Patch day!


Patch day has arrived! Many yays!

So what happened?
To start with I went from this…


To this…


My first thing to address was my face. Man was I ug-ly. A trip to the barbers soon sorted that out. A little back alley cosmetic surgery and a cut and colour on my hair and I was good to go. As I ran out and watched my new pony-tail bobbing along and flapping as I jumped I had to have a little nerd-squee over it all. I was a beautiful creature! (until they re-do the Belfs… then I will be crying into my keyboard about how dumpy I am)

Others logged in and were puzzled that they looked like they had been hit by a truck.

Roly posted his ‘face only a mother would love’ on our forum.


I’d fixed my face and was feeling good about my char. I’d used Wowhead to check out how I would look when I logged in on patch day and sincerely hoped no one would see me. But after my face lift I really did like the look of my char. Until I saw her from the front.


What the actual F is going on my boobs?!? Unfortunately I can’t have those sorted in a back alley barbers so the breastplate may have to go. /sob

I hadn’t even really looked at my spells when I realised that there were some big holes in my action bar. Rapid Fire, Serpent Sting and Stampede were the first ones I noticed as I was hitting the keybinds and nothing was happening. Having a quick flick through my spell book nothing major had gone, and the ones that had I wasn’t missing much. (Logging onto Lilouann and I was concerned when Mana Tide Totem wasn’t there.)
I have to say I’d spent the best part of two months lamenting over how awful WoD was going to be with the spell removal and that Survival was ruined and I’d have to learn how to play Beast Mastery or I’d have to give up. The patch notes did not make it any easier to comprehend how it was going to affect you. On the PTR after only playing for a few hours my fears were subdued and I relaxed into the awesomeness of my Hunter.

I’d completed the first quests in the ptr so knew what to expect from them. Kill a load of this and blow up a load of that. Things went down so easy! Literally just running around pulling things until I had my quota. Handing everything in the quest line moves further up towards the portal. There’s a little crater that is the base for the next set of quests.
Here you go on to poison and kill Ogres (standard Alliance quest right there) and you go into Nethergarde.

Here you have to find poles, trinkets and plans. They glow so you can find them easier than when they would just glitter. For the life of me I could not find the stupid mug. I ran around everywhere looking for it. I found a War-Wolf eating a dead horse (no word of a lie. It was there, face in the horses gut). I ran around inside the Keep. Clicking on every mug in there. Annoyed I ran out again and there it was, near the entrance that faces the Horde mines. On a table, under a gazebo…


After all of this I was far behind any normal player! The next part was to go into Okril’on to kill some dude. The way I’d been blasting through everything I wasn’t expecting much and was surprised that Blizz thought that they would send in Maraad with you to do it.

The quest line was over. All I had to do was turn in to the King and I was done. Shiny title and pet.

People were commenting about the new Bonze Whelping that you can get as a rare drop from the Iron Horde. I decided to go back to Okril’on to kill everything there as they’re were a lot of mobs and the respawn rate is so quick. I’d think I’d been killing them for about half an hour and it dropped. Quite a cute little thing. People are already selling them on the AH for 6k gold. Not sure if they will make that much currently but might be a nice little earner once the pre-patch event has ended!


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