large can of worms with people not being able to agree and potentially being not happy with any name put forward etc… If we have a name shouldn’t RT1 have a name?
Should we have a group where we can all input videos or have one person doing it? What happens if someone doesn’t like the editing?
Would people be happy having their voices recorded?
Do you tell people when it’s being recorded or not? Would people get distracted if it’s recording and mess around or would people put more effort in because they don’t want to make an arse of themselves…

Interesting ideas and it raises a lot of questions too.
If we are going to be editing these videos are they going to have a theme? If people are going to watch them other than those in the team/guild would it be more entertaining to have a theme, possibly like Project Lore? Rather than a straight film of the fight?
We don’t talk tactics much apart from at the beginning and when we are running back from a wipe! Things like ‘what the fuck was that!?’ ‘Who pulled the big one?!’ Were quite amusing from tonight’s Dark Animus fight and could be so funny if edited right but could get lost if they were just random points in the middle of a huge long recording.

It’s going to be an interesting one and I can’t wait to see what we come up with!


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