I done fucked up…

So it was brought to my attention that a rather humorous forum thread had popped up.

This was a place where people were sharing their noob moments from when they first started playing.

There were some classics to which you could say “same” and there were ones where you just said “eh?”. However, it kinda got me thinking, I still have those moments even now due to my observational skills being somewhat lacking at times.

In the spirit of things, I thought I would share my noob moments, some I may have mentioned before, some are new!


Ok, so I tried a free account and was going around Elwynn Forest and Westfall et al doing my stuff when I hit level 20. I carried on questing and handing stuff in because I didn’t realise that the xp wouldn’t be awarded to you. So I got lots of shiny gear and money but I’d progressed out of zones quest wise but not actual level wise. I’d handicapped myself meaning I had to tackle things I wasn’t ready for to try and get to new quests that I hadn’t done… still fuck that dire wolf in Duskwood…

I thought that you had to complete every single quest in every single zone. I completed Eastern Kingdoms and then moved on to Outland. I was LVL 70 and still in Terrokar Forest after completing everything in Hellfire Peninsula when someone whispered me and asked me why I wasn’t in Northrend…


I picked a hunter as it said good for solo levelling. I named my wolf (I started as human) Raider. I saw training dummies in Stormwind and one of them was titled “Raiders training dummy”, I thought it was for my pet… I didn’t even know what dungeons were, let alone raids…


It was only at LVL 83 that I found out that dungeons can be done by anyone and not end game content that the max level players did…

Didn’t realise that you can only run out of the hands on the second boss in Neltharions Lair by avoiding the actual hand. I thought you just needed to get out of the animation and could do that by running through the hands…


Had no clue what my stats were, I just knew that I wore leather and then mail… that intellect tho…

Didn’t know about white/green/blue/purple gear. If it did more damage than what I had currently I equipped it/bought it, regardless of colour…

I once had a bow break on me during running away from the Lich King in a dungeon. After that I kept any bow I got and arranged them from best to worst in my bag so I would always have a back up… I ended up with about 8 back ups for my back up… and when I had to finally release my collection into my void storage as I just didn’t have room anymore to keep them all it made me panic.


In MoP I was SV/BM spec depending on the fight but in WoD I was just a Marksman Hunter. I was into Marksman big time, even though I had promised myself that I wouldn’t ever play it again after levelling up to 85 by questing with it (and not really knowing what I was doing). During alt raids, I just brought my hunter and played a different spec, namely BM as I missed having RaidWiper with me. I had completely forgotten what any of the spells did and due to getting a new UI I was missing half of them off my bars but didn’t realise. Yeah, Kill Command wasn’t a thing for me until it got pointed out. (I main BM now and have no Idea how to play MM!)


So this one I have touched on before in another post but my biggest weakness is I just don’t finish questlines and therefore don’t get the full story. After levelling to 84 by just questing alone I was done, done, done with the bloody things. In WoD I got to the level appropriate for moving on and then I did, dumping any quests that were left over. I had hit 100, and went straight into dungeons and the raids, never looking back until it was time to try and finish everything off to get Pathfinder for flying. I was working my way round and got to Nagrand, picking up the quests I had previously abandoned, when I got to the all important moment where you find out what happens at the end via a cinematic. It seemed like I was about 4 millennia behind everyone else as I announced in guild chat ‘Thrall killed Garrosh???!?” Everyone else knew and I had been blisfully unaware but quietly wondering to myself what we were going to do about Garrosh. Have I learnt my lesson? No. I still don’t do them all unless forced to by gated content and that is coupled with the fact that i pick them up and don’t read them properly. Long story short, I have no clue what we have been doing in Legion really apart from fighting green guys and making friends with shiny goats.


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