Secret Fish of Azeroth – Hyper-Compressed Ocean Toy

This is the follow on from finding all of the secret fish in Mechagon, if you haven’t got around to that yet check out this post to show you where to go!

Once you have handed the Mechagon fish to our gnome friend at least once, you are awarded the special goggles to go find some other secret fish all over Azeroth.

The goggles are an on use item that lasts for 1 hour with an hour CD, so you don’t have to wait to use it again.

Once you have them equipped you will see random small blue bubbles in front of you which have a spawn time of about 20 to 30 seconds.
Once one bubble spawns, it hangs around for about 20 to 30 seconds so there may be some overlap with when another one spawns. So you might have two up at the same time but you need to really get going to click it as soon as it spawns as I’ve had some only hand around a couple of seconds after the next one spawns.

Anyway, you click on the bubbles and they contain fish. Sometimes they will just be random zone specific fish and other times you will get one of the secret fish you need for the achievement.


There are specific conditions that are needed for some of them along with being in a particular zone, some need a specific area or you need a debuff and what not… but the saving grace is that you can click on these while mounted!

Now when I started this, Chromie was in Rustbolt allowing you to see into the future, which meant that I was 110% doing what could be deemed the most annoying to do as it is dependent on your ability to access the future version of Mechagon.


Displaced Scrapfin
Mechanized Mackerel
These were my first catches and inside the same bubble! I was standing outside rustbolt looking towards the Troggy things pools and caves, there wasn’t a lot of space so the bubbles sometimes appeared behind trees but after a while of picking up standard BfA fish and some greys, I got these two.
While the Displaced Scrapfin is only found in the AV Mechagon the Mechanized Mackerel is just found on Mechagon. 

While I was in Mechagon I decided to get the last one to be exclusively found here
Green Roughy
This one needs you to be painted green by running through the colour spray where the Mechanocat mounts can be recoloured. Seeing as that bit of the scrapyard is fairly big and open I decided to use that to let the bubbles spawn.

I would also like to add that it took me several minutes to realise that you didn’t need to run all over the area trying to find the bubbles. Up until this epiphany I was getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of bubbles and how god damn hard they were to spot, especially when I thought they could be absolutely anywhere.
Then I read some helpful comment that said the bubbles spawn in front of you every 20-15 seconds… fuck my life.

Next up I decided to go for an easy one because I’m lazy. So the Tortollan Tank Dweller was up.
So this is in one of the many underwater bars that you can find. In particular, you need to visit The Drunk Tank which is under water in Anyport, Drustvar.
The bar is right near the flightmaster which will help trying to locate it and you’re looking for a rocky hump on the sea bed which has a set of steps going down. /way 19.92 43.11 was my location when I saw the steps.
Once you’re in, it’s quite cosy in there so make sure its not appeared behind any of the furniture!

Seeing as I was in Kul Tiras I went over to find the Drowned Goldfish.
This one is at the Deadwash flightpath and the smaller lower area where all the pirates are attacking. 

Next up was a trip over to Nazmir to go piss off some Blood Trolls while hunting for the Rotted Blood Cod.
I went to /way 50.45 47.63 which is like a downward ramp into the Troll village. Standing between the pillars at the top and looking down meant that the spawn should be literally right in front of me or at the very most slightly to the sides at the bottom. This enabled me to wait for it to spawn out of harms way and also you only have to deal with one patrol that has a fairly long path.

It was time to go to Nazjatar for the Queen’s Delight. If you’re Horde, apparently around you hub is good for this. For alliance, I found that using the path that is behind all the profession trainers was nice and quiet. Most people don’t come that way and there are no mobs to interrupt you leaving you with a good view of the bubbles.

Now, at this point I hadn’t collected any of the ‘common fish’ even though you can get them anywhere. I also hadn’t collected any of the ‘day’ or ‘night’ fish… But, there’s till time!

Next up was a different continent all together…
There are three in Panda Land so I went off there to scout them out.


You teleport into the Jade Forest these days and thankfully there is a fish in that zone to catch. The Jade Story Fish is best hunted in the grounds of the Temple of the Jade Serpent just due to the huge amount of clear space you have. There are a fucking lot of trees here to block your line of sight and it’s easier to kill a few non-elite lvl 90 mobs than it is to see through trees! Plus the NPC Pandas keep a lot of the mobs at bay…
While here I did also get the Deceptive Maw in the same bubble, so that’s one of the common fish down, seven to go!

Kun Lai was my next port of call. Heading up the to pinnacle of Mount Neverest for Thin Air Flounder which is found on a quite small platform.


The bubble spawn really close together but I was lucky enough to get this in my first bubble that I clicked on. Some of them do spawn on terrain which you can’t actually stand on so don’t forget you can click on the bubbles mounted!

I then went over to Isle of thunder for the Thunderous Flounder and tbh, I just went straight for the bit before the Throne of Thunder entrance at The Foot of Lei Shen as its roomy, flat with fuck all there. Plus you can kill Nalak while you’re collecting…

Next up I decided to head over to the Broken Shore and used my Dalaran Hearthstone to get my Kirin Tor Clown by hanging around the landing. I got some greys here while collecting the bubbles, which were like what you fish up in the fountain… I did get coins from the fountain as well which might aid the collection for another achievement.

A short lazy flightpath down to Suramar and Meredil and then fly over to the Harbour in the middle for the Ancient Mana Fin bubbles. There isn’t a lot of room due to the boats and water, plus the demons but if you put your Suramar costume on, the are all neutral which leaves you to click away.


Time for the Argus fish, which can be ‘apparently’ caught anywhere, so I opted for the Prophets Refelction area in Mac’Aree for the Dead Fel Bone.
The bubbles do spawn in the Vindicaar but as it’s over three levels, it was a pain in the arse trying to find them… So I used the teleporter inside the ship and port down to that particular location as it has a nice wide open space with shit all here to distract you.
This fish did not drop at all on Mac’Aree. I spent over an hour and a half clicking on bubbles. Getting frenzied Fangtooth and Lane Snappers galore, I even picked up six of the common fish, the Unseen Mimmic, Very Tiny WhaleInvisible SmeltCollectable Saltfi, and the Camouflaged Snark which dropped twice.
I ended up teleporting to Krokul Hovel to try a new location and see if I had any luck there. Shitty grey items like ‘rock’  was appearing in the bubbles so I moved on to the Petrified Forest. That was just too cluttered so I went to the Shattered Fields where the yellow glow was causing my already shitty eyesight to struggle even more but there was less ‘stuff’… 6th bubble and the fucking thing dropped.

Also, if you stand where I am in the image below, it stops the bubbles spawning up the walls where you literally cant get to them. (you can see a bubble on the ledge to the far right which is 40yrds away from me and I’m able to get to it!)


Veiled Ghost, Spiritual Salmon, Quiet Floater, Deadeye Wallyare all the ‘dead’ fish. Rumour has it that the completely plain floating island near the Alliance Hub in Northrend Dalaran is the place to go.
I died and then got my birdy to fly me over to it so I could start hunting for bubbles but every time I went from ‘Dalaran’ to ‘The Great Sea’ it would dismount me, leading to some acrobatic stunts needed to be able to freefall at an angle so I could then get my bird back and fly the rest of the way to my corpse. I literally couldn’t be arsed after finding that any point I crossed the zone line (meaning that I couldn’t just fly out and get to the island from ‘behind’ as it were) I got chucked off. Not only that but I had killed myself without putting the fucking goggles on… I managed to get my corpse, and decided fuck that and went to the landing with the flightmaster instead. Dropped my corpse in between a group of people and hunted around for my fishies. Which took less time than trying to yeet myself over a gap to find my body in the first place…

Prisoner Fish comes from Tol Barad in the PvP section. Luckily, Alliance had just captured it so I went in to the raid for a transmog run too. The bubbles spawn in there as well as outside but there’s a fair amount of shite lying around to get in the way. I did see a Hordie on the bridge leading to the PvP area but he wasn’t quite far enough in for it to count as the right zone and I couldn’t do anything that would enable him to understand that he needed to move in on the bridge for it to work 😦

I decided to give Kalimdor a hard pass  for the moment and set about trying to get the day and night fish.
I hadn’t come across either while catching all the other fish so this one was making my heart sink a little at the thought of how much time it was going to take to get them.

The internet in it’s collective wisdom suggested going back to Tol Barad, which I dutifully did. I sat on the bridge going into the PvP area and collected my first two bubbles. The second of which made me very excited until I discovered that the Inconspicuous Catfish was not what I was actually looking for but at least it crossed another common fish off my list. I then got another Prisoner Fish and Camoflaged  Snark in the same bubble…
Multiple Frenzied Fangtooth’s later, I decided maybe I ought to go to where it was exactly that the collective internet wisdom had suggested… and that was to the swampy bit on the PvP area of Tol Barad.
I pitched up on an island covered in Horde barricades. two bubbles spawned containing Lane Snappers. Then a third with a Frenzied Fangtooth in it. I ventured further into the swamp, acutely aware that it was soon to be Horde killing time if I wasn’t careful.
A Midnight Salmon, more Lane Snappers… where the fuck was this fucking fish!?!

While patiently collecting all the other fish I didn’t need I did notice that if you’re stood in water, the bubbles (or the secret fish themselves make ripples going towards where the bubble is going to come up. Then there’s a little ripple ring on the surface and voila! The bubble appears.



Anyway, after several bubbles where I purposefully stood in water, I had it. The Elusive Moonfish. With eight minutes to go before the next battle, I pissed off, sharpish.

So now all I had left were two Kalimdor ones, a common one and the daytime one. Seeing as I had gone to bed at 4am and not woken up until 12:40pm (oops) I had pretty much screwed up my time to get everything caught in one day.
So, despite my unwillingness, Kalimdor it was.

The portal to Mount Hyjal made it a bit easier and I got to give my water mounts a bit of an airing as I didn’t really think about what I was doing and was just running around near the lake at Nordrassil. Turns out, all of my bubbles were being created in the lake which is why I was struggling to find them.
Now, the roots of Nordrassil are making a fuck ton of bubbles themselves, you need to go deeper than the first layer of roots but not as far as the second layer. I had the Hydrocane which when equipped give you water breathing. So I had a little look around, saw a bubble, swam too it, realised that I had swum completely past it, backed that ass up and collected it.
First fucking bubble I touch in the lake had Well Lurker in it…

On to the next one it is…

I like Howling Fjord. It’s nice and spread out with areas of wilderness that you can just gallop through. I like the lifts and the walrus people. This should be a good place for catching all three of my remaining fish.

So, I went up to the Horde Forsaken place called ‘New Agamand’ as it had some nice rolling hills that didn’t have much clutter in them apart from mainly neutral mobs. It took about 15 bubbles but I got my Barbed Fjord Fin which meant that I had one common fish left and the daytime one. Yet it seemed like Howling Fjord wasn’t going to play nice with them and after using up the last 20 or so minutes on my goggles I decided to try and maybe find somewhere really sunny to see if that would help.

I went to Sholazar Basin as it’s the brightest one on this continent and it has some mobs I need to kill for ‘Frostbitten’

Once there, I picked a beach and waited. There was another Paladin out looking too. As we did twat-laps around each other picking up bubbles, after about 40 minutes, he stopped and pulled out the Hyper Compressed Ocean. Damn…



I carried on and ended up with four Midnight Salmon, three Unseen Mimmic and two Invisible Smelt. 
And two Travelling Goby which one dropped only three bubbles after the first one…

My goggles timed out and I decided to go to one of the super clear islands in Outland Nagrand. There was a lot of open space and no-one else was there. Settling in for the long haul with only diet Coke to sustain me, I got Alexa to play Despacito. Just kidding, I got her to play an array of 90’s music wand was bopping along to The Backstreet Boys and Alanis Morrisette when the blue fish started rolling in. A Mimmic, Very Tiny Whale, Inconspicuous Catfish all dropped but not the one I was hoping for.

I kept on collecting, making sure that my bags weren’t too full. With something to listen to, it didn’t seem too bad. I was running over to my bubbles collecting them all when suddenly the magical noise I had longed to hear started playing. It wasn’t my favorite 90’s song but the achievement awarded noise!

My screen lit up!

Fuck. Me. I. Had. Found. It. The Golden Sunsoaker!










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