Elite Ego’s in the dungeon again…


So I kinda had to stop spamming dungeons to re-tell the story of the ‘inventively’ named Shaman Healer Healectric from Emerald Dream EU.

Checking this one out on Wowprogress and on Warcraft, the attitude they displayed seems to stem from an e-peen hard on that they have developed from doing some Mythic dungeons.

We were doing the Atal’Dazar dungeon on Heroic and they had redirected the Tank from going to the bottom to kill the dino boss to coming all the way back up to kill Vol’Kaal first.

maxresdefault (1)

Fine, we all went back up and set about killing everything on the path to the boss. Once we got there the Tank asked if everyone knew what to do but then we had a pull anyway. I charged over to the back urn to bring it down to about 10% and while lowering it I flipped around to see that one had been brought to zero and another one had been completely left alone.
I then switched to the one that had been left in a vain attempt to bring that down to an acceptable level and then start on the one that was going to resurrect. However, the healers e-peen started twitching and decided to start being sassy in instance chat.


The healer seemed to have suddenly forgotten how to count to three or had decided that I was multi-boxing the other two DPS. It was in their elite opinion that despite my efforts at trying to rein in the fucking rodeo that was the urns I was at fault and not doing what I should have been.

I restrained myself from typing out ‘That better, sweetheart?‘ when the boss eventually died after the second attempt and the other DPS actually did target one urn each.

Just to make it sweeter, I made sure I topped the DPS on the last boss while dodging all the shit and doing tactics, so just in case they were unsure who actually knew what they were doing and who didn’t, it was clear that they were bitching at the wrong person.

I’ve been spamming dungeons for quite a few days and this is the first instance of elitist cock-stroking I’ve come across so far. But we are not even a month into the expansion…

I cant wait for the Vanilla servers to come back and they can all puff up their chests thinking about how good they are going to be at what was the most grindy and tiresome age of WoW and fuck off there. I could probably count on one hand how long they will last when they practice their ‘I’m so fucking good, you guys are shit’ somewhere else and then find out they are nowhere near as good as they like to think they are.

TL;DR: Don’t be a fucking mouth-breather dick head in dungeons. Especially when you’re not as good as you think you are (logs never lie…)


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