Sylvanas – Transmog


If you want to emulate a unhinged character in WoW what better way than to look like everyones most hated leader, Sylvanas Windrunner!
(Jokes aside, she looks cool, she could have been cool but they turned her into the Anti-Christ and left even the Horde conflicted about playing their own faction this expansion…. WTF?!?)
I really think instead of just making her the Warchief she should have lead an uprising that pushed aside some twatty makeshift leader rather than just handing it to her and then leaving her for one expansion to really do piss all only to then go fucking insane. I know they were trying to make the factions hate each other again but there were ways to do it and this doesn’t seem like the right start for it.

However, if you like the Banshee look or want to emulate a Dark Ranger then this might be the mog for you!

I saw something like this on a Mog website that seems to have died a death and went about picking bits up. The collections tab is great for seeing what you want to get and find out where to get it from.

Lady S

Helm: Greyed Dragonscale Coif. Mythic drop from Emerald Nightmare from Nythendra. Gotta get lucky with this one I’m afraid. You could use another red/purple cowl helm for this one but its the glowing red eyes from this one that really works.
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Reconstruction. Quest item from Deepholm. Check Wowhead for the quest info though as it can be buggy.
Chest: Felstone Chain Vest. Drop from Hellfire Peninsula dungeons and mobs.  Could be easy to obtain if you get it within the allowed number of runs or a bit of a grind if you don’t. Could always check the AH if in doubt!
Back: Cloak of the Royal Protector. From the Well of Eternity and Queen Azshara, its in her box after you defeat her.
Hands: Westrift Handcovers. Borean Tundra quest reward. There is a Horde questline too but I did the Alliance one but am led to assume that the horde one will grant the same item.
Waist: Waverunner Waistband. Another Borean Tundra quest item, two for one out there!
Legs: Felstone Leggings. Another drop from Hellfire Peninsula dungeons and mobs. Can try other Outland zones for it but you best bet is HP.
Feet: Sky-Hunter Swift Boots. First boss in Sethekk Halls in Terokkar Forest, Outland.
Bow: Zod’s Repeating Longbow. Drop from Lady Deathwhisper in ICC, second boss in the Lower Spire so not a horrendous long run only for it not to drop!

There might be better options for some pieces but as I’m guilty of thinking that I needed to do all the quests in the zone before you could move on, I have an awful lot of quest rewards as transmog. Feel free to let me know of any other bits that you find that would work better!

Don’t forget there are more transmog/slutmog that can be found here.



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