And we keep raiding

I don’t know if I’m qualified to say this but, here goes.

ToT is getting easy.

There, I said it.

We had a crack at ToT for funzies one night and seemed to get through it with only marginal errors.

Dark Animus was a sticking point because I didn’t have  a bloody clue what I was doing. I was directed to stand at a robot thing near Marvv.




“where I am”

“I have no idea where you are”

“the cat”

“what cat?”

(cat runs over)

“follow me”

“oh, you are the same colour as the floor”

“don’t stand too close to other people, dps very slowly, ok pull timer”

So I stood where I was looking at this robot thing.  The pull timer went off and I hit my robot (my robot <3) thing is, my idea of hitting it slowly is not to kill it right away. So I am merrily shooting it, it’s getting angry and twatting we with it metal fist. Monknessa is healing me. I can hear everyone on TS talking about robots being collected and going into big robots. I have a big robot right next to me. My tiny robot is still angry with me and my ‘kill shot’ pops. Boom, I fire it off twice and then add an ‘arcane shot’ for good measure. My robot falls over and the big robot comes over to me.

“what the fuck! We have a big one!”

“who pulled the big one!”


(at this point I let the big one pummel me to death)

“Zionxi, don’t kill it, or you get the big ones”

“oh, so I just make it angry and stand there?”


So this time I did as I was told, went over to my position next to Marvv and waited for the pull timer to go off. I hit it once, and only with my auto shot. Robot was cross and started beating me. I was starting to die… help. I used a healthstone and then continued to stand there with an angry robot. This time, someone managed to activate and even bigger robot, WIIIPPPEEEEEE!

Third time around, everything was peachy. I hit my robot, it got angry with me and then started to run off. Bad robot! I performed the ‘come back here you little shit’ rotation, hit it hard until my focus ran out. Robot was half dead but luckily very, very fixated on me in its robotic rage. Marvv eventually collected my little robot off me and I moved out of my corner away from the bad, slightly bigger robot.

Things seemed to be going well and then a really big robot appeared with groans and general curses from many people on TS. I still had no idea what was going on and was just running around trying to stay out of the way. I did fire off a couple of autoshots as I didn’t want to be completely useless on dps.  As all the commotion was going on it woke up the boss, who didn’t seem to pleased that we had killed half of his children and were in the process of battering to death one of his ‘eldest’ sons.



We performed some robotic sacrificing and then concentrated on attacking Pappa Robot.  To the untrained eye, it looked like a shitstorm going down in that room, to me however, it still looked like a shitstorm going down in that room. All I was concentrating on was shooting off everything I could at this giant butthurt that was stamping around. I even remembered to get my cat out (hehehe) to do some extra damage.

Not sure how but half the raid died. I had red shit following me around, I got swapped so many times that I got dizzy and tried to target a raid member, even though I was helpfully told ‘you can’t attack that target’ I still tried to shoot black arrows into our druid tanks furry ass before realising my mistake.

‘fucking cat! why are you not doing anything!?! *click assist button* DOOO SOMETHING! oh… *targets Dark Animus* gogogogogo!’

Eventually, the robot died. queue nerdscreams of epic proportions (think Method’s nerdscreams) and we res’ed our dead, and decided to call it for the night. Repair bills galore, I don’t know why I’m not using the guild repair function to alleviate some of the cost, that night must have cost me 200g easily, but holy shit was it worth it!


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