Being confused and trying to be pro

I’ve been on holiday and have just got back into the swing of things so sorry for the late posts!

 So our main tank is bogged down with work and our new tank is on holiday (the cheek of it!)
We have kinda been at a lose end with clearing/not clearing and doing 25s etc. We kindly had help from a whole host of people so that Jolly, Flinkan and a few others could finally have Garrosh checked off on Armory. Thanks to those who were not in guild but helped out on a reset day to kill the last raid boss! I’m sure many thumbs were twiddled for the rest of the week but I’m glad you guys did help out (you know who you are)

After that Jolly and I went on holiday (separately! But talk about timing!) And RT3 joined RT4 people and some RT2/1 alts for 25 man fun on normal.
The one I joined was messy as anything but I quite enjoy the silent concentration of an RT3 run. “Ever chatty RT3” as Cereals branded us. In between bosses you can’t shut us up but as soon as that pull timer goes down you can hear a pin drop from someone else’s house. Or a beer bottle being opened. Or Charlie barking…

Anyway, we did a flex with RT3 and RT4 people to see how well we worked together. It was frustrating as some didn’t follow the instructions but then again when RT3 started out it wasn’t plain sailing either. I guess now we have a steady routine it’s a bit jarring to suddenly have 10 other people creating a hullabaloo over TS. We got through, very quickly. Aided by Apollyn coming on his main due to him being bored!

Scroll on a week and RT3 is back on normals. We also reset. It’s been about three months since we last saw Immersius and co and boy did it show!
We didn’t wipe which was good but after having two bosses killed, Jolly realised he had tanked them in the wrong stance and I did Fallen Protectors without an aspect on (possibly why I wasn’t blessed with my BiS bow) and on Norushen we just had a free for all with the orbs.

“It would help if I was in the right stance”
“You tanked two bosses in the wrong one?”
“Yeah, at least I had the right gear on this time”
“Haha. To add to this I just did the last boss without an aspect on…”
[Raid chat][Flinkan] wth is wrong with you people?

We did unravle slightly at Nazgrim where Rawls and Jollys tank swapping was slightly off. Ravagers were spawning left, right and centre and although we did well avoiding them our space to manoeuvre was compromised and we kinda just gave in to the adds after a while. It was good practice but it was time to call it a night there.


Moving onwards we then had Jake help us out on his ‘paper tank’. We got to Spoils which was to be the real test of what we could remember.

As we split, the memories of wipes came flooding back. We set off opening boxes. Things went well, we had a minute to spare until everything blew up in our face on my side, unfortunately, the squeals coming over TS told a different story for the other side. As everything exploded and our corpses landed in a jumbled heap around the box a harmonious ‘awww’ came out of my speakers. Wipe number one was complete.

Juggling players around we started again, slightly more determined and possibly trigger happy. I opened a panda box without having Jolly in focus to misdirect onto. “Omg I’m tanking! Jolly!” I yelled as he hurried over while I ran around in circles. Calm was restored and we got through to the other side easily. All the previous practice had paid off! The mantid side was another matter. “Where did this add come from!?” I spluttered as I had gone from shooting the pandas to facing off against a bug who was pretty determined to eat me. “That may have been opened by accident” Jolly whispered.  No sooner was that down and a boss box and four little ones had been opened, bombs were being thrown everywhere. As we worked our way around the room we were falling behind the other group. We got to the second boss box. “Shall we use hero?” Nanutza asked. “Oh yeah! Hero!” With that popped the boss went down fast and I lost my ability to count. Jolly opened two small boxes which were being delt with “Jolly! We need five more!” I was panicking at him just standing and tanking in the gap left by the two boxes he had opened. “Err, we only need two” Blunnerz added, before Jolly went around opening everything. “Oh yeah, I can’t count” Lever pulled, job done.

I had to keep asking what boss was next as I couldn’t for the life of me remember. Oh yes,  that’s it, Thok…

Jake did give Thok a go on his paper tank but alas it wasn’t to be, we tried again with Jolly and Tsff, with Jake swapping to a healer.

He got himself a drink and came back announcing that you’re never too old for chocolate milk. Jolly wasn’t so sure. “No, unless you drink it through a straw where it’s milk at the bottom and then chocolate at the top, that’s just wrong.”

We had another crack at the big dino and after a couple of attempts (some of them truly messy) we got him. We were so excited about our progress that the majority of people started to run off. “Err… Loot?” Blunnerz said as the others then turned around and trotted back. After the obligatory screen shots we called it a night.


When we were all logged in for our next raid night we were at Siegecrafter Blackfuse. Blunnerz had a plan, we were going to skip the trash.

We all hugged the wall to the left of the pipes and side stepped along, hugging the pipe work as we jumped slowly down towards the platform. There were a few casualties along the way as a couple of people fell off and needed to be ressed. Once we were all on the platform we stood in a huddle looking around us. Four packs of mobs were there, ready to run to the aid of the first pack we scooted around. It was a little alarming as we didn’t know what would happen during the fight. I clicked on one of them, they were huge and would flatten me in an instant. Still huddled up like penguins we discussed what we were going to do. “The problem is now that we might accidentally click on one during the fight” Tsff mused “oh no, they don’t do anything now, they just stand there” Blunnerz replied. Dubiously I waved my curser over one of them, my cursor stayed as a hand. Clicking on one again I then tried to shoot it and was greeted with ‘You can’t attack that’. This convinced me enough and I went off skipping around them, taking a screen shot as I was nuzzled up against one of them. We needed a healer so we got Jake back in again and he was quite surprised at being ported in front of one of them. “Ah! Oooh you did the trick?” He asked.

It was a bit strange having them all stood there doing nothing as we tunnelled their leader/boss although their positioning didn’t interfere with what we were doing. We had saved ourselves at least two wipes on trash though.

We did wonderfully on this boss, considering the issues we have had on it in the past. I managed to kill all my weapons (yay) although there were a few hairy moments when they went through the last curtain of molten metal and it went out of range before it was dead, the only way I could see if it had worked was by the other weapons being covered by the bubble they get to protect them.

He dropped like a sack of metal and we went onwards.

Paragons was a complete brain fade. We couldn’t quite remember what the order was. Tauti had swapped with Verdie and she knew exactly what to do and also, how to pronounce the damn names.

The mechanics were a bit of a blur. People missed aim, the amber spots were left too close to the melee group, people got confused by what colour they had and who to go to… The only blessing was that the bosses themselves were not hard to kill and by brute force we got over them. Although we were possibly wanting it to drag on a bit so we didn’t have to get to Garrosh. We were saved by the fact that Tsff needed to log as he had a busy schedule and we happily decided to call it and start over again once people were back from holiday, and when they were, Garrosh was going to get a face full of RT3 rage.


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