RIP Macbook

I love my Macbook.
However, it’s gaming life is coming to an end.
The plastic base has melted and bubbled, to the extent it’s peeling away from the casing at the side.
I’ve spilt juice on it. Got nail varnish on it.
I’ve generally ‘loved it’ more than it was designed for.

Three months ago it started doing crazy things on the screen if I played wow for three or four hours. So this pretty much happened at the tail end of raid nights when I was crabby anyway.
Somehow, through the lag and the disco screen I’d still be able to cobble together some form of rotation.

One evening (while I was questing) my screen went again and I took some snaps and sent them to Francis.

Over ts I was greeted with “Omg how long has this been happening?”
“A while”
There was silence for a minute or two…
“Ella your screen is fragmenting. That means your graphics card is about to die. We haveto get you a new laptop!”

This did worry me slightly. Whenever wow its running the fan is going like crazy and judging by the visible external damage, I’d cooked the insides.

I did get a laptop ordered. And there were three of us sat in ts while we were discussing the options.
Francis was telling Marvv about the graphics cards I could have and the processor, Marvv was ‘ooh and aah-ing’ like it was fireworks night.
I don’t computer. So this meant absolutely nothing to me but considering Francis has a ‘battlestation’ that is so quick it seems wow loads by thought alone, I trusted his judgement.

Scroll along to yesterday. Hellfire Citadel normal and we were on Gorefiend. This is a new boss to us (this might seem slacky but considering we have been struggling to get enough healers to do anything, then needing to teach them because they’re completely new, it’s hampered progression slightly…) anyway, after failed attempts due to mistakes, my screen went into disco mode.
“My screen has fucked up”
“Omg I don’t know how you play like that…”
“I’m used to it now”

My raid frames were flashing random numbers instead of the names and colours, my portrait was a blank flashing mess, I couldn’t see the number of deterrence I had left, the boss health bar was flashing between 100% and around 60%… not only all of that but the mechanics and shit on the floor don’t show up very well as things like massive purple and blue doom shit on the floor also flash in and out of existence. So I have to be so, so careful.
I never know what exactly I’m stood in and have to rely on dbm to tell me to move, which means I take avoidable damage, which wastes healers mana… I’m also looking more at the floor than at what’s going on so if something in targeting dies, I’m caught in the horrible position of trying to reposition carefully and not actually shooting anything.
Which means my dps was below standard and I was feeling miserable and I did something I’ve done once, perhaps twice in my entire time raiding, I left the raid.

I did get a pep talk later from Chris, who informed me that I was doing the mechanics and I talk, which was good. I’m just hampered by having only switched spec two days ago into something I haven’t played for two years (FUCK MM, HOW MUCH I HATE IT) and playing on a potato.

I am looking forward to getting the new laptop. £600 ish well spent if it means it makes up for my missing dps. If it doesn’t, then as Ketod says “just delete the damn character…”


Maybe I can use the flashing on my mini map as an excuse as to why I always end up lost?

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