Legion hype!


You may think I’m a bit slow getting on the band wagon with this but not so. I’ve been reading the opinions of fellow hunters and have come to the same conclusion that I had when I first read about it all.
I’m dubious about it.

There is the bonus that the social segregation that is the Garrison will be a thing of the past and the ship yard can go and sink into the watery depths of Shadowmoon for all I care.

Dalaran is back (yay!) I like neutral city’s. Dalaran holds some mystical power over people as even now it’s still more populated than the major Alliance cities. And it’s prettier and more compact than Shattrath. Everything you pretty much need without it being a sprawling mess of empty terraces or ‘fake’ buildings.

However, Garrisons might be gone but we’re only half way back to everyone being under one roof. Class halls.
That’s right people, we’re so close to having everyone together again, where you and your guild mates adopt a particular area of a city as your own and you know that’s where someone will be to chat shit with and make new friends.

I don’t know about anyone else but I didn’t like that in Draenor you were obligated to spend a considerable amount of time in your own (which was odd considering it’s an mmo…) in your Garrison. The only time Stormshield was busy in the beginning, was when people didn’t have their auction house robots or the Horde were busy killing everything in there.
People still had their hearthstones at the Pandaria shrine due to all the portals (that were neatly in one room) as why the fuck would you want to run around a whole city just to get to the portal you needed?

Anyway, class halls… having to hang out with people of the same class as you. Better than being on your own, I guess. Do I really just want to hang out with just hunters so that I get shit done? Not really. Do I want Horde there as well? No.
There is always the point that it might actually be really good fun but at the moment, I’m not looking forward to it. Doesn’t matter what woodland retreat we get put in, how pretty it is, I don’t like the idea of being forced to stay with a certain group to get things done. And is the /say going to be filled with orcish gibberish along with human language? Where you struggle to keep up or are the two languages going to be separated? Or are we going to be able to understand it, even reply? If it’s going to be a unintelligible spam-fest then I can only assume that it’s going to lead to people grouping up so they can talk and then people in groups leads to less interaction… but class halls are the least of my concerns right now.

What the fuck have they fucking done to fucking hunters!?!
The scenario is for me:
I played MM for two years, leveling with it when it was the most god awful spec there was. Then I switched and learnt how to play SV, which I loved and still love. BM is ok. I played that in the end of SoO and once I got my four set in BRF. Now I’m playing MM again and I don’t like it at all.

Back when I started playing, you had a melee weapon and you had to be so careful that you didn’t find yourself in that hideous ‘dead zone’ where you were too close to shoot but not close enough to hit it with the big stick you were carrying around. I’ll never forget doing a dungeon where you have to escape the Lich King and my bow broke. I was running away while having to run at the boss and smack him with a stick.
(This is also where my ocd ‘must always carry a spare gun came from, although I’ve gone down from carrying six to just one)
I missed the part where hunters had ammo but I was around for talent trees.
All this stuff made being a Hunter fun.
I even miss reforging…
There was a reason I stuck with my Hunter over the other classes I’d tried. It was Ranged and it had a pet to help me when at the time I didn’t know what I was really doing.
Now my favorite spec is going to be melee? I guess there’s always the thing that considering how drastically they’re going to have to change it, it won’t be the same at all. My other problem is that I don’t like melee at all. Considering the fluctuations we have had over the best specs in Draenor I’m not looking forward to the day when SV is the best spec. Granted I will have the second best and worse spec to fall back on but at least at the moment, they are all Ranged.

If it does get to the point where playing a bum poker role is the only way forward I’d also have to learn different mechanics. Currently, all that shit that melee have to deal with doesn’t bother me. I know my place (at the back of the room) and rather handily, I can see whatever anyone is doing. If I have to go melee I sure as hell won’t be able to bark orders at the raid team, if I can’t see them, then they do not exist and if I’m shoving a spear into some bosses large arse cheek then I’m not going to see much…

And then there’s the legendary weapon. I sincerely hope to the wow gods that I its not as arduous as the ring. Some people have ‘sailed’ through that (let’s take a moment to appreciate that turn off phrase and it’s relevance) while there are plenty of people like me who wish the Horde would drop a mana bomb on our ship yard so we don’t ever have to deal with that again. I like playing wow as an mmo. Not as farmville. All this mission stuff is tedious and I just don’t have the time now to dedicate time to it. Hell, I don’t even have time to do dailies. I log in, I raid, I have a brain meltdown at the end of it, chat shit with my guild mates who are still online and then log off.
Not very productive for the rep grinds… plus there’s the long running joke about how easily I get lost, so it would take me an age to find the area I should be in so my motivation is pretty much zero.
If the weapon follows this path then I’m going to be with the shitty one for aaaages!


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