Getting excited for Garrosh

RT1 have been kicking ass in SoO and we have been avidly watching the action thanks to Aska and his Twitch stream. So looking forward to seeing The Royal Jesters out on top (boo-hiss ‘Last Try’)

We already had a look at the end cinematics for Horde and Alliance that were linked in the guild forum.

So, after that we don’t have any surprises for the end of it but we are so looking forward to RT1 topping the list for this and then watching them make their way into heroics.

Watching them progress through 10man normal has inspired the rest of us. We have so many options open for us in this patch; LFR, Flex, Normal and Heroic. which gives us more ways to earn loot and more ways to have fun!

Flex by far is the best thing thats happened in my opinion. The ability to have any number of players with you is so refreshing. The amount of times that there has been more than enough for a 10 man online but not enough for a 25 means that people do sometimes end up feeling left out or frustrated that they don’t get a chance to raid. You do need your wits about you but its a fantastic way to learn to play together and bond as a guild (awwww) it’s provided lots of loot for us and also been a great learning curve for us to.

With the second part of LFR opening up soon we are getting in all the practice and loot we can get!

Not only is it helping with us working as a team (which can be difficult as we don’t always have a regular team online and its often filled with backups or members from other guilds) but its proving us in good stead for the rest of ToT, which everyone is slowly working through. Tortois was the one we had a bash at last night after we gave the SoO a rest, probably not the best idea when everyone was tired but we gave it a bloody good go. Had to give up after a while as people needed to leave and such forth but we are making progress!

Its going to be interesting when we eventually gear up for us to take on SoO in 10 man normal… FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!


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