Dps woes

I After careful consideration I decided that I needed to do something about my dps. I wasn’t able to hit over the 100k mark which was sucking large amounts of balls. I’d used a website that instructed me to change some reforging but I wasn’t convinced about the results. Monknessa had been helped by a guild member called Verdie to help sort out her healing. She had helped Monknessa no end so I thought I would be a fool not to ask her for advice. She has 14 level 90’s spread out over a few realms and she’s currently RT1 tank.

She looked at my gear which had to keep being reforged due to new bits dropping and suggested we try the training dummy to see what my dps was after cooldowns. After starting out well I dropped off to 88k which wasnt bad for my Marksman spec but I had a lot more potential. After asking if I was happy with my dps (to which I said no) she asked if I wouls be prepared to swap. She suggested Survival as I had Beast Mastery as my off spec. After a bit more reforging, I got my Critical Strike up and went for it.
She advised me in gems, rotation cooldowns and gave me some enchants to help me out.

The next day I decided that I needed to change my ui. Not an easy thing to do as ElvUI had me stumped. After Monknessa talked me through getting it set up, for the best part of two hours and possibly more. I was ready to go. I key bound everything and got it all set up. Later on that night I was invited to flex. This was the first time I had used my new spec and possibly the worst thing I could try it out on. We got through Immerseus relatively easily but the Fallen Protectors were another story. Wipe after wipe as frustrating as it was for everyone I couldnt help but think I was letting them down by not being on top of my game. We did get further and further but it was getting late and we just were running out of steam.

Fast forward a few days and I have moved my spells, practiced at the training dummy furiously and was getting stuff down really easily. On Elites in Timless Isle, Skada was showing my output to be 144k where as in Marksmanship all I would have been able to muster was 100k at best.

Verdie was right!


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